Introducing the New Karma Putter Grips

Is there such a thing as a hybrid grip? Yes!karma_blog1

One of the newest developments in the grip industry is how grip manufacturing has changed. It was only until very recently that slip-on rubber grips could only be produced by using a single material throughout. Fortunately for those that play today, those days are long gone. As a way to differentiate the grips by adding a vibrant appearance and to improve performance characteristics, manufacturers are now incorporating multi-compounds or multi-densities into a single grip.  These types of grips are referred to as “hybrids”.

karma_blog2The new Karma putter grips is yet another example of a hybrid grip and start out much the same way as a regular rubber composition grip, yet slightly undersized.  The dual layer construction starts with the firm black rubber core providing a solid foundation for torsion resistance. The red colored section (as pictured here in a cutaway view) is the softer secondary layer providing additional feel for the ultimate in comfort and traction.

The same exciting mid-sized Karma black/red putter grip is available in black/blue and black/yellow as well.

Buy New Karma Black/Red Putter Grip $4.59 each

Buy New Karma Black/Blue Grip $4.59 each

Buy New Karma Black/Yellow Grip $4.59 each


  1. Larry Sorum says:

    How is this new grip different than the other Karma grips. I have
    purchsed the other style and they did no last .

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    All the other Karma grips made of rubber are constructed of a single compound throughout. The only exceptions are the RF44, RF48 and RF49 which are a synthetic (polyurethane) over-wrap grip.

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