In Memory of Bruce Stevens

flowerA percentage of Aldila shafts sales sold by Hireko in September will go to the Stevens Memorial Fund

Our hearts go out to the family of Bruce Stevens, his fellow co-workers at Aldila and all those who were fortunate meet him.  His life was cut far too short and his passing came as a complete shock for those who knew him well because he was the epitome of health.  In all the years that I knew him, I don’t think he aged one day.

For 20 years, Bruce represented Aldila with gusto, with the last several years as Western Sales Manager.  But Bruce was much more than that. When he would visit or even talk on the phone, it was much more than talk shop. Bruce went out of the way to ask you how you and your family were doing or we would get off the subject and talk about things he loved like baseball or his sons.  His infectious smile and everlasting positive disposition will be dearly missed.

He is survived by his wife Dale and their two sons Jason and Michael. In memory of Bruce, Hireko is going to donate a percentage of sales of Aldila shafts for the rest of the month of September to the Stevens Memorial Fund.  Please help join us.

For those wanting to contribute direct to the fund donations may be made to the “Stevens Memorial Fund” care of Aldila, Inc., 14145 Danielson
St. Suite B, Poway, CA 92064.


  1. John Howard says:

    I did not know Bruce Stevens. I had never heard of him until now. That being said, my heart goes out to his wife Dale and his 2 kids Jason and Michael. I do know what its like to lose a father too soon as my own was taken from me when I was only fifteen. Strangely enough, he died on a golf course. That in itself was probably the driving force that started me in golf club building. If there is anything I can impart to the kids, of meaning, than I would tell them not to lose sight of the good things their father has taught them. Everything will work out. The dreams they had before their father died are still there and they should pursue them just as they had before. Keep moving forward and be the people you have grown up to be. You’ll be fine!

    Good Luck!

    John Howard

  2. I have been in the golf business for over forty years and have heard of Bruce, but never had the pleasure of meeting him. Best to his family may God help you during these hard times..
    Rick Musselman and family

  3. Dave Kenzie says:

    I have been in the club building business for over 20 years and many years ago had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Bruce at various PGA shows, PCS conferences, and AGCP round tables. Bruce was a friendly, knowledgeable person, and a huge supporter of independent clubmakers. I received an e-mail last Wednesday advising of his sudden passing. Needless to say I was shocked at the news. Bruce was very fastidious about his weight and exercise. My prayers and condolences go out to his family. His passing was far to young in life. He will be truly missed by the vast number of people that came to know and appreciate what a great guy Bruce was.

  4. Tim Johnson says:

    All I can say is god bless.. I ve never met he man or his family but we had golf and life…. He will be missed.

  5. Brad Stephens says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing Bruce for many many years and felt him one of my good friends in this business. Bruce was one of the truly good guys in this industry. His passing was way too early. My heart goes out to his wife and boys. He loved them and was very open about his family. I felt as if I knew each of them, even though I never had the pleasure to meet them. He always asked about my kids and my dad he once met. I will miss him as those who knew him.

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