Callaway Iron Re-Shaft Tips

Quick Callaway Re-Shaft Tips from Technical Director Jeff Summitt

Since I have had what seems as a rash of inquiries of late on re-shafting Callaway irons, I decided there must be more clubmakers that might not have experienced this repair situation.

One of the most confusing questions to answer is what is the hosel diameter of a Callaway iron, at least the non-Tour models like the X-22 Tour or X-Forged which are 0.355” tapered?  This might sound a little confusing but they are neither a true 0.370” parallel nor 0.355” tapered bore, rather a modified bore.

shaft1If you remove the shaft, you will notice six slits running up the shaft tip.  This is by design as Callaway starts out by using a 0.370” parallel tip shaft.  Callaway’s hosels are slightly tapered so that when the shaft is inserted it pinches in the split shaft and forms a pseudo-mechanical lock.

Aside from trying to split the tip with a thin blade like they had done, there is an easy solution.  You can run a 9.4mm drill bit into the hosel to accept a 0.370” shaft.  One more thing, you will want to tip trim the shaft 1” less than called for (if at all possible). The reason this is necessary is to adjust for the deeper insertion depth caused by the thru bore design.  Failure to do so will make the shaft play stiffer than designed.

ferruleThe Callaway irons will also need special ferrules that are designed to fit the counter-bored hosel.  The Callaway replacement ferrule will not only make the job easier, but provide that professional look.

You will also need plugs for the shaft for the models with the Bore Thru or Modified Bore Thru design. We do offer these but at this time they are non-catalog items. The code is TBP for graphite shafts plugsand TBP1 for steel shafts and these tapered plugs come 25 to a pack ($2.75).  After you have epoxied and hammered the pins in place, epoxy has dried and you have sanded them flush with the bottom of the sole, you can wipe them with acetone to get the nice factory finish.

Hopefully you have a learned a tip or two for that first time or your next time re-shafting a Callaway iron with the thru bore or modified thru bore design.

Buy 9.4mm Drill Bit $5.99 each
Buy Callaway Replacement Ferrrule $3.80 per dozen


  1. Kyle says:

    Awesome!!! I think lots of builders need to read this. Many have been asking about reshafting callaways iron and gotten half answers.

  2. chuck racicot says:

    great info. keep it up!

  3. Roy Whatling says:

    Or the lazy mans way a 370 shaft will insert approx 24mm into the hosel. I have reshafted my own many times like this & never had a failure. Tips can be trimmed as standard without leaving the extension. On my own clubs I never bother to plug the open end as I alway cork the shaft end to prevent water entering. Obviously if for a customer it’s better to finish off in a proffesional manner

  4. richard siles says:

    this is very valuable info at no cost. thank you for this service.

  5. Rick Sayles says:

    Much easier than the way I did it. A friend asked if I could fix his bore-thru 8 iron. I had NO clue what I was getting into, but I fixed it by looking at what I pulled out. Dremel and cutting wheel, couple of practice cuts on an old shaft and I dove in head first. I got lucky figuring the shaft trim distance, cut the angle cut the slices, lined everything up applied the epoxy and drove the plug in, let it dry trimmed the plug, polished all, and my friend was overjoyed. Looked like a factory iron. However, the drill bit will be on order, got a feeling it will be much easier. Thanks for the lesson,the price was right and I am sure I will be able to use it in the future.

  6. Joe Lawler says:

    I just slice the shaft in half with my shaft cutting wheel, deep enough to match the callaway depth, install it with slice parallel to swing plane (that provides a lot more shaft material in contact with the hosel then original), install plug, grind the shaft to flush angle, sand and polish. Steel or Graphite, same treatment.
    Never have had one come loose. I have had Callaway clubs brought to me for repair, graphite shaft twisted and crushed in the hosel from torque force at time of breakage in the hosel. Does not make sense to me. Maybe its convenient to factory installation system. Lucky for us nobody else has picked up on it.

  7. Cal says:

    Do the same principles apply to the newer Callaway Irons, such as the Razr X?
    Do they still make the cuts in the shafts? The shaft plugs seem to be finished in a rounded fashion, just wondering if they make a special plug for these irons?

  8. Jeff Summitt says:


    The new models are not true thru bore, but modified. No special plug is needed, just concentrate heat at the top of the hosel.

  9. j cherry says:

    Where can i order some hosel plugs and ferrals for calloway X22 Irons? I also need to order 5 reasonably priced regular flex shafts. Thanks!

  10. Jeff Summitt says:

    j cherry:

    The X22’s aren’t the same bore thru as you see in this article as the shaft does not go through the sole. As far as the ferrules, they can be found here at this link:

    Are you trying to match the steel or the graphite shafts?

  11. Ed C says:

    How about the RAZR X Forged? Are they true 0.355″ taper tips? And do you have ferrules to match? Thanks!

  12. Jeff Summitt says:


    They will have a standard 0.355″ taper tip hosel ID. These have the traditional hosel, so no thru bore plugs or special counter-bored ferrules. The original club used a black ferule. I would use our 3/4″ long plain black model.

  13. L.D. says:

    Hi, GREAT article. I own and play Big Bertha Gold irons and was given brand new Callaway graphite shafts that are 41″long and have a .350 tip. Can I install them in my irons and then cut the butt end to measure 1″ over standard lenght.I was fittied at PGA TOUR Store and they said I needed clubs 1″longer then standard which my current clubs are.
    Thanks and have a Blessed 2012

  14. Jeff Summitt says:


    Make sure of the tip size. If they are 0.350″ – that would indicate they are a shaft for a hybrid (too short for a driver or fairway wood). If they measure 0.355″ taper tip, then they weren’t necessarily designed for the Big Bertha Gold irons as they used a 0.370″ shaft that was modified. A 0.355″ taper tip shaft might fit, but they will penetrate even further down through the bore thru before being snug. This will have an impact on the flex (stiffer) and the length (shorter).

  15. L.D. says:

    Thanks for all the information. I’m going to install the .350 Newer Callaway shafts that are currently the regular flex. I bought some .355 to .370 brass shims and will install them with the heads until they are snugg. That will give me the FIRM flex shaft that I was looking for. I will trim the butt ends to meet my needs beecause they are 41″ log and I’ll only be switching my iron set.
    Thanks again for thr information and have a GREAT Summer of 2012

  16. Paulus says:

    Thanks for the great information available here. I have a set of callaway x-forged 2007 which I would like to get reshafted. Having to do this on a budget, I’m looking at pulled shafts which pretty much are all .355 tip size. If I understand correct, the x-forged require a .370 to start with. Could I use a shim in this set up? And, with pulled shafts would I still be able to achieve a standard length in the new set up or should I be looking at pulled shafts that are for instance 1″ longer?

    Thanks for the help

  17. Jeff Summitt says:


    I have heard of the 2007 Cally X Forged to be both 0.355″ taper tip and some 0.370″ parallel. The best bet is to check the fit after pulling one of the heads and cleaning out all the old epoxy and then sticking in a 0.355″ taper tip shaft. If it is loose and wobbles, then you need to shim them. You can also take calipers and measure the shaft tip (very end) to tell what was originally in them.

    Since these are not the bore thru heads, the bottom of bore to ground line measurement should be similar to other heads on the market so no need to use a longer length shaft to achieve your length.

  18. Paulus says:

    Thanks for your swift reply. I’ll get to work:)

  19. Paulus says:

    After pulling the shafts in my 2007 x-forged irons it became clear that they are .355 taper tip. I see you mention the specifc ferrules required in the post above but I’m still not sure which ones I will need, as the shaft diameter is .355 but the top of the hosel is wider. Do i Need the “woods” option stated at the link?

    Also, I would prefer longer (1/4′ inch for instance) ferrules do you know whether these are available?

  20. Jeff Summitt says:


    The special ferrules are only for the S2H2 hosels (short, bore thru hosel). You won’t find any short ferrules for taper tip irons either. As long as a 0.370″ iron ferrule is 5/8″ or longer, it will be tight on a 0.355″ taper tip shaft once it gets to its final position.

  21. Jeff Adams says:

    This has been so much help. I have been given a set of expensive pulled graphite shafts .355 dia and would liek to have them put into my Callaway X22 tour irons but not sure of the diameter?

  22. Jeff Summitt says:


    The Tours are 0.355″ taper, but standard model is 0.370″.

  23. Teo says:

    I must repair broken True Temper GS-85 shaft on callaway legacy 5 iron. What shaft tip dia fitts in legacy iron head .355″ or .370″?

  24. Jeff Summitt says:


    I believe it is 0.370″. If you remove the grip and take off the tape, you should see an ink jet code at the butt end. If the code starts with an U, it was the 0.370″ version.

  25. Jim says:

    I want to remove my TT GS-95 shaft from my Jaws wedge and put it in my Edge wedge which presently has a graphit shaft. Is this a straight swap, is the Edge a true bore thru?

  26. Jeff Summitt says:


    I don’t recall the GS-95 being a stock shaft in the Jaws wedge as it would have been a taper tipped Dynamic Gold wedge shaft. So first you need to find out if who ever installed the GS-95 used the taper shaft or re-bored it and stuck in a parallel version.

    The Edge is not a true thru bore iron. The shaft that was originally in there was a parallel tip that was cut so the shaft would taper and form a mechanical lock into the semi-tapered bore. If the GS-95 shaft in the Jaws wedge is tapered, it may be too loose and if parallel, won’t go all the way in without re-boring. Not to mention the length may be slightly shorter as the hosel lengths and insertions depths may vary. As you can tell, it is not a cut and dry exchange.

  27. Sam Reeves says:

    You mention selling shaft plugs meant for Callaway thru-bore irons for use when converting from steel shafts to graphite. Do you have them in stock now? If not, could you tell me where else I might acquire them? Thanks.

  28. Jeff Summitt says:


    We have the thru bore plugs in stock:

    These are for filling the interior diameter of the shaft tip in the true thru bore Callaway irons. We have these in two sizes; one for steel and one for graphite as they different I.D. dimensions.

  29. Antone Caccamo says:

    Seems you’re the Callaway answer man :-). I have the X2 Hot irons and just ordered the UST graphite MP6 shafts. I figured I’d deal with the problems after they’re in my face (Same as my game). Any input you might suggest?

  30. Jeff Summitt says:


    These don’t have the thru bore or semi thru-bore design of many of their irons from the past. The only thing you may have to do is run a drill bit down inside the hosel to remove all the old epoxy and ensure the new shaft will seat fully into the hosel.

  31. Canuto says:

    Callaway Legacy Black forged irons, what kind of shaft tip for reshafting them? .355 taper? 2012 model. (Stenson’s)

  32. Jeff Summitt says:


    My records show 0.355″ taper tip.

  33. mike liptak says:

    I’m confused. I have Callaway X-Forged irons with Project X 6.0 Flighted shafts. I would like to change out the shafts to X 5.0 Flighted (age equals loss of swing speed!). The specs say the x-forged bore is .355 your article notes that you need a .370 tip after drilling out the housel. The X-22 and the x forged are two completely heads.

    I was hoping to pick up a precut set of Project x 5.0 shafts, set of Callaway Collared .355 ferrules and 8 new grips and change out the shafts. Am I underestimating this task?

  34. Jeff Summitt says:


    These are totally different heads and repair procedures. The X-Forged take standard 0.355″ taper tip shafts and there is no thru bore to take into account. You may not even need the collared ferrules, but it will require 0.355″ taper tip ferrules unless you elect to bore the hosel out to accept 0.370″ shafts.

  35. mike liptak says:

    thank you for the timely reply.

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