Hireko Wants You To Help Design Our Next Driver From The Ground Up! Part 5

Meet the new Acer XDS Driver

If you have been following on our Blog, you probably have wondered what is the status of the “Hireko Wants You to Help Design Our Next Driver from the Ground Up!” campaign.  This just happens to be one of 17 club head projects I am working on.  Some of which have gone as planned and are on schedule, one might be two years out from every making it to the market and one hit huge snags that it was scrapped and we had to start from ground zero again.  I wasn’t a happy camper that day.

Well this project has an official name – Acer XDS.  It will follow a set of matching super game-improvement irons slated to be available this fall. But at this moment we have our shape compiled from your requests.  The shape is much different from the original drawing, but the concept has remained intact; to provide the average golfer more distance and accuracy using some very sound design and fitting principles.

That shape was rendered into a CAD program so we could be very particular to ensure the weight, centers of gravity and MOI were all what we envisioned.

Once the CAD file was tweaked as much as we could tweak it, we had our rapid prototyping machine mill out an exact replica so we could have head in hand and examine it more closely.  So there is where this project stands today.

Over the next 48 hours our staff can make any decisions to change anything, if at all.  Right now the driver is only a bunch of little zeros and ones on a computer and changes are far less time consuming and cheaper than when we start the next phase creating the tooling and actually manufacturing hittable samples.

But we still need your input on a few more items on our laundry list.  One of which is the loft for the Thriver version – a heavier, more lofted 44” control driver.  Which of the following lofts would you like to see?

  • 13º
  • 13.5º
  • 14º
  • 15º
  • 16º

It is your time to speak out now…PLEASE GIVE US YOUR COMMENTS!


  1. Scott Leatherman says:

    15* for a heavier controled driver (fairway finder) . Loft is your friend.

  2. Glenn says:

    I like the shape on the new driver. Reminds me of the Diablo Draw.

    I’d like to see 14° for the Thriver if given a single loft choice.

  3. Kyle says:

    I like the 13.5 or 14 degree. Though it might be easier to sell without stating the loft number on the sole. Alot of higher lofted drivers try the HT stamps on the sole. I’m not sure how well that is even recieved by golfers, but it’s got to be better on the ego. We all know guys and ladies that play 3w or strong 3w on the tees that should try a large head at those lofts.

  4. Kyler says:

    I would like to be able to purchase 12, 14, and 16 degree lofts in a driver.

  5. I would go with the 13.5. This seems like a good loft to keep distance and to keep the ball low enough for a good flight /distance pattern.

  6. Dave Richards says:

    Jeff –

    I like the shape … looks like the 2009 Big Bertha or the FT-9. If I have one choice on the loft, I’d go with 13*.

  7. Hans says:

    I’d like to see a 13…like a strong 3-wood.

  8. Mike says:

    13* to 14* – Would be a good loft for ladies and seniors, and maybe some of the rest of us too.

  9. Antoine says:


    14 or 15 ° like a 3 wood , but no number on the sole, very important to hide the loft.

  10. mike says:

    I would like to see all the lofts

  11. Jeff Summitt says:

    Great comments guys, keep ’em coming…

  12. Matt L. says:

    13 or 13.5 would help those who use a 3-wood off the tee but want a larger head. Perhaps offer a 14 or 14.5 ladies/junior loft, too.

  13. Hal says:

    Definately 13 or 13.5.I agree about hiding the loft as Antoine pointed out.

  14. Ed M. says:

    I’d like a squarefaced or (.5 degree open) driver with 13.5 or 14 degree loft. I’ve been using a 13 degree 400cc @ 44″ driver for four years and love it. 460cc would be nice.

  15. Bob Bitter says:

    Go with a 14 degree for men and 15 degrees loft for women. Call them the HT HighTower models with 44 inch shaft for men and 43 inch for the ladies.

  16. Ron T. says:

    I would like to see either 15 or 16 degrees on the thriver….

  17. Jeff says:

    Assuming the next lowest loft is…say 11 degrees, I think you should seriously consider 2 higher lofts. 13 and 15 would be my suggestion. People are coming around to higher lofts and shorter lengths, so 2 more options would be a huge selling point IMO. If you only do one, I would pick 14.

  18. Les says:

    I currently use a 14 degree 450cc driver at three wood length to use on the tee. Distance is almost as long as my driver with a lot more control. A weight between a driver and three wood would be my preference. The lighter weight helps with the swing speed

  19. Glenn says:

    Get the lie more upright on the Thriver, too.
    61 or 62°

  20. tom v says:

    what we really need is a driver — like this that is 10 – 10.5 deg that can be built to a 44in lenght with a d0 – d3 swing weight(using a 60ish gram shaft). this would help dramatically with control for most golfers.
    my 2 cents.

  21. Eugene Ruscello says:

    Could this be used with a 10 to 12 degree with a senior shaft 25″ long?

  22. Vince says:

    Looks great, problem is most amateur’s driver sole with the toe up. The higher the driver loft angle, the more left the shot will tend to travel. Like to see an adjustment made with a “shaft-hosel insert” that provides lie-angle flexability from 3 degrees upright to 3 degrees flat. Increasing toe weight should make up for the added weight of the insert. This will also increase perimeter weighting characteristics. Loft angles available from 15 degrees and less in 1 degree increments should be fine.

  23. Mickey Ford says:

    The option of all the shown lofts would be nice…I play golf one handed due to polio….use my right arm…currently use a 14 degree driver head AND i HAD IT MADE USING A UST TRAINER SHAFT…IT IS 39 INCHES LONG and hopefully I can buy the head and build me a new one or maybe ya’ll can build it….thanks

  24. Jeff Summitt says:


    25″ would be extremely short unless this was for a junior golfer or under special circumstances where you might be hitting the ball from a seated position.

  25. louis says:

    13 degrees. To replace Titleist 909 F3 13 degree fairway wood which has a higher face height and is default driving club on danger filled landing areas.

    My young junior son plays very well with the Nike “Lucky 13” driver(Sasquatch squared model unknown) in an A flex. Straight every time. So even for slower swing speeds, would still reccomend the 13 but with a lighter weight/softer shaft option for seniors, juniors, etc.

    Thanks for asking.

  26. Remickulous says:

    Truth is, most golfers are macho sado-masochists and believe that playing anything over a 10.5 deg driver is for seniors and ladies…and they still can’t break 90, or 100 even. Lookit, most golfers need loft on their driver, period. I like this idea, it is honest and will improve most golfer’s games. I agree, don’t put the loft on the head so no one feels like the weenie in a bunch of “macho men”. Let it be our secret that we can hit the ball 220 to 250 in the fairway 90% of the time, while the 9 degree driver guys hit it 220 to 250 in the rough if they are lucky to get that far…

    I am 40, 25 handicap, and with my 12 shafted stiff I hit it 250 to 270 fairly consistently…and it is a 43″ shaft as well. I say go with the 13 degree and offer a stiff shaft for those who can hit over 100mph speeds. Not only that, but offer to balance it so you can have a 43″ shaft instead of a 44″… Tiger’s shaft is 43″ for control, and he is the best golfer in the world. What does that mean for the rest of us hacks? High loft, short shaft, more consistant shots…distance is fairly irrelevant if you are over a 10 handicap anyway!

  27. Antoine says:


    Tiger is using a 10° driver, his SS is 125mph, so most off the golfers out there should use a driver loftet like a 7 wood because of the lower SS.
    Of corse this is impossible to sell, because even with intelligent people receptif to scientific arguments to much is to much.
    Please hide the loft and make it as much as possible.
    I am a 7 hcp and I use a 12° xmoi in summer and a 13° acer in winter.SS 106mph.

  28. Have you noticed what the big guys haven’t? Regular players need more loft in the driver. A 460 head with 13.5 to 15 degrees of loft is just what the doctor ordered. Also how about offering an offset head along with the conventional. I play a Polekat driver now with 15 degrees of loft and always in the fairway.

  29. Antoine says:

    I am dreaming for a second, I would like to see drivers and very important, also graphite shafts with a swind speed indication.
    For the driver head no loft indication, only swing speed, for ex: 65-75 for ladys,75-85, seniors, 85-95 average player etc….. same for the various shafts with cpm indication.
    Today every manufacturer has his one “stiff”, so this indication has to be checked with every new shaft, a stiff can be very stiff or senior flex depending on the manufacturer.
    Ok,guys thanks for your time;
    Keep them in short gras.

  30. […] on our Blog, or better yet participating, you probably have wondered what the status of the “Hireko Wants You to Help Design Our Next Driver from the Ground Up!” campaign is. In our last segment, we showed you the CAD images and the picture of the rapid […]

  31. Charles White says:

    Hi guys, this is great! Wish all companies would do this! Thinking outside of the box, can a driver head be made in the shape of some of these newer U shaped or !_! shaped putters? In windy Oklahoma these 30mph winds catch the driver head and ruins your drives. Why the box shape? Is it required by the USGA? Can”t you make a face with balancing extensions like on the putter? I think the less head you have, the less likelihood of the wind interference,,,,and it could increase your swing speed! Okay, okay, I will crawl back in the box and shut up. PS…maybe there is a way to dial up the desired loft….right?

  32. Jeff Summitt says:


    The USGA has a “plain in shape” rule in Appendix II of the Rules of Golf that would prohibit driver shapes like putters. If you have a copy of the Rules of Golf in your golf bag or know someone who does, thumb through the 10 plus pages of rules designers must abide by.

  33. Richard Berger says:

    I’m playing the new Acer XK. I almost REALLY like it. It’s my second one (Jeff…we’ve talked, and I thank you for great support on this)…that being said, I feel there are a couple of things that need to get talked about here…

    In general, I wish the component industry would stop giving us “game improvement” clubs. In my humble opinion, they are not. Those clubs encourage golfers to hit the ball with a less than correct swing. I’ve been saying this for years…nobody pays attention. No one paid attention 15 years ago when I was talking about Launch Angle…suddenly it became “chic”. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that one day the manufacturers will wake up and realize that “game improvement” technology is a dead end. But I digress…

    This particular driver when combined with a light shaft, gives me more distance, and at 47 inches I’m able to keep up with a lot of the younger guys (I’m 62)…I like the Pear-shape, I like the feel of the face, but…

    I wish it had weight ports and a square face. I cannot set up with my hands behind the ball at address, and it’s very hard for me to take the ball on the upswing and not slice it. It requires that I manipulate the club with my hands (incorrect). I know that the 9.5 degree version has a square face, but the 10.5 gives me optimum launch angle…so I’m stuck.

    Weight ports would typically allow me to reduce the the headweight to around 190-192 grams instead of 200 and allow me to build a club with a lighter overall weight and get a bit more clubhead speed. Or, you could start out with a lighter weight and let us add the weight we choose.

    I was playing the Q-System deep-face with a Graffaloy Prolaunch 55. I hit that pretty far, but got no roll after the ball landed. This combination with the XK and a shaft with a higher kick point seems to be about right and the stiffer tip adds enough roll that I can play a few courses from the back tees again.

    As far as the “game improvement” movement…it has mandated 15 clubs instead of 14 (the notorius “gap” wedge – accurate lofts leave no gap), and fostered the concept that you don’t need to have a good (correct) swing to play good golf. I understand that there are specific people and specific circumstances where more offset, a closed face, less loft, etc. may be desireable…but they should not become the norm. Good clubfitting does not always require selling the customer new clubs…sometimes it requires a recommendation that the golfer take some lessons.

  34. Bill S. says:

    Put the loft on the driver. If you play this game and are insecure about the equipment you use, then quit. I have 12 and 13 degree drivers and tell anyone what their lofts are. If they mention something about my manhood, I will usually say something back after I outdrive them and outscore them. I would rather be out 230 or 240 and have the ball in play, then 270 in the bushes. Most people that make comments about loft are ignorant about the modern golf ball and launch angle. A co-worker of mine uses a 7.5 degree Ping driver and is very inconsistant.

    I like the way the trends are going with this driver. It should have more loft, shorter length and higher head weight. Distance is overrated at the amateur level, so keep the ball in play and you will lower your scores.

  35. Chris says:

    My driver is 12 degrees, and I let the stick do the talking. Even better, IF someone new starts to give me crap, I just hand it to them and watch them out-drive their current driver. (All my regular partners in my league have hit it, and 3 have converted to 12’s themselves.) I would love to get a Thriver with no less than a 14 degree loft, preferably 15 or 16 so I can have a decent gap.

  36. Bill Berninghausen says:

    Already using the Thriver at 14 degrees and 44 inches. I find myself choking up a bit, so I may trim it an inch when it’s time to replace the grip.

    At 62 and a lifelong double-bogey golfer (earned every stroke of that handicap), the Thriver gives me 3 out of 4 fairways, and an honest carry of 190 yards. Sometimes more, if I do my part right. The Thriver is great evidence for more loft and less shaft–keep it up!

  37. logan says:

    I my self would love to see a 9 degree. I`m playing one right now(have a high swing speed around 120mph)but i hit the ball really high and long but cant seem to find a replacement.

  38. Bob Allardice says:

    I believe that the loft should be 13 or 14 degrees. This would make for a very favorable ball striking club and the loft would be high enough for an old timer like myself to hit it out there with the big boys- maybe even 12 degrees might work well. I would like to see the Thriver offered in 12 13 & 14 degrees of loft . That would make the ball get up quicker ! I have a strong 3 -wood – at 13 degrees and it gets the ball up and gone quickly ! I take some grief over it but I always tell ’em – “hit your big driver and I will be within 5 yards when it gets finished !” Usually I am.
    Input requested and given !

  39. Hi,
    I hit an 18* bang driver and I can tell you this thing goes over 310 on most drives. Tee it high, watch it fly. Higher IS BETTER

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