What Golf Course Bargains Are In Your Area?

Economic Downturn Yields Lowest Green Fees In Yearsgolfcourse

Unless you have had your head buried in the sand for the past year, you probably are aware of the health of the economy (or lack there of).  But don’t despair as there is always a silver lining.  With everybody vying for your hard earned money, prices become much more competitive and the golf course industry is no exception.

I recently visited a local track to get in a quick nine after work.  Well, it happened to be on league night, so it wasn’t exactly quick, but that didn’t bother me. When I asked the nice young lady at the counter how much it was to walk 9 holes, she replied “That will be $7.50 Sir.”  I had to check that I didn’t have potatoes in my ears, because I thought she said “Sir”, but also only $7.50!  It was indeed correct and much less expensive than I remembered.  I can’t even go to a movie for that price.  Plus I get much needed exercise lugging my over-stuffed golf bag while breathing country fresh air.

That same night, I was thumbing through the sports section in my local paper.  There was an ad for 18 holes and a cart for $20 and after 3 PM it was only $18.  It may not be my favorite course but for that price, who cares? Golfers are getting a lot of solid bang for the buck during this soft economy.

I was talking to a friend of mine who had just joined his local country club.  His argument was that playing a decent daily fee a couple times a week would be more costly than the reduced initiation fee and monthly dues at this club.  The fact he didn’t need a tee time and could play 18 holes in 3 ½ hours or less was  icing on the cake.

The point I am trying to make is I am sure in your area there are bargains galore.  Golf doesn’t have to be expensive if you look around.  At Hireko Golf we make sure that golf can continue to be affordable and still provides customers with all the benefits of the major brands.  So tell us about what great deals are in your neck of the woods.

How much is it to play in your neck of the woods? Tell us below and leave your comment!


  1. Glenn says:

    Apparently the downward pricing trend has not hit in my neck of the woods yet.

    My local courses raised prices yet again this year. Of course (no pun intended) most of them are owned by the cities/counties so they are immune from economic realities. One of the privately owned courses offered 1/2 price on prepaid gift cards to be used for rounds, but even at 1/2 price it was still $75 for 18 holes, no cart.

    Average around here is $45 – $50 for 18, walking. Another $18 for a cart.

    On the upside, tee times are very easy to get.

    Denver/Boulder, Colorado

  2. Dennis K says:

    I live in Northern New Jersey and unfortunately there are few bargains here. Only one course in the area has lowered there greens fees and I believe that is more due to the layout of the course than the economics. The local county courses actually increased their fees this year.

  3. Jacques Lemoyne says:

    Yes …. pricing is more affordable.

    One of the premium golf courses in my area, Whispering Woods (nation wide tour lay out), has a special on the week ends, $35/man if you have a foursome. Normal pricing is $48/man. Other wise you can play at spring rates for the rest of the season at most golf courses for …. $10 – $16.50 to play 9 and $18 – $25 to play 18.

    One course had a one day special rate of $14 for 18 with cart.

    Erie, Pennsylvania

  4. Guy says:

    Hey guys well the price lowering has NOT hit Miami.. Though its affordable, its still high compared to other areas of Florida. I look at tee time sites and see how affordable Tampa is compared to Miami and believe me in Tampa they have lowered the prices. Im just hoping the quality of the course isnt the reason for the price lowering

  5. Chris says:

    Wow – Well it’s definately hit here – there are some spectacular deals around here (Akron/Youngstown/Cleveland, Ohio).

    You have to be a little flexible, and you may not get to play your choice of courses every week, but golf is lighter on the wallet than EVER before.

    Favorite deal yet is at a course called Windmill Lakes, in Ravenna, Ohio. If you haven’t been there before – it’s a goregeous woodland style layout. They’ve hels US amateur qualifiers there, and the MAC tournament is there evry couple years (as it’s Kent State University’s home course) – 100 for a tee time from noon to 2:30 and 80 for the tee time after that – if you have the “e-mailed coupon” 20-25 bucks a man for a foursome with cart for a country club quality course. usually 55 on weekends and 42-48 after 12.

    If you look around here you’ll find these deals all over teh place. My local course that I play almost weekly – Olde Dutch Mill in Lake Milton – is from 18-20 for 18 with a cart with newspaper coupons – even on weekends. Usually 40ish – You have to look sometimes but the deals around here can be just spectacular.

  6. Frank Guglielmi says:

    I live in Sebring Florida. Here golf is ALWAYS a bargain even during peak season (January thru March). In the Summer you can play any of the 10 to 15 courses for less than 25 dollars anytime and as low as 14 dollars in the afternoon including cart.
    During the winter season you can play even the highest priced courses for less than $40.00 with a cart. Of course you can always drive about 50 miles north and pay $125.00 to $150.00 if you want to help the economy. Sebring Florida is a hidden jewel in south central Florida where the pace is slow and relaxed and you do not have to pretend that you are a millionaire, even though there are many people here of considerable means who love the atmoshere and unpretensiouness of what I affectionately call “Hillbilly Heaven”.

  7. Paul says:

    I’m in Orange County, California. Lot of good twilight bargains these days in OC and the Inland Empire. Courses like Rancho San Joaquin and Costa Mesa in the 20 dollar range and nicer courses like San Juan Hills in the low 30’s. Hidden Valley in Corona/Riverside area is a dirt cheap bargain these days at all times.

  8. Mike says:

    We shouldn’t complain in this area (IA/IL border) as we’ve had golf bargains for years compared to most other areas.

    BUT there’s NOT been any downsizing of green fees or increase of bargains/coupons this year around here. In fact, there’s been far fewer coupon, etc. offers than last year… and many courses have upped their fees a few bucks. In a conversation with one (rather arrogant course owner) he said, “Golfers will pay up to get their fix regardless.”

    Still, golf is bargain in this area. We have many, many quality courses within an hours drive that can be played for less than $30 for 18 including cart. With weekday senior rates, some are less than $25.

  9. James Maddog says:

    In Northern CA, it has hit real hard and exclusive members only golf courses have opened up for non-members and real good prices as well. Municipal courses are public funded so they are actually increasing fees to make up for deficits at these courses.

  10. Ronnie McCurry says:

    In my area Charlotte NC I use clickitgolf.com. I think they also cover a wide area of the USA. Usually they have about 20 spots available with a good group of guys and the price range is $35-$45 on some quality courses. Look them up.

  11. Moose says:

    The Mill Creek Country Club in Mill Creek, WA is a tremendous value. It is a beautiful, challenging golf course that offers a unique experience on every hole. Membership is down so there is an opportunity to join at a fantastic price.

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