More Proof That Hireko Is Serious About Golf Club Design Innovation

Interchange Putters Remain A Best Selling Radical Designed Putter Line

Dynacraft Interchange Putters only $8 each for component clubhead

Dynacraft Interchange Putters start at $8 each for component clubhead

Without much hullabaloo back in 2006, Dynacraft International, a division of Hireko Golf, introduced a line of putters called the Dynacraft Interchange.  This innovative putter system consisted of several pieces included a milled aluminum face with a socket for the shaft, plus several different back pieces (body styles).  These back pieces would be fastened together by two screws so the backs could be easily interchanged with a single front piece.  Each of the four distinct body styles, from blade to mallets, had multiple adjustable weight ports allowing the golfer to fine-tune the putter to different course conditions.

Remember someone has to be first when it comes to innovation. Sometimes the first person to market a product or idea is never remembered for a variety of reasons.  One of which may be not devoting ample marketing to get their idea across to the public. It wasn’t until recently that adjustable clubs, most notably drivers like Hireko’s patent-pending Dynacraft Prophet ICT, are becoming more main stream after the recent change of ruling by the USGA.

Now Hireko may have very well been ahead of our time or consumers do not feel that there is a viable market for putters where you can change their bodies for course conditions or forgiveness. No one may know for sure. That is why it was surprising to see a press release from The Wire stating Honma (a very prestigious high end Japanese club manufacturer) recently introduced their all new Perfect Switch putter. It will be interesting to see if they have any better success with their system than we did.

But if you are in the need for a new flatstick, why not get 4 putters in one?  For less than $50, you can buy a shaft (AP46CP), putter grip of your choice, and the Dynacraft Interchange front piece and 4 back pieces.  In less than a minute you can unscrew the two front screws, interchange backs, screw the front screws together again and you instantly have a new putter.  Remember, with the Dynacraft Interchange there is no need to buy a new shaft and grip and try to align the shaft.  The length of your putter and your favorite grip are already set after the initial installation.

Buy Dynacraft Interchange Putters Starting At $8 Each!