Why You Should Consider Becoming a Component Clubmaker

What does cooking have to do with clubmaking?world_golf_300_250

One thing everyone can relate to is food as all of us have to eat. Take a second and consider all the different people who could be classified as a cook. It may perhaps be you, your mother, and the person that works at your favorite fast food restaurant or a chef at a five-star resort. Many home cooks are quite content eating the food they prepare for themselves by simply following the recipe carefully, while many individuals may not have the talent or desire to cook for themselves and seek out a professional who can.  Consumers have a choice.

Clubmaking in certain ways is similar. There are professionals who make his or her living building clubs either at an independent shop, on-course pro shop, retail chain, tour van or even at a large equipment manufacturer.  There are individuals who like to build clubs as a hobby or side profession making clubs for family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Lastly, there are people who build golf clubs only for themselves for the self-satisfaction and economic advantages as clubmaking affords these golfers the opportunity to experiment with different equipment.

Think about this, anyone who assembles clubs from component parts could potentially be considered a clubmaker. However, one could be classified differently depending upon their skill and interest level. Sure the home cook may make some dishes that aren’t palatable.  But the same could occur to the chef at a five-star resort – the only difference being the standards that are set.

A component distributor is much like your local grocery store, full of different ingredients.  You can pick and choose the right ingredients for you.  If you go into a restaurant, unless you work there, you don’t have an idea of what they are putting in your food.  While it may look good on the outside, it may be full of artery-clogging fat that can lead to diabetes, heart disease or a stroke.

A component distributor like Hireko will publish all the facts, just like the nutrition facts on the food you purchase. The information is there, you just need to know where the resources are located as well as how to understand the information.  Believe me we will be glad to help. Mass produced clubs rarely disclose all their specifications in near enough detail for the consumer to make an informed decision.  Why? Maybe they don’t want you know otherwise you might question what they are paying for.

If you like to cook and eat your results, you can probably get involved into clubmaking rather easily and reap the rewards.  After all, building a club is a lot like following the recipe.  What makes a good chef over someone who cooks knows which ingredients go best together.  This is how Hireko can help you get started because we offer you the variety and give you the resources to make informed decisions.

Remember, every person that is a clubmaker had to get their start somewhere!  Just like a doctor, teacher or electrician they had to take their first step in their respective profession, before becoming a clubmaker. Regardless of your level of involvement into clubmaking, you can actually benefit by saving lots money as well and playing better golf.  If you are not a hands-on person, be sure to find a clubmaker you can trust to give you the proper information, save you money over the name brand clubs and let you play your best golf.