To Re-shaft or Not Re-shaft, That is the Question!

There are various reasons for re-shafting such as repairing a broken club to upgrading to the latest shaft design to provide a different ball flight or feel.

Learn to re-shaft like the pros with our Modern Guide To Clubmaking Book. $22 each

Learn to re-shaft like the pro's with our Modern Guide To Clubmaking Book. $22 each

One of the more common clubmaking procedures is re-shafting a golf club. The procedure is pretty straightforward. First, one uses a heat source to break the epoxy bond holding the shaft and the head together. This may require a special puller if a graphite shaft is present. After the old shaft is extracted, the inside of the hosel is thoroughly cleaned to remove any old epoxy or foreign debris that might have been used for swingweighting. Also a close inspection of the outside of the hosel is performed. If it is discolored from holding the heat in one spot for too long, then it will need to be cleaned with a number of different products available. Then the assembly process starts with the new shaft.

The going rate for a re-shaft is $19.95 per club for labor, plus the cost of the shaft. Some clubmakers or repair shops may throw in the grip for free is it is under $3. For example, you want to upgrade your irons with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts. Expect to pay about $33 per club.

But there is one more option many people do not consider and that is having a secondary set custom made. First, think how much less labor intensive it is to have all new parts to assemble than it is to first take something apart and clean

$8.95 each for component clubhead

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it all up. Let’s face it, time is money. If you wanted our Acer XK Pro irons with that same True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft, brand new it would only cost $35 per club.

So for only a couple dollars more you can almost have a second set for the price of one if you were to re-shaft. Your older set can be used as a back up set to travel with or stored at another location. This is just another advantage how Hireko can help you stretch your dollars.