Father’s Day Wishes

Dad Still Likes To Rock With Woodrockinghorse

One of the things I like so much about being in my profession is getting my hands dirty.  Whether it is building a new driver, grinding the sole on a wedge or repairing a broken club, there is a sense of accomplishment of doing a job right.  I must say I get that from my Dad.

You see I grew up around tools all of my life. Just as my Dad did with his father, who was a tinsmith, he passed on the importance of working with your hands and knowing the proper tool to use in each situation.

My Dad is now in his eighties, but the one thing he still enjoys, only second to spending time with me, is his wood working.  I am still fascinated how he can make something mundane like a few blocks of wood and turn it into a masterpiece.  Like many from his generation, they learned to make do with what was at hand plus had the ingenuity to accomplish a goal at hand no matter how difficult it might seem.

One of his latest creations was a rocking cow!  That’s right a cow, not a horse for a young lad who’s parents own a dairy farm. It is so remarkable just how much work and detail went into it, from the hand carved ears, udders and even a frayed rope used for the tail.  It was built to last several generations, not like these cheap things made today that will fall apart in just a short period of time.

Let’s face it, clubmaking and club repair are much easier today than in the days of wooden woods, but it does not diminish the importance of building it to last with all the quality and care as if were a masterpiece. I am glad I was taught clubmaking the right way when I started out.  I have tried to pass along all that I have learned as well to help foster to craft of clubmaking and repair starting from all those years I taught clubmaking classes at Dynacraft to now the work I am doing to help educate those today be masters in the future.

So thanks Dad and Happy Father’s Day!  He is probably hard at work in the shop finishing up Puff the Rocking Dragon for his newest grandson.


  1. Gil Sharkey says:

    A great father’s day story, thanks.

  2. Gary says:

    Watch those orders roll in for the “rocking cow.” BTW, did you get Dad’s permission to market this?

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