Measuring Club Length the Easy Way – Hireko’s Ruler Buddy

Free Tool Will Help You Accurately Measure The Length Of Your Clubs

One of the most confusing things for those new to clubmaking or even the end consumer is how to accurately measure the length of a club, especially if all they have is a 48 ruler.

Part of my job is answer technical questions from customers for which I have done for many years now. Over these years I have had all sorts of customers try to explain to me the length of their clubs. Some use the back edge of the heel as reference. Some have used the top of the ferrule, while others reference the top of the hosel. Any way you can imagine that club length could be potentially measured, I have heard it. So the first thing one need to understand is how club length is actually measured.

The method most often used involves placing the club in the playing position with the center of the sole touching the ground. Then a 48” rule is placed along the backside of the club with the tip of the rule touching the ground by the club’s heel. The final length is measured at the edge of the grip cap (and not the very top). This method is used in all cases except putters that the shaft is not located at the heel.

The biggest problem with measuring with a 48” ruler is getting the ruler positioned correctly to get an accurate measurement. Depending on how high or low you position the ruler you could easily be off ¼” either way (or more). You are probably saying, wouldn’t it be great if I had an extra pair of hands to measure the length of a club accurately with your 48” ruler? Well finally the simple solution from Hireko Golf – the Ruler Buddy.

To Print:
1. RIGHT CLICK on the above click and save to your computer
2. Open the file and print at 100% to your printer

Just print the PDF file off of your printer. Then tape the piece of paper at the dotted line 48” from the floor or above a table or the surface of your workbench. To find the correct length, follow the next 4 steps.

Step 1: Find the lie angle of the club from the manufacturer. Most manufacturers will post this information on their internet site or in their catalog. There is always a possible tolerance of +/- 1º, but that will have a negligible impact on obtaining the proper length.

Step 2: Lean the 48” ruler between the two vertical lines with the edge of the ruler against the corresponding lie angle. This will position the ruler at an angle from the surface to the chart. Make sure the 0” mark is placed on the floor or ground level.

Step 3: Place the club against the ruler with the shaft resting along the ruler. This is especially import when measuring the length of a putter as the shaft is not attached at the heel like all the other clubs in the set.

Step 4: Read the length of the club from the 48” ruler. Use the edge of the grip cap as your reference point. It is also great for marking the shaft too for final club length.

It is also great for marking the shaft for final club length too.

To Print:
1. RIGHT CLICK on the above click and save to your computer
2. Open the file and print at 100% to your printer

If it prints correctly the distance from the dotted line to the 65 degree line will be exactly 4.5″.

Get Happy With A Long Drive Competition

Organize or Volunteer for a Local Long Drive Competition

So you think you are long off of the tee?  So what if you can’t hit the ball 300 yards straight and on a consistent basis. This past weekend I volunteered my services at my local driving to “earn” my privilege of hitting golf balls for free and testing out all our upcoming models.  This year was slightly different from the last I volunteered for. It was not one of the regional qualifying sites for the nationally known Re/Max World Long Drive Championship or the like but a local event to find out who was the longest driver from our surrounding area.

Golfers are enamored with the long ball and those who think they are long rightfully want to carry that crown all year long. So if you are the owner of a local driving range and you have sufficient land, because you are going to need it, a long drive competition is a great way to generate interest and possible revenue for your business.  Even for a local organizer of a large golf league or an independent clubmaking / fitting / repair shop, you could co-host a long drive event with your local range.

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To Re-shaft or Not Re-shaft, That is the Question!

There are various reasons for re-shafting such as repairing a broken club to upgrading to the latest shaft design to provide a different ball flight or feel.

Learn to re-shaft like the pros with our Modern Guide To Clubmaking Book. $22 each

Learn to re-shaft like the pro's with our Modern Guide To Clubmaking Book. $22 each

One of the more common clubmaking procedures is re-shafting a golf club. The procedure is pretty straightforward. First, one uses a heat source to break the epoxy bond holding the shaft and the head together. This may require a special puller if a graphite shaft is present. After the old shaft is extracted, the inside of the hosel is thoroughly cleaned to remove any old epoxy or foreign debris that might have been used for swingweighting. Also a close inspection of the outside of the hosel is performed. If it is discolored from holding the heat in one spot for too long, then it will need to be cleaned with a number of different products available. Then the assembly process starts with the new shaft.

The going rate for a re-shaft is $19.95 per club for labor, plus the cost of the shaft. Some clubmakers or repair shops may throw in the grip for free is it is under $3. For example, you want to upgrade your irons with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts. Expect to pay about $33 per club.

But there is one more option many people do not consider and that is having a secondary set custom made. First, think how much less labor intensive it is to have all new parts to assemble than it is to first take something apart and clean

$8.95 each for component clubhead

Best selling Acer XK Irons only $8.95 each for component clubhead

it all up. Let’s face it, time is money. If you wanted our Acer XK Pro irons with that same True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft, brand new it would only cost $35 per club.

So for only a couple dollars more you can almost have a second set for the price of one if you were to re-shaft. Your older set can be used as a back up set to travel with or stored at another location. This is just another advantage how Hireko can help you stretch your dollars.



“Precious Metal at Bargain Prices” – New Caiman Iron Independent Test Review from

The following is a reprint from’s June 22, 2009 review of

Power Play Caiman Irons only $29.95 each, custom assembled

Power Play Caiman Irons only $29.95 each, custom assembled

the new Power Play Caiman Irons:

By Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer,

Hireko Golf has been offering components and assembled golf clubs since 1980. Hireko’s quality and affordable prices have built a strong following in Asia and North America. Over the past several years, Hireko has added well-known brands like Acer and Pal Joey, and recently added the highly-respected Dynacraft line to their stable.

Another one of Hireko Golf’s brand names is Power Play, and the new Power Play Caiman irons offer a passel of game-improvement features for a mere pittance.

How Hireko Golf’s Power Play Caiman irons play
I recently tested the Caimans against my current favorite big-name, mid-handicap irons, the Cleveland CG Gold, on the excellent practice range at Stone Creek Golf Club in Urbana, Illinois.

The game-improvement features of the Caimans are a bit more pronounced than in the Cleveland sticks, with a thicker top-line and slightly larger offset. However, after the first couple of swings – which produced lovely shots the likes of which I can rarely hit on an actual course – these features completely faded from view.

During the several hours of testing, in which I was trying to eradicate the chronic hook that bedevils my game, I began to hit too strong of a fade with the Cleveland irons. The Caimans, with their anti-slice design features, produced shots with a straight to soft-fade ball-flight without changing my swing at all.

Importantly, the height and distance of shots didn’t change a bit when switching back and forth between iron sets. And if anything, the Caimans were a tad more forgiving on off-center contact.

The verdict on Power Play Caiman irons by Hireko Golf

New irons might be a tough sell in this economy, but the Caimans are worth a serious look as alternatives to higher-priced, higher-profile sets. The clubs can be ordered directly from Hireko’s website already assembled with Apollo shaft and Golf Pride grip for $30 each – that’s 3-PW for under $250.

Buy Power Play Caiman Irons $29.95 each Now!

Father’s Day Wishes

Dad Still Likes To Rock With Woodrockinghorse

One of the things I like so much about being in my profession is getting my hands dirty.  Whether it is building a new driver, grinding the sole on a wedge or repairing a broken club, there is a sense of accomplishment of doing a job right.  I must say I get that from my Dad.

You see I grew up around tools all of my life. Just as my Dad did with his father, who was a tinsmith, he passed on the importance of working with your hands and knowing the proper tool to use in each situation.

My Dad is now in his eighties, but the one thing he still enjoys, only second to spending time with me, is his wood working.  I am still fascinated how he can make something mundane like a few blocks of wood and turn it into a masterpiece.  Like many from his generation, they learned to make do with what was at hand plus had the ingenuity to accomplish a goal at hand no matter how difficult it might seem.

One of his latest creations was a rocking cow!  That’s right a cow, not a horse for a young lad who’s parents own a dairy farm. It is so remarkable just how much work and detail went into it, from the hand carved ears, udders and even a frayed rope used for the tail.  It was built to last several generations, not like these cheap things made today that will fall apart in just a short period of time.

Let’s face it, clubmaking and club repair are much easier today than in the days of wooden woods, but it does not diminish the importance of building it to last with all the quality and care as if were a masterpiece. I am glad I was taught clubmaking the right way when I started out.  I have tried to pass along all that I have learned as well to help foster to craft of clubmaking and repair starting from all those years I taught clubmaking classes at Dynacraft to now the work I am doing to help educate those today be masters in the future.

So thanks Dad and Happy Father’s Day!  He is probably hard at work in the shop finishing up Puff the Rocking Dragon for his newest grandson.

View The Newest Webinar “Basics of Shaft Cutting” By Jeff Summitt

Learn How To Cut Your Golf Shafts With More Efficiency!

Are you new to clubmaking or want to find ways to cut shafts more efficiently? Hirekos Technical Director Jeff Summitt discusses in-depth the principals of shaft cutting techniques, including both manual methods and motorized equipment for properly cutting steel and graphite shafts. Webinar is divided into 4 equal parts, 10 minute each part.

Basics of Shaft Cutting 1 of 4
Basics of Shaft Cutting 2 of 4
Basics of Shaft Cutting 3 of 4
Basics of Shaft Cutting 4 of 4

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Component Clubmaker

What does cooking have to do with clubmaking?world_golf_300_250

One thing everyone can relate to is food as all of us have to eat. Take a second and consider all the different people who could be classified as a cook. It may perhaps be you, your mother, and the person that works at your favorite fast food restaurant or a chef at a five-star resort. Many home cooks are quite content eating the food they prepare for themselves by simply following the recipe carefully, while many individuals may not have the talent or desire to cook for themselves and seek out a professional who can.  Consumers have a choice.

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Every Person Responds Differently from Custom Fitting

Have realistic goals of what clubfitting can doxmoi_hybrids_banner_square

I love the great outdoors, but sometimes it doesn’t like me in return. Once again it is that time of the year where I get another case of poison ivy. Thanks to the latest honey-do-list, I got it this time from working in the yard rather than looking for a stray ball on the golf course.

Every time I find myself scratching is a reminder that some people are more fortunate than others.  Lucky me I guess. I can walk by a poison ivy plant and get a rash from it.  Others can roll in it and are not affected at all.  Clubfitting is a little like this as it is important to realize it doesn’t have the same effect on each person.

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Hireko Golf Introduces The Bold and Beautiful iBella Line of Ladies Golf Clubs

New line engineered specifically for woman golfers

Hireko Golf today introduced the iBella line of ladies golf clubs. The new line is designed around the playing characteristics of ladies golfers and created to have the contemporary style and appearance women want with the quality that everyone can afford.

“The Bellissima line is specially designed for women, because their swing is often unique and creates certain challenges,” states Hireko Golf Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “It should come as no surprise, but women on average do not possess the strength or swing speed their male counterparts therefore it is more difficult to produce enough back spin and height to achieve the distance they need. This is the reason why additional loft is added to each Bellissima head as a necessity and not as a liability.”

In addition, most women take a sweeping motion when they swing that will almost assuredly result into the ball being struck low on the club face. In other words they lack the strength to take a divot. Therefore it was imperative to move the weight lower to not only allow the ball to become airborne, but more importantly to provide a solid feel at impact.

iBella Bellissima Titanium Driver
Ultra-forgiving, the Bellissima driver is not only bold, but beautiful as well. The voluminous size and increased hitting surface exudes confidence at address. Coupled with additional loft, the ball launches high off the tee for maximum distance. Lastly, it is finished in an exquisite gold PVD finish. The Bellissima Driver is available in right hand 15 degrees and retails for $99.95 each and come with a free iBella headcover.

iBella Bellissima Fairway Woods
The Bellissima fairways are dimensionally proportioned to the matching driver and will provide confidence to get the ball up quickly from the fairway or rough. The thick, heavy sole, shallow face and additional loft make these the most user-friendly lady fairways on the market. The Bellissima Fairways Woods are available in right hand #3, 5 and 7 and retail for $49.95 each and come with a free iBella headcover.

iBella Bellissima Hybrids
Seemingly transitioned hybrids allow a choice between the fairways and easier-to-hit higher launching irons. These can be mixed and matched to provide the ideal set make up. An incredible high percentage of weight is concentrated very low to launch the ball with ease and provide an ultra-solid feel. The Bellissima Hybrids are available in right hand #3, 4, 5 and 6 and retail for $44.95 each and come with a free iBella headcover.

Bellissima Irons
The new Bellissima Irons are a truly unique ladies set, not only in design and concept, but for their stunning appearance and performance as well. The Bellissima irons provide the proper amount of loft to propel the ball with an elevated trajectory, while the generous wide and contoured sole helps it glide smoothly across virtually any condition. Authentic Swarovski crystals embedded in the sole complement the striking butterfly medallion. The Bellissima Irons are available in right hand #4 through SW and retail for $32.25 each.

iBella Tiara Putter
The iBella Tiara putter dons a contemporary look with soft, flowing edges, an hourglass center support and is surrounded by authentic Swarovski crystals in the outer ring. The beautiful appearance is not adorned for its looks alone, by also crafted to maximize forgiveness by placing the weight where it is needed most. Rounding out the shape, the Tiara putter is center-shafted for ease of alignment and consists of a diamond-milled periwinkle face insert for a perfectly flat surface. The iBella Tiara putter is available in right hand and retails for $48.25 each.

Demonstrating that all iBella Bellissima custom made ladies golf clubs are truly unique, each design is patented and covered under U.S. Patent Numbers D553701, D550799, D555219, D561283 and D562927.

Whether your lifestyle is casual or sophisticated, chic or hip, iBella beautifully blends both the hottest game improvement elements and the panache to match. They are available custom assembled online at

Download For Free Our Latest Webinar "Basics of Shaft Installation"

Free Webinar Discusses The Principals of Tip Trimming Instructions

Join Jeff Summitt for this extremely informative and in-depth webinar titled “The Basics of Shaft Installation – Understanding The Principals of Tip Trimming Instructions” that was held June 4, 2009.  Jeff Summitt gives an enjoyable lecture on golf shaft trimming instructions. Webinar is 45 minutes in length, divided into 5 sections. Watch, listen and learn for free!

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