Jeff Summitt on June 30th, 2009

Free Tool Will Help You Accurately Measure The Length Of Your Clubs One of the most confusing things for those new to clubmaking or even the end consumer is how to accurately measure the length of a club, especially if all they have is a 48 ruler. Part of my job is answer technical questions […]

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Jeff Summitt on June 26th, 2009

Organize or Volunteer for a Local Long Drive Competition So you think you are long off of the tee?  So what if you can’t hit the ball 300 yards straight and on a consistent basis. This past weekend I volunteered my services at my local driving to “earn” my privilege of hitting golf balls for […]

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Jeff Summitt on June 25th, 2009

There are various reasons for re-shafting such as repairing a broken club to upgrading to the latest shaft design to provide a different ball flight or feel. One of the more common clubmaking procedures is re-shafting a golf club. The procedure is pretty straightforward. First, one uses a heat source to break the epoxy bond […]

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The following is a reprint from’s June 22, 2009 review of the new Power Play Caiman Irons: By Kiel Christianson, Senior Writer, Hireko Golf has been offering components and assembled golf clubs since 1980. Hireko’s quality and affordable prices have built a strong following in Asia and North America. Over the past several […]

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Jeff Summitt on June 19th, 2009

Dad Still Likes To Rock With Wood One of the things I like so much about being in my profession is getting my hands dirty.  Whether it is building a new driver, grinding the sole on a wedge or repairing a broken club, there is a sense of accomplishment of doing a job right.  I […]

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Learn How To Cut Your Golf Shafts With More Efficiency! Are you new to clubmaking or want to find ways to cut shafts more efficiently? Hirekos Technical Director Jeff Summitt discusses in-depth the principals of shaft cutting techniques, including both manual methods and motorized equipment for properly cutting steel and graphite shafts. Webinar is divided […]

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Jeff Summitt on June 15th, 2009

What does cooking have to do with clubmaking? One thing everyone can relate to is food as all of us have to eat. Take a second and consider all the different people who could be classified as a cook. It may perhaps be you, your mother, and the person that works at your favorite fast […]

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Jeff Summitt on June 8th, 2009

Have realistic goals of what clubfitting can do I love the great outdoors, but sometimes it doesn’t like me in return. Once again it is that time of the year where I get another case of poison ivy. Thanks to the latest honey-do-list, I got it this time from working in the yard rather than […]

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New line engineered specifically for woman golfers Hireko Golf today introduced the iBella line of ladies golf clubs. The new line is designed around the playing characteristics of ladies golfers and created to have the contemporary style and appearance women want with the quality that everyone can afford. “The Bellissima line is specially designed for […]

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Free Webinar Discusses The Principals of Tip Trimming Instructions Join Jeff Summitt for this extremely informative and in-depth webinar titled “The Basics of Shaft Installation – Understanding The Principals of Tip Trimming Instructions” that was held June 4, 2009.  Jeff Summitt gives an enjoyable lecture on golf shaft trimming instructions. Webinar is 45 minutes in […]

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