What’s The Best Set For The Beginning Woman Golfer?

Tailoring a set specifically for the beginner woman golfer

iBella Bellissima Ti Driver $99.95

iBella Bellissima Ti Driver $99.95 each

What Makes the iBella Bellissima Collection So Special?
The Bellissima line is specially designed for women, because their swing is often unique and creates certain challenges. It should come as no surprise, but women on average do not possess the strength or swing speed their male counterparts therefore it is more difficult to produce enough back spin and height to achieve the distance they need. This is the reason why additional loft is added to each Bellissima head as a necessity and not as a liability.

Secondly, women take a sweeping motion and will almost assuredly result into the ball being struck low on the club face.  In other words they lack the strength to take a divot. Therefore it was imperative to move the weight lower to not only allow the ball to become airborne, but more importantly to provide a solid feel at impact which we did in the Bellissima Collection.  The other important feature that makes this line so special is its versatility.

10 Piece Beginner’s Set

iBella Bellissima Hybrid $44.95

iBella Bellissima Hybrid $44.95 each

Even though the Rules of Golf allow up to 14 clubs to be carried in the golf bag at any one time, certain golfers may benefit from carrying even less clubs. This is especially true of many beginning women golfers who tend to have reduced club head speeds (those 60 mph and below). The average strength male golfer will have on average a distance separation of approximately 10 yards between each club in the bag. Golfers with much less club head speed will experience even less between clubs almost to the point that several clubs may end up going the same distance.

Therefore, a reduced number clubs are much more practical. In addition, we want to avoid clubs with too little loft as they will be harder to hit. Here is an example of what you should look for in the 10 pieces set, which includes a putter, such as the iBella Tiara. As you improve, you can always add additional clubs to your set. The suggested lengths are guidelines with the matching Bellissima graphite shaft, except for the putter.


13 Piece Intermediate Set
The 13 piece Intermediate set is all about making the game a more enjoyable experience by offering a full set of clubs you feel more comfortable with. It starts out with a confidence-building 460cc driver, for both maximum distance and control off of the tee. Shallow fairway woods, which are easier to

iBella Bellissima Irons $32.25 each

iBella Bellissima Irons $32.25 each

hit from even the tightest of lies transition into hybrid utility clubs are perfect substitutes for the mid irons. These clubs, with their wider soles and instill confidence and the ability to hit the ball more solid. Lastly, game-improvement cavity back irons round out the set. These irons have a wide sole and a low center of gravity to allow for the correct trajectory toward the green and to stop softly around the hole.  But certain clubs in the collection can be substituted to make your perfect set – it is your choice!


Now you can see why the Bellissima collection’s versatility creates the ultimate ladies set. If you decide you want the 14th club, you could add a 60° wedge to help around greenside bunkers and close in. If you struggle from the fringe, a chipper might be that perfect addition to your set.

This is the iBella Bellissima difference…function, versatility and style.

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  1. TLH says:

    Tom Hines :I had been in contract with Jeff of this very question. I purchased the Nextt womens set from Hireko as a starter set to see if my wife will want to continue playing and enjoyed the game. She is wanting to contine playing and is taking lessons. I have just purchased the Bellissima 5 FW. based on Jeff’s reccomendations and will continue to replace the entire set with the Bellissima line. Thanks Jeff and Hireko!

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