What Did WorldGolf.com Say About Acer XK Golf Clubs?


“If you’re looking for a set of clubs that will perform better than your 401(K) (and will likely hold their value better too), Hireko is worth a look.”

Have you visited WorldGolf.com lately? You’ll notice the lead article is a review of the Acer XK family of golf clubs. WorldGolf.com is one of the web’s largest golf websites and they independently tested our Acer XK Line.

Read the review online at WorldGolf.com or download the printed version of the Acer XK Golf Club review here.

Here’s a few select quotes from their review:

Acer XK Titanium Driver $99.95 custom assembled

Acer XK Titanium Driver $99.95 custom assembled

“The Acer XK line is solid from top to bottom.”

“Hireko’s various lines present golfers solid clubs that are affordable even in this soft economy.”

“The Acer XK Titanium driver … produced a ball flight that was perfect for the conditions (30mph headwind).”

“Considering that big-name companies can charge as much as $250 each for these types of utility clubs – which most golfers don’t use all that often – the Hireko sticks are a bargain.” (Acer XK +3 Wood)

“Even into such a strong wind, I was able to hit both low and high shots, (XK Pro Irons) with both a draw and a fade. Shots struck on the sweet spot were nearly as buttery soft as with many more expensive irons.”

Acer XK Pro Irons $24.95 custom assembled

Acer XK Pro Irons $24.95 custom assembled

“For high-handicappers under normal conditions, these irons (XK Standard Irons) would be well worth a look as an alternative to big-name sets costing hundreds more.”

The Acer XK Irons were also positively reviewed in Golf Digest’s 2009 Hot List Issue and were named “Best Value”. Read the Golf Digest Hot List Best Values review of the Acer XK Irons here.

Shop Acer XK Titanium Drivers $99.95 custom assembled.
Shop Acer XK Fairway Woods
$49.95 custom assembled.
Shop Acer XK Hybrids $44.95 custom assembled.
Shop Acer XK Irons $24.95 custom assembled.


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  1. Michael McClincy says:

    Hi, you might want to consider your Avatar inversion club head design. I built a 9 degree on your Blue crush for a young golfer trying to turn pro. He ended up with a two hundred eighty eight yard hole in one. He did well enough to recieve his pro card. Many of the other players were impressed with the sound this head makes. This young man hits around three hundred yards consistently with this club head. Just thought you might like to know. Mike

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