Looking For A Grip Specifically Designed For A Wedge?

Hireko Has It! The New Winn Wedge Grip

Winn Wedge Grip $5.99 each

Winn Wedge Grip $5.99 each

The title kind of says it all, but Winn has introduced a model aptly named the Wedge Grip. So you are probably wondering, “What make this grip different from any ordinary grip?”

Some items often get overlooked in a catalog or on a website that need some further explanation and this happens to be one of them.  The Wedge Grip is a variation off of the original Winn Classic Series grips with the soft outer surface and the spiral wrapped pattern.  But that is where the similarity stops.

Think of how you use or grip a wedge compared to the rest of your clubs.  Unless you are Anthony Kim, you probably don’t grip down on the grip with each club, but you may need to on a wedge when the opportunity arises.  Whether the ball is above your feet in a bunker or greenside slope or you are trying to take a little off of the shot, you may be tempted to grip down.

This is the reason the Wedge Grip was developed. For one it is approximately 1” longer than a normal grip providing more area to grip down (also known as choking down). Whenever you grip down on a standard grip, it most often becomes narrower as the vast majority of grips taper smaller as you get closer to the mouth.  But not the Wedge Grip – it stays the same dimension so it feels normal sized in your hands.

So the next time you are thinking about re-gripping your current wedges or planning on buying some new ones, remember that there is a grip out there devoted to wedges that may help to improve your game especially if you like to be creative with your scoring clubs.

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