How To Get The Most Distance & Accuracy From Your Golf Clubs

A day at the range yields unexpected equipment wisdom

This past weekend I attended a Demo Day at local driving range in my area.  If you don’t know what a Demo day is, it is where manufacturing representatives come out with their latest clubs for people to try.  It is all free and a great way for customer to try new products out and see first hand how they work and potentially what they need like a specific loft, shaft, flex, etc.

One of the vendors had a launch monitor set up to show detailed results of the various clubs and a great way to compare your old driver to latest gear. One of my friends happened to be there who I hadn’t seen in a while. I remember him as a 13 year old phenomenon, which went on to receive all-state honors at my old high school and then an all-American in college. He recently retired as a tour player with the last 4 years on the Nationwide Tour. To say he was a “good stick” would be an understatement.

Acer XK Titanium Driver $99.95 custom assembled each

Acer XK Titanium Driver $99.95 custom assembled each

I got a chance to observe him with the aid of the launch monitor. Not only was his flight pattern consistent from swing-to-swing, but he was getting the most out the club as he had optimum launch and spin numbers.  Not to be outdone, there was another young local golf standout that played collegiate golf and is now working as a teaching pro.  Same thing on the launch monitor – ultra consistent and even longer. He was optimizing the driver too.  Why?  First and foremost is having the proper technique.  The second is properly fit clubs to the golfer’s swing.  Little things like dialing in the proper loft or shaft flex made noticeable difference on the outcome.

I also had an opportunity to observe several other golfers – regular people like you and me.  Believe me, there are golfers who swing just as fast as these pros, but they give up 30, 40 and 50 yards easily because their technique and equipment isn’t as fine tuned.   There is no substitute for taking lesson with your local pro – period!

Even with equipment there are thing you can do by just observing a few things.  One is to use impact labels ($29.99 each shop here) on the face of the club to see where you are making contact.  For instance if you tee the ball low but hit high on the face, that is an assured sign that you are hitting the ball with a descending angle of attack.  What it means is the ball will start low, rise rapidly and just die at its apex where you will get virtually no roll.  This is the ultimate distance killer.


There are a couple equipment changes that you can make.  You could try more a more lofted driver.  At least the ball will start out higher and you might get more carry, but you will still get little roll due to the addition spin caused by the loft.  Believe me, this stuff really is rocket science.

There is one more piece of equipment that golfers take for granted and that is the golf tees! You can try to tee it up higher which may require a taller tee.  Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you suddenly raise your tee height, here is one hint: you may need to move the ball ever-so-slightly forward in your stance to hit more level or even upward.  You may just find that distance that you have been looking for all that time.

Golf tees come in mighty handy. How many times have you dug through

Acer Stand Bag $44.95 each

Acer Stand Bag $44.95 each

your golf bag only to find out that they are none left and had to ask your playing partner or scour the tee box for one?

Hireko now has added golf tees to our product line. These white, non-logoed wooden tees are available in two of the most popular sizes.  The 2 ¾” is the standard size that is most commonly found, but we also stock the harder-to-find extra long 3 ¼” size, which are especially suited for today’s large titanium drivers.

Remember you are ordering from Hireko, so you will receive our everyday low price you have been accustomed to.  Why spend twice the money at other on-line retailers or your local shop when you are only going to break them, loose them or give them away? On your next order don’t forget to add some tees.

Length  Quantity Price

2 ¾” 15 pack $0.80

2 ¾” 500 pack $13.95

3 ¼” 15 pack $0.80

3 ¼” 500 pack   $13.95


  1. Gary says:

    Jeff, perhaps this has been my problem. I have been losing distance with my driver for the past 3 years (accuracy is very good), but my irons are actually slightly longer than 3 years ago. So, I’ll tee slightly higher and more forward in my stance.

  2. Dave says:

    I can confirm what Jeff has suggested, both the technique and the teaching.

    I took a swing lesson from a teaching pro to eliminate a driver slice and he told me to move the ball up to be in line with the ball of my left foot so that I was hitting the ball on the upswing. Later that week, at a Callaway demo day their rep suggested the same thing. Now, as long as I remember to follow their advice, I have either a gentle, slight fade or the ball flies straight off the tee. More distance, too.

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