The Science Behind Golfers Selecting That Perfect Set Of Irons

Are you overwhelmed with the plethora of iron designs available to you today?

12partwheel-bigDo you need help choosing that prefect set of irons?  Well look no further, for the past several years Hireko has conducted rather extensive research on not only why people prefer what they do, but how to increase performance.  We will now let you in on the secret and you might be surprised just how easy this process can be. But first off, please answer the following question.

What is you favorite color?

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Gray / Silver
  • Black

We told you it was easy. Check your answer below to tell a little about your personality as well as what clubhead model you should choose based on your answer.

You are impulsive and also irritable when things don’t go by quickly.
Use the Power Play System Q2 or Acer XP905.


You are affectionate but may show your weaknesses and need support
Use the Acer XP 905 Ladies.


You have a high energy level, forceful and may be impatient
Use the Acer XK or Power Play Caiman.

Light Blue
You are creative and like to solve problems and do not feel that you are rushed
Use the Lady Acer XK.

Dark Blue
You are intelligent and self reliant but lack relaxation.
Use the Acer XK HT, Acer Mantara, Acer XP905 HT or Dynacraft Avatar XMOI transitional set.

You have high aspirations and want the best available possible
Use the iBella Obsession

You are down-to-earth and need to feel emotionally secure
Use the iBella Bellissima.

Gray / SilverYou need to relax from the daily stress but you have excellent self-control.
Use the Acer XP905 Pro.

You are strong willed and disciplined, but may be stubborn too.
Use the Acer XK Pro or Dynacraft Prophet CNC

The science behind the selection process

It’s not questions whether or not you prefer boxers or briefs, coffee or tea or any other like that.  Marketing departments collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year in finding these associations or relationships in consumer buying habits.  One field we are Hireko spend an enormity amount of time researching is color psychology, which has been practiced as far back as the ancient Chinese and Egyptians.

Research has demonstrated in many cases that color is directly related to the mood or disposition of a person.  Those same traits such as calmness to irritably or excitement can easily be pass on to everyday things like swinging a golf club. For instance, people who liked black tend to be of higher caliber golfers as they often have the discipline to practice frequently and hone their skills. Golfers that preferred red as their favorite color will exude excitement, strength and speed.  Therefore the clubhead specifications need to match those traits such as stronger lofts and greater forgiveness.

This is the scientific reason why certain colors in the medallion or the paint fill are carefully selected on each models of clubheads; not randomly as some may suspect.

Now answer the following question:

Are you a dog person or cat person?

Believe it or not, shaft material selection all boils down to this one question. If you answered dog, then you need a steel shaft in your irons, but if you answered cat, select graphite shafts.  We also found a high correlation with the dog’s weight (based on the person’s favorite breed) and shaft weight.  If the dog weighs over 55 pounds, then those preferred standard weight steel.  If the person’s favorite dog breed ranged between 20 and 55 lbs, the owner preferred lightweight steel.  For those that preferred dogs in the toy category (less than 20 lbs), they preferred ultra-lightweight steel shafts.  However in double blind testing, the same correlation did not exist with graphite iron shafts.

Think about it, people who own a large dog will need to be physically stronger than someone that owns a smaller dog.  If you don’t believe me, try holding the various sized dogs on a leash with other dogs or animals around and see how much strength is necessary to control them. There are many other psychological questions that are directly related to fitting.  Please scroll down and see this entire list…


With advances in the all of the sciences, some day this type of fitting may become a reality.  While there may be some coincidence in the color psychology iron suggestions it is important to realize there are no shortcuts to becoming properly fit.  Sometimes this process can take a lifetime as our bodies and skill levels constantly evolve. But for now, if you are interested in seeking the right type of equipment for your game, please contact our technical staff.


  1. Gary Johnson says:

    Rob: Very good for April Fools…sorry I didn’t read on the first. Keep making those videos at the driving ranges…you won’t be mistaken for Steven Spielberg yet.

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  3. David Roach says:

    Just curious to see if a study was made to see how many readers didn’t read the second page. Will be sure to ad to my fitting chart. Thanks for great start to my day. I’ve always known Hireko goes that extra mile to help their customers be the best at what we do.

  4. Jim Jones says:

    Back in the fifties there was a man named Louis Cheskin who headed a firm called the Color Research Institute. He subscribed to the concept that you could tell a lot about a person’s preferences based on the colors they chose. There were many who bought into his theory. He made a lot of money selling his idea to firms trying to come up with package designs and product color choices.

    So your April fools joke may not be so “off the wall” after all. There were many who bought

  5. Pastor Chris says:

    I was surprised that it was a joke, because it actually worked for me. I may add it to my fitting book, like DR, and see how far off (or on) you are.

  6. Frank Mazane says:

    I’m glad also its a joke. Specially about the big dogs and little ones I was about to change my shafts.

  7. charles Carlton says:

    charles Carlton :Ok Ok you almost had me there, right up to the dog/cat owner part, color associatoin in marketing is a tool of the trade,and meant to catch your attention. But no I wont be needing a bridge or prime swamp land yet, will consider it in the future though.

  8. Don Reinholz says:

    My favorite color actually listed the irons that I’m currently making for myself. However the cat person uses graphite but I like steel in my irons so that didn’t apply to me. Very clever though, and you had me going.

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