Join Us For The New Image Shaft Webinar!

Our next webinar features the best-selling New Image Shafts!

New Image Red Steel Only $16.35

New Image Red Steel Only $16.35

Join us on Thursday, April 16 from 2PM-3PM to hear Brad Stephens discuss his New Image shafts. Brad is the owner and designer of the New Image Shafts and will discuss not only the new 2009 line, but existing product, what makes New Image shafts so unique and his company’s relationship with Champions Tour winner R.W. Eaks. The webinar will last one hour. Q & A will be saved for the end. Brad is an industry veteran and extremely dedicated to his shaft creations so don’t miss this webinar! Hireko Tech Director Jeff Summitt will also be on hand for questions and discussion.

April 16, 2009 from 2-3PM


  1. preston e venable II. says:

    what is the difference between pga golf clubs and regular 1st. line clubs?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    The heads – no difference other than perhaps weight added to increase swingweight or the lies altered. The shafts, grips and even length may be different than the stock offerings which have been custom fit to the tour player.

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