Introducing The Power Play Caiman Irons – Arriving Friday May 1st

New irons are the perfect match to the best selling Caiman line.

Since we first introduced our Power Play Caiman driver last year and subsequently added the matching fairway woods, hybrids and specialty Raw Power fairway wood, all have exceeded all our sales expectations.  More importantly, our customer’s expectations based on the independent product reviews that have been posted. Finally, and I mean finally, the long-awaited Caiman Raw Power Irons will arrive 4/30/09 and I think you will find them to be well worth the wait.

For those of you who know me understand that I get a little giddy about the new items we are working on or getting ready to release.  But the Caiman Iron is one that I get a little more excited than normal.  Here is why?  caiman-raw-power-irons-002Certain products come along every great once in a while that are truly unique not only how they are constructed or how they look, but also how they perform.  Don’t get me wrong, the Caiman Raw Power Irons are indeed constructed differently.  Plus when you see it in person you will know you hadn’t seen anything quite like it either.  But these irons flat out play well.

One reason these took so long to develop was these were far more difficult to produce than we originally thought. Even the engineers at the foundry were scratching their heads on how to actually produce it.  After several attempts of creating the tooling to be able to pull the wax out caiman-raw-power-irons-003efficiently, special heat treatments, plus the air cannon testing to test for durability, we came up with something that is going to be very special. It incorporates the same high COR maraging steel face as the hybrids for increased ball speed and weight re-distribution.  This allowed us to make the sole incredibly wide measuring 30mm across.  And like the Pontiac commercial said, “wider is better”.

The pictures don’t do this club justice as one can’t full appreciate just how deep the rear massing is way from the face.  This is what allows the center of gravity to be as face back and low providing the unbelievable stability you will experience.  If you want to work the ball, well you selected the wrong head.  But for us mere mortals you are going to hit the ball long and straight like a hybrid, but it still looks like an iron.  That is just the icing on the cake.

So if you are in the market for that super-game improvement iron to improve your score and something you will be proud to own and show off to your buddies, I strongly believe that the Caiman Raw Power Irons are exactly what you have been waiting for.

Buy The Caiman Raw Power Irons Now Custom Assembled $29.95 each

Buy The Caiman Raw Power Irons Component Clubhead $13.95 each

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  1. Frankie C says:

    It’s amazing that companies are marketing new stuff in this down economy. Bravo!

    Frankie C

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