I Have A (Ham) Bone To Pick With The Pope

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In my neck of the woods, the Masters represents the official start of the golf season.  The grass is finally turning green and growing after being dormant for what seems like an eternity.  The trees start to blossom – one allergy I don’t mind.  Golf courses have opened or are about too.  If you have any luck and experience a warm day (mid-50’s or above), you can sneak in a quick nine holes or at least stop by the local range and hit a bucket of balls to knock the rust off your swing.

With this year’s final round of the Master on Easter Sunday… Wait, I should rephrase that, with Easter Sunday falling on the final round of the Masters, poses some logistical problems. If you had family and friends over like I did, then you have to make time to prepare a feast for an army, hide all the Easter eggs so the little kids can find them all, help clean up in the kitchen so you can avoid the loud clanging of pots of pans so when you flip on the TV to enjoy the final round, you can do so in peace and quiet.  I am sure there were  a lot of you out there in a similar situation.

Hear is a plea to the Pope. Plan ahead.  Pick up the Blackberry and text message Augusta National chairman Billy Payne. Instead of following the Paschal Full Moon, I got a hint, have Easter, let’s say, the week prior or after the Masters.  Just pick a week and stick to it. Here is a schedule of the Master’s and Easter for the next four years.  After that it is up to you…

Year Masters Sunday Easter Sunday
2010 April 11 April 11
2011 April 10 April 24
2012 April 8 April 8
2013 April 14 March 31

At least there was some consolation this year with the added bonus coverage of the playoff and in peace and quiet.  Although I am very happy for Cabrera, I would have loved to see a win for us  “old guys” with Kenny Perry earning the Green Jacket and re-writing the history books.

And remember, a tree is 90% air…

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  1. Can you say DVR? I knew you could.

    Seriously, my entire day was tied up with family. That’s not a bad thing, not at all! But I did remember to set my DVR Sunday morning to catch all the action. I watched the whole thing — just in the evening instead of the afternoon.

    Welcome to the TIVO generation. Now it’s just the golfers themselves (and the CBS crew) that have to worry about Easter. Actually, I bet they taped it Saturday and swore all the spectators — uh, patrons — to secrecy.


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