Hireko Golf Opens New French Office!

New venture to handle growing demand for custom golf clubs in France and Belgium

Hireko France Now Open For Business!

Hireko France Now Open For Business! France and Belgium

Hireko Golf, a leading provider of golf equipment, today announced the teeing up of its new custom fitting center in Toulouse, France. The new office will handle sales and support of the company’s golf products in France and Belgium.

“The demand for such Hireko brands as Acer, Power Play, Dynacraft and iBella has been growing in France and Belgium over the past few years and we felt by opening a new office that golfers would be served faster and derive the most value and satisfaction from their purchases,” states VP of Sales Gineta Lin.

“French and Belgium golfers can now buy direct from our office in France

Hireko France Will Also Serve Belgium Customers

Hireko France Will Also Serve Belgium Customers

and that will not only save customers money but valuable time too. France ranks among the top 3 golf markets in the European Union and we are excited to have Hireko serve this growing community.”

Day-to-day operations will be managed by Laurent, Thierry and Frederic of
Hireko France.

As Hireko Golf continues to grow in popularity, the new French office will
offer customers improved support. The goal is to deliver fully localized
support to French and Belgium golfers that work seamlessly with Hireko Golf
USA and offers the highest return on investment for French wholesale

The new French office adds to Hireko’s growing international footprint.
Last month Hireko opened offices in England and Scandinavia

The contact information for the new Hireko France office is:

Hireko France
2 avenue des Crètes
Email: contact@hirekogolf.fr

We encourage you to speak with Hireko France for your next purchase,
technical or sales related questions, assistance and instant supply of
professional golf equipment.


  1. Leo Noordhuizen says:

    The question for me is what would be the cheapest way to order from The Netherlands. My experience has been that it often is cheaper for me to order in the USA, even if a supplier has a representation in a European country.

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    You may want to check with distributors in your area first like France, Scandinavia or the UK. Here is a link for the contact info: http://www.hirekogolf.com/hireko/webpages/products/hireko_golf_international_distributors.html

    They may have flat rate shipping. If we ship there by Fedex it gets expensive not only is it freight, but the duty, brokerage fees and VAT on top of that.

  3. Guido says:


    Ordering in the us is a bit more expensive in your case. You’ll pay more freight (+ – 50 USD) + 19 % vat at the dutch border.

    i ordered at http://www.nordicagolf.se/?s=erbjudande.

    only 13 euro’s freight and no extra taxes ( within the eu) customer support is not bad either.

    grtz, Guido

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