Check Out What Golf Tips May ’09 Issue Said About Hireko Golf

Golf Tips Magazine Sings Hireko Praise

Power Play Caiman Driver Rated Best Deals In May 2009 Issue Only $99.95 each

Power Play Caiman Driver Rated "Best Deals" In May 2009 Issue Only $99.95 each

The May 2009 issue of Golf Tips magazine sung high praise for Hireko Golf. Check out some of these quotes from the New and Notable section (page 23):

  • “Hireko prices are hard to beat”
  • “custom-made golf clubs at an unbelievably low price”
  • “prices tough to beat”
  • “interesting new driver syles, some of which seem way ahead of their time”

In the same issue, Golf Tips also compliments our Power Play Caiman Driver:

  • “At around a 100 bucks, this club is one of the best deals for a driver you’ll ever find”
  • “produces high moi and great ballflight”

Thank you Golf Tips Magazine for the great press! If you would like to see the Golf Tips press and the accolades we received from the Golf Digest Hot List download the marketing pdf file below.

Download Hireko Golf 2009 Magazine Press Kit (file size is 1.8 meg)


  1. Gary says:

    Now, if Hireko could just raise their retail prices by $10-$15 on individual metalwoods!!

    That’s ok…I understand the economics.

  2. Joe Lawler says:

    You need to consider that Hireko quotes their assembly with low priced steel and graphite shafts and grips.

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