2009 True Ace Golf Shafts Just Arrived!

Are You Feeling Blue?

For those who have used and relied on our Cadence line of shafts for a couple of years may be disappointed that they are no longer available this year.  But don’t feel blue.

Hireko has developed a whole new Cadence line for this year that is a culmination of some of the previous Cadence shafts, True Ace and a few other tried and true shafts to make a comprehensive line of shafts for drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons.  The shafts will be color coordinated to reflect the swing style of the player is was designed for.  Here is a quick breakdown of the lines.


True Ace Cadence Blue

True Ace Cadence Blue Ultralight 60 $19.95

True Ace Cadence Blue Ultralight 60 $19.95

The Blue series is designed for golfers with smoother swings or those seeking slightly higher launch conditions without sacrificing control. The wood shaft is suitable for drivers and fairway woods and the iron shaft serves double-duty by making an excellent hybrid shaft as well. The lower frequency (stiffness) and low torque provide a uniquely soft feel, yet providing high performance results.

True Ace Cadence Orange

True Ace Cadence Orange Iron 75 $13.95

True Ace Cadence Orange Iron 75 $13.95

The Orange series provides a nice balance of distance and control for players of average strength and tempo. Based on models of the past with proven track records, these four shafts bundled together to form a cohesive line consisting of driver, fairway, hybrid and iron shafts that can be easily mixed and matched to create a seamless custom set. Medium tip stiffness in each model produces a mid launch angle.

True Ace Cadence Red
The Red series is designed for the harder-hitting golfers to provide additional control. Heavier weight and/or increased stiffness help to provide incredible

True Ace Cadence Red Iron 85 $13.95

True Ace Cadence Red Iron 85 $13.95

stability for golfers that may have faster swing speeds or quicker and more aggressive tempos. Four distinct shafts in the series start with a stiffer-tipped, ultra-lightweight driver shaft. The fairway, hybrid and iron shafts all are heavier counterparts possessing the same stiffer tip section for greater control and a slightly lower launch conditions.

A Variety of Choices

In each of the series, there are specific shaft for different clubheads rather than just offering a generic wood and iron version.  There is a very good reason why you will see this trend in the future.  Driver shafts have become increasingly lighter throughout the years to allow for maximum speed at longer assembly length for potentially more distance.

Fairway specific shafts are recent trends in shaft development. This is not to say that shafts that have worked well in drivers can’t work in fairways, but Fairway shafts typically are heavier than Driver shafts as accuracy is at more of a premium and sometimes a Driver shaft can become too light at their shorter lengths.  This is especially true for golfers who do not possess a nice smooth tempo. In addition, the tip of the shaft tends to be slightly more flexible to assist the ball from being hit off the ground.

Hybrid shafts on the other hand tend to be more tip stiff and lower torque than a shaft designed for a fairway wood. This is to complement the lower and more forward center of gravity difference between the lighter and larger fairway wood counterpart. While those shaft parameters might typically be associated with a boarding feeling at impact, the final piece of the puzzle is that hybrid shafts are made more flexible to provide the feel as well as the performance.

For those already familiar with our house brand True Ace and Cadence lines, we have improved upon them. We took the best of the best based on your feedback and in some cases made minor modifications to form a comprehensive line. These shafts are not only available at a great price point for their performance, but the graphics on these are outstanding. From budget minded beginning golfers to accomplished touring professionals and everywhere in-between, Hireko’s 2009 line up has a shaft for you.

So you may be feeling blue once again, but perhaps for a different reason.  Or perhaps you may be orange or red too…


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  1. Dan says:

    Hmm, interesting shaft line. They certainly are reasonably priced, I was wondering how these are doing in the market?

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