Hireko Wants You To Help Design Our Next Driver From The Ground Up! Part 3

Keep Giving Us Your Comments!

We have listened, studied and paid close attention to your comments in the Hireko Wants You To Help Design Our Next Driver From The Ground Up! Campaign. Not surprisingly there are a lot of varied opinions of what you would like to see, but we think we did an excellent job of compiling many of your wishes into one design.  But we still need your valuable input!

Overwhelmingly there was one thing that is always mentioned – “I want more distance”.  Well, the USGA put numerous limits on club design, which on paper make this impossible.  So what is the answer on how to give our customers what they want?

New Driver Mockup Based On Hireko Customer Designs and Input

New Driver Mockup Based On Hireko Customer Designs and Input

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Check Out What Golf Tips May ’09 Issue Said About Hireko Golf

Golf Tips Magazine Sings Hireko Praise

Power Play Caiman Driver Rated Best Deals In May 2009 Issue Only $99.95 each

Power Play Caiman Driver Rated "Best Deals" In May 2009 Issue Only $99.95 each

The May 2009 issue of Golf Tips magazine sung high praise for Hireko Golf. Check out some of these quotes from the New and Notable section (page 23):

  • “Hireko prices are hard to beat”
  • “custom-made golf clubs at an unbelievably low price”
  • “prices tough to beat”
  • “interesting new driver syles, some of which seem way ahead of their time”

In the same issue, Golf Tips also compliments our Power Play Caiman Driver:

  • “At around a 100 bucks, this club is one of the best deals for a driver you’ll ever find”
  • “produces high moi and great ballflight”

Thank you Golf Tips Magazine for the great press! If you would like to see the Golf Tips press and the accolades we received from the Golf Digest Hot List download the marketing pdf file below.

Download Hireko Golf 2009 Magazine Press Kit (file size is 1.8 meg)

Perhaps The Most Important Hour To Help You Better Understand Golf Shaft Technology

Use the DSFI online calculator to find the best shaft for your swing.

Use the DSFI online calculator to find the best shaft for your swing.

Join us for “The Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index and 2009 Shaft Addendum Webinar” on May 1 from 2-3 Eastern Standard Time.

Hireko’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt will discuss several topics regarding golf shaft technology. First he will go over the key shaft fitting parameters and show why we need standardization. Next, he will provide an introduction to Hireko’s exclusive shaft fitting method featuring the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index. The webinar will last one hour. Q & A will be saved for the end. All webinars are free!

Free Golf Shaft Webinar May 1 from 2-3
Eastern Standard Time – webinar lasts one hour.

Know What Club You Hit From 150 Yards

Accurate fitting starts with accurate information.

Power Play Caiman Irons Custom Made For $29.95 each

Power Play Caiman Irons Custom Made For $29.95 each

A considerable amount of my time is devoted communicating with customers on what equipment they may need.  This is no easy task as you can’t physically see them swing so you have to rely on what information they can provide.  One important question I often ask is “What club do you use from 150 yards out”.  This is an important question in regards to shaft flex to get a barometer at what flex to suggest.

Golfers that have played for a while might take what seems like such a simple question for granted.  But for beginners, they truly do not know how far they hit each club.  Even golfers who play infrequently cannot answer the question without guessing.  Just the other day I had a customer who said at first he hit his 5-iron 200 yards, then minutes later he was saying maybe it was closer to 150 yards.  Clubfitters know that the person hitting the 5-iron closer to 200 yards will need a much stiffer shaft than someone hitting the club at 150 yards.
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Hireko Golf Opens New French Office!

New venture to handle growing demand for custom golf clubs in France and Belgium

Hireko France Now Open For Business!

Hireko France Now Open For Business! France and Belgium

Hireko Golf, a leading provider of golf equipment, today announced the teeing up of its new custom fitting center in Toulouse, France. The new office will handle sales and support of the company’s golf products in France and Belgium.

“The demand for such Hireko brands as Acer, Power Play, Dynacraft and iBella has been growing in France and Belgium over the past few years and we felt by opening a new office that golfers would be served faster and derive the most value and satisfaction from their purchases,” states VP of Sales Gineta Lin.

“French and Belgium golfers can now buy direct from our office in France

Hireko France Will Also Serve Belgium Customers

Hireko France Will Also Serve Belgium Customers

and that will not only save customers money but valuable time too. France ranks among the top 3 golf markets in the European Union and we are excited to have Hireko serve this growing community.”

Day-to-day operations will be managed by Laurent, Thierry and Frederic of
Hireko France.

As Hireko Golf continues to grow in popularity, the new French office will
offer customers improved support. The goal is to deliver fully localized
support to French and Belgium golfers that work seamlessly with Hireko Golf
USA and offers the highest return on investment for French wholesale

The new French office adds to Hireko’s growing international footprint.
Last month Hireko opened offices in England and Scandinavia

The contact information for the new Hireko France office is:

Hireko France
2 avenue des Crètes
Email: contact@hirekogolf.fr

We encourage you to speak with Hireko France for your next purchase,
technical or sales related questions, assistance and instant supply of
professional golf equipment.

Introducing The Power Play Caiman Irons – Arriving Friday May 1st

New irons are the perfect match to the best selling Caiman line.

Since we first introduced our Power Play Caiman driver last year and subsequently added the matching fairway woods, hybrids and specialty Raw Power fairway wood, all have exceeded all our sales expectations.  More importantly, our customer’s expectations based on the independent product reviews that have been posted. Finally, and I mean finally, the long-awaited Caiman Raw Power Irons will arrive 4/30/09 and I think you will find them to be well worth the wait.

For those of you who know me understand that I get a little giddy about the new items we are working on or getting ready to release.  But the Caiman Iron is one that I get a little more excited than normal.  Here is why?  caiman-raw-power-irons-002Certain products come along every great once in a while that are truly unique not only how they are constructed or how they look, but also how they perform.  Don’t get me wrong, the Caiman Raw Power Irons are indeed constructed differently.  Plus when you see it in person you will know you hadn’t seen anything quite like it either.  But these irons flat out play well.

One reason these took so long to develop was these were far more difficult to produce than we originally thought. Even the engineers at the foundry were scratching their heads on how to actually produce it.  After several attempts of creating the tooling to be able to pull the wax out caiman-raw-power-irons-003efficiently, special heat treatments, plus the air cannon testing to test for durability, we came up with something that is going to be very special. It incorporates the same high COR maraging steel face as the hybrids for increased ball speed and weight re-distribution.  This allowed us to make the sole incredibly wide measuring 30mm across.  And like the Pontiac commercial said, “wider is better”.

The pictures don’t do this club justice as one can’t full appreciate just how deep the rear massing is way from the face.  This is what allows the center of gravity to be as face back and low providing the unbelievable stability you will experience.  If you want to work the ball, well you selected the wrong head.  But for us mere mortals you are going to hit the ball long and straight like a hybrid, but it still looks like an iron.  That is just the icing on the cake.

So if you are in the market for that super-game improvement iron to improve your score and something you will be proud to own and show off to your buddies, I strongly believe that the Caiman Raw Power Irons are exactly what you have been waiting for.

Buy The Caiman Raw Power Irons Now Custom Assembled $29.95 each

Buy The Caiman Raw Power Irons Component Clubhead $13.95 each

What Is The Best Junior Golf Club Equipment For Preteens?

Hireko’s Acer XK Protégé and the iBella Daisy Junior sets are two prime examples of clubs that allow today’s preteen to excel.

Acer XK Protege Junior Box Set for Age 9-12 $149.95

Acer XK Protege Junior Box Set for Age 9-12 $149.95.

Junior golf clubs can be a generic term for any club sold to today’s youths. This encompasses a wide ranging scope as junior golf club clubs are marketed for kids as young as 3 years old to elite athletes in high school that may vie for the US Open or even play on one of the PGA Tours. But most junior golf club equipment is targeted to preteens (those younger than 13 years old).

Hireko’s Acer XK Protégé and the iBella Daisy Junior sets are two prime examples of clubs that allow today’s preteen to excel. There are some distinct differences between the equipment they need as compared with teenagers that parents should be fully aware of.

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View The New Image Shaft Webinar Free!

We just completed our newest webinar discussing the high quality New Image Golf Shaft line. Creator Brad Stephens led the webinar and Hireko Technical Director Jeff Summitt provided panel support.

Register for upcoming webinars here.

View The New Image Shafts on the Hireko Golf website here.

Check out New Image Webinar 1 of 3 Now!
New Image Shaft Webinar 2 of 3
New Image Shaft Webinar 3 of 3

I Have A (Ham) Bone To Pick With The Pope

Italians Need A Better Calendar614-00913684

In my neck of the woods, the Masters represents the official start of the golf season.  The grass is finally turning green and growing after being dormant for what seems like an eternity.  The trees start to blossom – one allergy I don’t mind.  Golf courses have opened or are about too.  If you have any luck and experience a warm day (mid-50’s or above), you can sneak in a quick nine holes or at least stop by the local range and hit a bucket of balls to knock the rust off your swing.

With this year’s final round of the Master on Easter Sunday… Wait, I should rephrase that, with Easter Sunday falling on the final round of the Masters, poses some logistical problems. If you had family and friends over like I did, then you have to make time to prepare a feast for an army, hide all the Easter eggs so the little kids can find them all, help clean up in the kitchen so you can avoid the loud clanging of pots of pans so when you flip on the TV to enjoy the final round, you can do so in peace and quiet.  I am sure there were  a lot of you out there in a similar situation.

Hear is a plea to the Pope. Plan ahead.  Pick up the Blackberry and text message Augusta National chairman Billy Payne. Instead of following the Paschal Full Moon, I got a hint, have Easter, let’s say, the week prior or after the Masters.  Just pick a week and stick to it. Here is a schedule of the Master’s and Easter for the next four years.  After that it is up to you…

Year Masters Sunday Easter Sunday
2010 April 11 April 11
2011 April 10 April 24
2012 April 8 April 8
2013 April 14 March 31

At least there was some consolation this year with the added bonus coverage of the playoff and in peace and quiet.  Although I am very happy for Cabrera, I would have loved to see a win for us  “old guys” with Kenny Perry earning the Green Jacket and re-writing the history books.

And remember, a tree is 90% air…