View The Acer XK VideoBlog As We Head Out To The Range!

Acer XK YouTubeCheck out the new videoblog featuring the Acer XK Titanium Driver. We go to the range and randomly pick out some golfers, let them hit the driver and record their results. View the Acer XK Titanium VideoBlog now!

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  1. Don Reinholz says:

    I have a flat swing plane so the Acer XK high trajectory irons help me get a higher shot and possibly a few more yards. They are easy to hit and I’m also making a draw strong 3 wood as I have trouble hitting a driver consistently. I enjoyed the video at the driving range on the new Acer XK driver. Keep up the great work. The fact that the Acer Xk irons made Golf Digest list for best value irons certainly doesn’t hurt either. I’m a loyal customer and will continue to be for a long time. Sincerely, Don Reinholz

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