Where’s The Love For The Chipper?

Your next go to club just well may be the New Acer XK Chipper

Custom Assembled Acer XK Chipper $28.95

Custom Assembled Acer XK Chipper $28.95

One club that some may find helpful is the chipper.  Hireko is introducing the Acer XK Chipper to it family innovative, game-improvement clubs. For those that struggle from just off of the green with a wedge to get close to the hole or keep the ball on the green, the chipper may help reduce strokes.  One way to think of a chipper is a cross between a putter (the stroke), wedge (for control) and a 7 or 8 iron (for the loft).

The Acer XK Chipper combines the proper loft for those delicate bump and run shots around the green with the same weight and lie of a putter for precision accuracy. The ultra-wide contoured sole glides across either the rough or the close cropped apron surrounding the green. The gooseneck, over-the-hosel design increases the effective face area and eliminates the possibility of shanking the ball.

A chipper utilizes a similar stroke to a putter around the green rather than one where you would cock and un-cock your wrist with a longer swing arc of a wedge.  Chippers should not be ever used as full swing clubs. More accomplished players will find ways of using different clubs and improvised strokes to chip and bump and run shots around the green. But for higher handicapped players or beginners who have not honed their skills or able to create a shot on command, the chipper may make a welcome addition to the bag.


A few things you should know about a chipper first. Number one, a putter grip is not allowed, you must use a standard non-putter grip as you would any iron or wedge to conform to the Rules of Golf.  A model with two sides, like the Two-Way chipper, will not conform to the rules.  But no worries, most golfers who carry chippers do not maintain a USGA handicap and play only for the fun of it.

For clubmakers out there, there are few assembly suggestions for the Acer XK Chipper.  The over-the-hosel post might new to some of you out there.  For one, the post is designed to fit inside a standard 0.370” parallel tip steel iron shaft or even a putter shaft that is not designed for long broomstick models.  If using a parallel tip steel shaft, cut the tip as if it were a wedge to maintain the proper flex.  Make sure when cutting the shaft to make sure the cut is square.  If the shaft tip is angled it will create a slight gap that may be noticeable, so square the shaft tip with your belt sander against the platen or with a file if manual tools are your only resource.

The one bonus of an over-the-post assembly is you won’t need to abrade the shaft tip.  However, you may still want to lightly abrade the post to ensure a proper surface for the epoxy for a lasting bond.

No belly length chippers!  That would be against the Rules of Golf.  Chippers must not be made any longer than standard length clubs of similar loft.  In this case, a 7-iron length would be the limit.

Buy Now Custom Assembled Acer XK Chipper $28.95
Buy Now Component Acer XK Chipper $12.95

Hireko Golf Introduces The Slice Busting Acer XK Titanium Draw Driver

New Driver Is The Prescription Against Golf’s #1 Disease

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – March 27, 2009 – The newest slice busting weapon from Hireko Golf

was announced today: the Acer XK Draw Titanium Driver. The new titanium driver employs a generous offset and modern design to combat golf’s most common enemy.

“The Acer XK Draw Titanium Driver incorporates the same cutting edge technology as the new Acer XK titanium driver, with one major difference,” states Hireko Golf Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “The one addition was incorporating a generous offset hosel – a larger offset than what is found on many of today’s most popular offset models. This helps to further assist squaring up the clubface without having to resort to a severely closed face angle.”

The new Acer XK Draw Titanium Driver also sports a cup-face design. This moves the face welds away from the corners of the head to provide a thinner, more active face to maximize ball speed on off-center shots. The variable face thickness further reduces the wall thickness around the perimeter fo the impact area so the entire club face becomes a gigantic sweet spot. Now off-center of miss hits will launch the ball directly down the fairway like you perfectly struck the ball in the center of the face.

The shape of the head was carefully selected to appeal to the eye of a wide range of golfers, yet improve stability by expanding the front-to-back dimension. The center of gravity moves lower and further from the face to optimize launch conditions.

The custom assembled Acer XK Draw Titanium Drivers are available in both right and left hand 10.5 and 12 degrees and come with a free headcover. They are available custom assembled online for $99.95 at HirekoGolf.com.

Hireko Golf Announces The Arrival Of The New Acer XK Draw Fairway Wood

New Fairway Reduces Unwanted Slices and Fades


CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – March 25, 2009 – Hireko Golf announced today the arrival of the new Acer XK Draw Fairway Woods. The new draw fairways were designed with the intent to prevent those golfers who routinely slice the ball to enjoy parts of the course they may not have seen on a regular basis – their own fairway!

“The same technology we created in the standard Acer XK fairway series is transformed into an offset version for those players that suffer from a fade, push or slice and wish to hit the ball straighter,” states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “The offset hosel pushes the center of gravity 41% further behind the shaft’s axis.

Why does this help? The further behind the center of gravity, the greater the tendency to close the face at impact, thus reducing the likelihood of an open face.”

The Acer XK Draw Fairway features a large offset which helps to assist squaring up the clubface without having to resort to a severely closed face angle. The shape was also carefully selected to appeal to the eye of a wide range of golfers, yet improve stability by the expanded front-to-back dimension. The center of gravity moves lower and further from the face to optimize launch conditions.

The sleek, low profile design shifts weight further back behind the shaft than any other club in our extensive line to create superior accuracy. These high-launching clubheads feature many visual elements to assist in aligning the face toward the target instead of creating a “band aid” approach like so many offset models on the market today.

The custom assembled Acer XK Draw Fairway Woods are available in RH 3, 5 and 7 woods and LH 3 and 5 woods and come with a free headcover. They are available custom assembled online for $49.95 at HirekoGolf.com.

How To Spend Wisely: Setting up a Demo Program for Your Business

Preparation and planning are the keyHireko Modern Guide To Clubmaking Book

If your business is a golf shop that relies on walk in traffic rather than internet sales to generate the majority of your revenue, then you will need to have products for customers to try out which are referred to as “demo clubs”.  These are considered normal budgeted items no different than investing in any clubmaking and repair tools. But there is a right and wrong way to see up a demo program.  But before we explain those points, let’s explain why demo clubs are important for you to compete in your area.

Go into any large golf retail shop and you will find rack after rack of clubs to choose from, all of which will be the name brand companies stock offering for shaft, grip and length.  The retailer will rely on the manufacturers’ advertising to drive the customer to a particular product.  In cases where there is not that spontaneous purchase, the salesperson should be knowledgeable enough to know the key features of each product to help assist the customer vacillating between certain models.  In this business model the consumer will purchase the club before every given a test drive and trust the club will perform for them once they leave the door as there is generally no recourse in exchanging or returning the club if it doesn’t.
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Clubhead Geometry In Pictures

Part 3 In Response To The Customer Driver Design Campaign

In Hireko’s “We want YOU to be a part of the design process for our new 2010 driver” campaign, we showed you one rendition based upon your comments. We need your driver to first start with a solid foundation therefore we would like to take this opportunity to tell you the pros and cons on each shape or geometry so you will have a more informed understanding on why manufactures select the different shapes.

If you haven’t paid attention lately, you might have noticed drivers, fairways and utility clubs are now available in a plethora of geometric shapes. This wasn’t always the case. For a very long time, wood head shaped changed very little.  One of the reasons was the wording in the Rules of Golf, the official set of rules and regulations that the golf club designs must abide by.  There was and still is a small passage called the “Plain in Shape” rule:

“The club must not be substantially different from the traditionally and customary form and make.”
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View The Acer XK VideoBlog As We Head Out To The Range!

Acer XK YouTubeCheck out the new videoblog featuring the Acer XK Titanium Driver. We go to the range and randomly pick out some golfers, let them hit the driver and record their results. View the Acer XK Titanium VideoBlog now!

View The New 2009 Hireko Golf Club Review Webinar Now!

Webinar Front PageWe just completed our first webinar and you can now view the recording at Youtube.com/Hirekogolf. It’s over 50 minutes in length and our Technical Director Jeff Summitt goes through our entire line of new clubheads explaining features, benefits and unique attributes. Go to Hireko TV now to view!

Hireko’s 1st Response To The “Design Our Next Driver” Call

 Thank you for your comments!Driver Geometry 1

In Hireko’s “We want YOU to be a part of the design process for our new 2010 driver” campaign, we have received quite a few comments so far.  Not surprisingly there are a lot of varied opinions of what you would like to see.  This is the reason why we offer so many different designs to fulfill your wants and desires.  Since there was no consensus on the shape, we decided to do a compilation of the most popular shapes you requested and create something unique. This is an asymmetric design that uses the square profile of our Q2 driver and blends it with the triangular back of the Acer XK series. Let us know your comments.

Understanding the Principles of Gear Effect

Jeff Summitt Discusses The Ins and Outs of Gear Effect

Have you ever wondered why the faces on drivers, fairway woods and even some hybrids are not flat like an iron?  Well if you haven’t noticed, take a quick look. There is a certain amount of curvature to the face of a club which is considered a positive design feature.  Why? Before we get to that point, let us understand the anatomy of the club first along with some quick definitions.

There are typically two radii on the face.  The first one shown is called horizontal bulge which is the curvature in the horizontal plane extending from the heel to the toe.

The second radius is vertical roll, which the curvature is in the vertical plane from the sole of the club to the topline.

The units of measurement are expressed in inches its radius.  A popular dimension amongst drivers and fairways are produced with a 10 inch bulge and 10 inch roll.  To provide an explanation, imagine a circle 20 inches in diameter (10 inch radius). The arc of that circle would have the same curvature for the length of the face in the heel to toe or sole to crown plane.  A higher number, such Continue reading “Understanding the Principles of Gear Effect” »