This Is NOT Your Father’s Cord Grip!

New Cords Make For Lower Scores

You hear in the media that manufacturers are scaling back on the product or packaging you have been accustomed to.  Whether the contents within that jar of peanut butter is now 2 ounces less (the size of the jar is the same) or a company switches to a less expensive ingredient in your chocolate they are all techniques for companies to increase revenue and cut costs to make profit.  I don’t know about you, but the only thing it does is raise my ire.

So it is refreshing to see manufacturers provide more by improving the materials that go into the products you already enjoy.  Case in point is Golf Pride.  This year you will notice a new model called the Brushed Cotton Technology (BCT) Cord.  At first you may think this is the new material that is available in two new exciting colors: red and blue. Upon a closer look, it is renaming a favorite amongst better golfers – Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord.

What is Brushed Cotton Technology? 
Cord grips are well known for their extra traction in wet or humid conditions.  But one of the problems associated with cord grips was the extra wear and tear on the hands and glove, especially those that remember the older corded version of the Crown and Eagle grips.  Over the years cord grips have become a little less aggressive.  But this year, Golf Pride has introduced a new cotton twill fiber into their corded products.  The cotton is of a higher quality, textile grade that is finer so that it can be applied in a tighter weave pattern.

In layman’s terms, the BCT means more comfort without sacrificing their all-weather performance. Not only is the BCT in the Tour Velvet, but Golf Pride made a running change and it is also in the New Decade MultiCompound, V-55 and Tour Wrap cords.  Just look for the BCT on the end of the butt cap (except for the MultiCompound).

Buy New Golf Pride Red Brushed Cotton Technology $7.68 Each
Buy New Golf Pride Blue Brushed Cotton Technology $7.68 Each
Buy New Golf Pride Tour Velvet Full Cord $7.48 Each
Buy New Golf Pride Tour Wrap Cord .600″ $6.79 Each

One comment

  1. Rob says:

    Perhaps I’m in a minority here but I think they are taking a step backwards. The reason I play cord grips is because of the extra traction by the rough cord. I have found that most of the cord grips don’t have enough cord and now it seems they are going to be even smoother. I don’t play a glove and live in the South so hot, sticky, humid days are all we know in the summer. If you don’t want the extra wear and tear of a cord grip, don’t play one. There are a million other grips out there that will work for you. The cord should be for those who want a rougher texture to help with extra grip.

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