Hireko Golf Introduces The Most Revolutionary Driver In Golf: The Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver

Changing Your Swing One Degree At A Time

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – February 12, 2009 – What if you had the technology to not only swap shafts, but change your shot pattern instantly? Hireko Golf introduces the new Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver. The ICT features a revolutionary adjustable hosel that provides 8 distinct lie and face angle configurations, allowing you to instantly optimize the clubhead for your swing tendencies. Finally, adjust the club to your swing, not the other way around.

Prophet ICT Drawing

What is so revolutionary about the Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver? The key is the octagonal interchangeable hosel insert. The ICT adapter bore is purposely bored at an angle in one particular plane. This allows the adapter to be placed into the hosel which will create eight different lie and face angle sets of specifications. Professional club fitters and many golfers already understand the importance of changing these two specifications and how is can affect ball flight.

Technical Director Jeff Summitt states “In lieu of epoxy to hold the head onto the shaft, a shaft is epoxied into the hosel adapter. The hosel adapter is then slid inside the socket or inner hosel of the head with a screw and a tool to securely tighten the two together. This facilitates the shaft removal without the use of heat and potential damage to what can be quite expensive shafts.”

Presently there are systems that allow one to screw different shafts onto a head for fitting purposes. But they are not conforming to the Rules of Golf. The Prophet ICT is not designed as a fitting tool (although it can be used as one), rather a club you can be fit for on the spot and taken home or to the course immediately. As your game progresses or simply looking for a change of new technology, additional shafts pre-assembled on the ICT adapter can be purchased. Or the hosel adapter can be removed and re-inserted in another position to provide directional help as one’s swing changes. This club can grow with the owner instead of becoming obsolete like so many clubs on the market.

The Dynacraft Prophet ICT is available in multiple lofts. The octagon-shaped inserts (sold separately) are attached onto a multitude of the most popular shafts available today creating a seemingly limitless number of fitting possibilities.

Imagine with just 3 different lofted heads, 8 shafts and the ability for the hosel to be configured into 8 different positions! The clubfitter or shop can now produce 192 unique drivers with very limited inventory.

Other companies offering interchangeable shafts would only be able to create 24 different options. And to think, all those 192 combinations can now be carried in one’s hand!

The Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver is available in RH 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees and LH in 10.5. It is available custom assembled online for $119.95 at HirekoGolf.com.