Hireko Golf Announces The Arrival Of It’s Newest Ultra-Game Improving Weapon – The Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Fairway Woods

Taking Moment of Inertia To The Extreme

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – February 17, 2009 – Hireko Golf announced today the arrival of the new standard in ultra-game improvement technology the Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Fairway Woods. The new XMOI Fairway Woods represent the epitome of progressive thinking. Built to bridge the gap from the extra large driver to the matching transitional hybrids, the shape is proportionally sized.

“As you progress from the 3 to 7 wood the volumes of ordinary fairway woods diminish because the height is lowered and they are more lofted to consume less volume. But in general, the heel-to-toe and face-to-back dimensions are relatively the same throughout the set,” states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “The Avatar XMOI fairway woods are designed differently from the typical fairway wood. We designed the 3 wood to be the largest in volume in the set then the 5 and 7 woods are gradually scaled down to provide more than enough forgiveness. The shallow face, coupled with our VCT (variable crown thickness) places weight low and deep within the head for superior results.”

For most golfers, an extra large high-lofted fairway wood (like a #7 wood) appears too large at address. Hireko decreased the size proportionately on the Dynacraft XMOI Fairways so they look the correct size and at the same time still provide more than adequate game improvement and cohesive appearance.

In addition to the variable size, the Avatar XMOI fairways feature our exclusive Variable Crown Technology (VCT) where the crowns are cast as little as 0.5mm thick (only 5 sheets of paper thick). This allows the unwanted weight to be repositioned deep within the head. Coupled with the sleek, lower profile this makes the XMOI Fairway Woods easy to get the ball airborne not to mention straight because of the extreme moment of inertia.

The Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Fairway Woods are available in RH 3, 5 and 7 woods and come with a free headcover. They are available custom assembled online for $49.95 at HirekoGolf.com.