A Designer’s Perspective of the 2009 Hireko Clubhead Lineup

Technical Director Jeff Summit Reveals A Behind The Scene Look On The New Hireko Clubheads

View some of the new 2009 Hireko Clubheads.

If you are looking for shiny new clubs with little or no game improvement to make a statement that you are a player, well my friend, you have the wrong catalog in your hands. My motto is to take advantage of technology and embrace it. After all, you are not balancing your checkbook with an abacus are you? Take a page from the best golfers in the world who make a living at playing this great game. They are also looking for every advantage they can when it comes to the equipment they use, so why shouldn’t you?

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Dynacraft Prophet
ICT Driver

Custom Assembled

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Acer XK
Titanium Driver

Custom Assembled
$99.95 each

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Acer XK Draw
Titanium Driver

Custom Assembled

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Acer XK
Fairway Woods

Custom Assembled

2009 marks our most ambitious year in offering innovative new products to golfers across the all corners of the Earth. If you have been familiar with Hireko for some time, you are going to instantly see a lot of positive changes. For those being introduced to our company for the first time you are going to wonder why you hadn’t heard of us before. Continue reading “A Designer’s Perspective of the 2009 Hireko Clubhead Lineup” »

Hireko Acer XK Irons Make Golf Digest’s Best Values List In February Issue

Hireko Acer XK Irons mentioned in article detailing a full set under $1000

Have you received your Golf Digest February Hot List issue yet? Make sure to check out page 161 and look at the new Acer XK Irons listed in the “Best Values” section in the article “How About A Full Set For Less Than $1000?”  The new Acer XK Irons made the Golf Digest “list of our favorite new-club values”. The Acer XK Irons have been a best-seller since their introduction last month. Thank you Golf Digest!

Buy the Acer XK Irons for only $22.69 each custom assembled.

View the Golf Digest Best Values List.

Introducing The New Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrids

The New Shape of Hybrid Technology Arrives Mid-FebruaryAvatar XMOI Hybrids

Most hybrid profiles continue the same profile throughout the set. To gain maximum effectiveness, however, the long irons should be wider soled for maximum forgiveness, and the short irons should be scalloped for effective shortgame play.

Part hollow-bodied iron, part hybrid, the Dynacraft Avatar XMOI is our first hybrid set to take on a truly progressive appearance throughout the set. For the weekend warrior who wants to improve their game this set perfectly integrates all the necessary tools to help them achieve that goal.

The #3 and 4 irons have a wider footprint sporting an increased breadth and shallow face. This positions the center of gravity much lower and more rearward within the design to give less skilled players added confidence and the ability to easily get the ball airborne and also increase solidness of contact.

The mid-irons progressively become narrower (as less game improvement is required) and bridge the gap between a conventional iron appearance. The scoring clubs starting with the #8 look traditional at address. The additionalloft beautifully hides the hollow-body but still helps to increase the moment of inertia. The rounded toplines provide plenty of face area and raise the center of gravity enough to control the trajectory. The inclusion of three wedges provide for better course management by eliminating distance gaps.

Arriving mid-February.

Hireko Announces $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping All Year Long!

That’s right. Hireko now is only charging $7.95 flat rate shipping ALL YEAR LONG!

Flat Rate ShippingOrder any amount and we’ll ship your order by our preferred shipper for only $7.95 in 2009.

You can mix and match component and assembled golf equipment alike to take advantage of our new flat rate shipping policy.

If you are shopping online choose Ground as your preferred shipping method and you’ll receive the flat rate automatically.

$7.95 flat rate shipping is applicable to retail pricing (1st column from price list) and Chairmen club members only.

Flat rate shipping not applicable on boxed sets. Flat rate shipping only applicable to Ground shipping only to U.S. delivery addresses in the 48 contiguous United States only, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. PO Boxes are not eligible for flat rate shipping. Weekend delivery cannot be requested for flat rate shipping. All 2nd & 3 Day Air and special shipping methods will be calculated at base plus rates. For example, 2nd Day Fedex Air will be $7.95 plus $10.50, for 3 Day Fedex will be $7.95 plus $5.50. Distributor not eligible for flat rate shipping.

Introducing The New Acer XK Hybrid Series

The Acer XK series will be our most versatile line to date allowing true custom XK Hybridfitting.

Our newest clubhead arrivals will be the exciting Acer XK drivers, fairways and hybrids to complement the already popular XK irons that debuted in September. The hybrids are based on most popular hybrid platform in our line, but we added a few new design elements to further improve upon the performance.

There are two hidden elements which enhance the design so you play better. The Acer XK hybrids feature our exclusive Variable Crown Technology (VCT). The crowns are cast as little as 0.5mm thick (that’s equivalent to 5 sheets of paper) allowing all the unwanted weight to be repositioned deep within the head.

VCT 1Next, a variable face thickness was selected. This is where the wall thickness around the perimeter of the face is much thinner than the center to create a more re-active face. This helps to provide a very crisp sound at impact that may only be experienced in higher end products on the market.

Assembly lengths were selected to be direct replacements for the same numbered and loftedVCT2 long irons to provide easy to predict yardages. These clubs can be matched with hybrid-specific shafts or any 0.370” parallel tip iron shaft. Combining the internal weighting, wider base and high moment of inertia will make these by far more forgiving than a traditional iron.

The Acer XK hybrids will be available in both right and left-handed in #3 (19°), #4 (22°) and #5 (25°) options. If you are serious about your game, then these can be a vital step in helping you lower your score and achieve your goals for the golfing season.

Buy Acer XK Hybrid Components for $17.95 each.
Buy Acer XK Hybrid Custom Assembled for $44.95 each.

2009 Golf Predictions: A Birdie or Bogey?

2009 Will Be A Year of Change

As a new year starts, I predict plenty of change for the following year and I am not just talking about the political landscape. I am sure a lot of people would like to put a fork in 2008 as few would have predicted the severity and swiftness of the economic meltdown toward the latter part of the year.  But don’t worry! People will continue to play golf.  Albeit they might play less golf (rounds) or take more trips to their local driving range to appease their golfing fix until things get better.

New 2009 Clubheads

Love him or hate him, fellow golfers, golf publications and golf analysts on TV will be once again happy to see a healthy Tiger roaming the course again (maybe not his caddy though if your last name is Mickelson). Between stimulating the economy, commanding two wars and shooting hoops on the hard court, our newly elected president might play more golf in office (and left-handed to boot) than the one getting ready to Continue reading “2009 Golf Predictions: A Birdie or Bogey?” »