Lower Your Scores INSTANTLY With The New Acer XK Approach Wedge

New for 2009 Acer XK Approach Wedge Just Arrived

We finally received our first shipment of the matching Approach (or Gap) wedge in our popular Acer XK iron series – you know, those ones that made Golf Digest’s “Best Value” list in February’s Hot List issue.  

If you haven’t noticed lately, the lofts of irons have become stronger or lower lofted over the years.  This has created a sizeable gap between the pitching and the sand wedge. As a result, manufacturers started adding an additional wedge in the set called a “gap” wedge or a wedge with approximately 50 degrees loft. This club bridged the distance gap between the modern pitching and sand wedge. Some manufacturers will also call it by another name such as “approach”, but the concept is the same.

I might sound like a broken record here. I’ve said it over and over, but in these tough economic times, it is best to spend your money wisely.  You are far more likely to need a club in your bag that will require you to hit a distance that is in the range between your current pitching and sand wedge than a #3 iron. So if you want to lower your score ditch the longer club for this invaluable club.  Your score and attitude after the round will thank you later.

The 51° Acer XK Approach wedges are available in the Standard XK, Pro, High Trajectory and Ladies models (RH only).

Buy Acer XK Custom Assembled Irons $24.95 each.
Buy Acer XK Component Clubhead Irons $8.95 each.