Hireko Acer XK Irons Make Golf Digest’s Best Values List In February Issue

Hireko Acer XK Irons mentioned in article detailing a full set under $1000

Have you received your Golf Digest February Hot List issue yet? Make sure to check out page 161 and look at the new Acer XK Irons listed in the “Best Values” section in the article “How About A Full Set For Less Than $1000?”  The new Acer XK Irons made the Golf Digest “list of our favorite new-club values”. The Acer XK Irons have been a best-seller since their introduction last month. Thank you Golf Digest!

Buy the Acer XK Irons for only $22.69 each custom assembled.

View the Golf Digest Best Values List.

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  1. […] but the markings aren’t exactly like the one that you saw on Hireko’s website, catalog, Golf Digest or on a popular forum page.  You are probably asking yourself, “Hey, what the H E double hockey […]

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