New 2009 Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog Mailing Feb 1st!

New 2009 Catalog CoverThe new 2009 Hireko catalog has just been printed and is mailing the week of February 1. This is our biggest and best catalog (128 pages!) to date. Dozens of new clubhead lines and many new shaft and grip vendors added too (Fujikura!). To receive the new catalog call 800 367-8912.

Lower Your Scores INSTANTLY With The New Acer XK Approach Wedge

New for 2009 Acer XK Approach Wedge Just Arrived

We finally received our first shipment of the matching Approach (or Gap) wedge in our popular Acer XK iron series – you know, those ones that made Golf Digest’s “Best Value” list in February’s Hot List issue.  

If you haven’t noticed lately, the lofts of irons have become stronger or lower lofted over the years.  This has created a sizeable gap between the pitching and the sand wedge. As a result, manufacturers started adding an additional wedge in the set called a “gap” wedge or a wedge with approximately 50 degrees loft. This club bridged the distance gap between the modern pitching and sand wedge. Some manufacturers will also call it by another name such as “approach”, but the concept is the same.

I might sound like a broken record here. I’ve said it over and over, but in these tough economic times, it is best to spend your money wisely.  You are far more likely to need a club in your bag that will require you to hit a distance that is in the range between your current pitching and sand wedge than a #3 iron. So if you want to lower your score ditch the longer club for this invaluable club.  Your score and attitude after the round will thank you later.

The 51° Acer XK Approach wedges are available in the Standard XK, Pro, High Trajectory and Ladies models (RH only).

Buy Acer XK Custom Assembled Irons $24.95 each.
Buy Acer XK Component Clubhead Irons $8.95 each.

What Is The Relationship Between Loft And Face Angle?

Effective Loft Part I of III

This is Part 1 of a three part series discussing the phenomenon called “effective loft.” which is a relationship between the club’s loft and its face angle. Effective loft pertains more to clubs with a wood-shape such as a driver, fairway or hybrid club, but could be included to relate to any clubhead. With the introduction of interchangeable adapters to not only change shafts, but the face angle and lie angle (like the Dynacraft Prophet ICT) is will be important for golfer to understand some basic principles. First, let’s review what each of these parameters is individually starting with loft.

There are number methods and devises used to measure the loft of a clubhead.  But the most trusted measurement is obtained in a specification gauge or spec gauge for short.

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What does the inaugural gown and Hireko Golf have in common?

If you answered Swarovski crystals you are correct.  iBella Tiara Putter

The same Swarovski crystals used in Hireko’s iBella Tiara putter and Bellisima family of high fashion ladies golf clubs can be found in the First Lady’s Michelle Obama’s gown.  According to the New York Times, the gown was made from ivory silk chiffon, embellished with organza and Swarovski crystal rhinestones and silver thread embroidery.  The dress was custom made by the Cuban-born Isabel Toledo.

While you might not be in the market for that same gown, at least you can get a custom made iBella golf clubs bejeweled with authentic Swarovski crystals by Hireko Golf or through your local custom clubmaker.

News Flash! Hireko is having a Valentines Day Special on ladies clubs until 2/14/09. 15% off Hireko Ladies golf clubs & components.

Are Deep Face Clubheads A Thing Of The Past?

Modern design has given the once top dog more competition

I have had a few people of late who have asked me “Why are driver heads are so shallow, what happened to the deep face clubs from a few years ago?” There are several reasons why with perhaps the biggest reason being manufacturers are attempting to enhance performance. While a deep face (59mm+ for drivers) club may provide added room for error and instill more confidence at address, there a few things to understand.

Center of gravity follows geometryDeep Face Drivers
The deeper the face the higher the center of gravity (CG) of the club will be. This is due to the fact the CG follows the geometry of the head. Most clubs today are nearly all the maximum 460cc. If a club face is deep (or tall), then the club cannot be as broad from face to back otherwise the volume will exceed the limits set forth by the USGA. And no manufacturer (or consumer) wants the club narrower from heel-to-toe to make up for that difference in volume. If a head is narrow from front-to-back (breadth) then the CG will be more forward or closer to the face as well. Why? If the area of the club face is bigger then more material is required. This additional weight pulls the CG toward the face. Continue reading “Are Deep Face Clubheads A Thing Of The Past?” »

A Closer Look Behind the Scenes At Clubhead Manufacturing

There is a lot more that goes into clubhead construction than meets the Wax Crowneyes.

Traditional Investment Casting
In the construction of investment cast metal woods, hybrids and hollow-bodied irons, these have to be produced from two (or possibly more) separate pieces otherwise the club would become way too heavy.  The metal forming the hollow shell of the head is very thin and created specifically from durable metals such as various grades of titanium and stainless steels to have it withstand all the rigors it will encounter on the course and rattling around in the bag to and fro the course.

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Your Customer Service Delivery Is Outstanding!

I thought you would like to know your customer service delivery is OUTSTANDING!  I received the clubs I ordered a full week before I even expected them to arrive. Plus, the entire order was complete with the single shipment (which often does not happen with other companies).

Your holiday price discount was also very attractive and saved me about $80 on the set.  The clubs, Powerplay Q2 woods, hybrids and irons are exceptional in appearance and play very well as advertised.

Thanks for great products at a great price combined with top notch customer service!

Mike Ferrell
Las Vegas, NV

Jaw Dropping Distance…Fist Pumping Accuracy

Introducing the new Acer XK fairway series.Acer XK Fairway Woods

Our newest clubhead arrivals will be the exciting Acer XK drivers, fairways and hybrids to complement the already popular XK irons that debuted in September. The Acer XK series will be our most versatile line to date allowing true custom fitting. The fairway series has many game improvement features to provide accuracy along with distance and trajectory control for improves course management skills.

The first feature one will notice will be the unique appearance be the triangular shape. The triangular shape pushes center of gravity deeper or further Continue reading “Jaw Dropping Distance…Fist Pumping Accuracy” »

Introducing The New Acer MC Putter Series

Just what the doctor ordered for your short game woesPrescription

The Acer MC putters are based upon a classic design, but with a twist.  We added modern elements to bring these models to the 21st century.

Each style possesses additional perimeter weighting to increase the MOI – a measurement of forgiveness to ensure that the putts stay on their intended line, even on off-center shots.
Acer MC Putters
The key is the additional weight – one ounce to be exact – all of which is re-positioned in the two rear corners to maximize stability on off-center shots. The rearward weighting (illustrated in red) also helps to ensure the ball starts rolling quicker and truer. The additional mass complements the shorter putter lengths found today or to offset the additional weight with some of the more popular oversized grips.

Lastly, to ensure that you are striking the ball with a perfectly flat surface, the faces are dual CNC milled.  Each model is finished with a non-glare satin silver finish. Now the hardest decision you will make is which one to choose.

MC Putters1Acer MC1 Putter – Classic heel / toe weighted design constructed of high quality stainless steel. Additional mass placed in most beneficial areas of the head to reduce twisting. Arriving mid-February.

MC Putters2

Acer MC2 Putter – This is a wider sole version of the MC1 putter that shifts the weight even further behind the face which provides maximum stability.
Arriving mid-February.

MC Putters3Acer MC3 Putter – A semi mallet design with split-notch weighting and features the same offset plumber’s neck hosel and single alignment guide in the cavity as the other two Acer MC putters. Arriving mid-February.

Hireko Golf Introduces The New XK Driver Series

New Drivers are most versatile to date allowing true custom fitting.

Hireko Golf introduces its newest creation, the Acer XK Driver series. The driver series has many game improvement features to provide not only maximum distance, but accuracy and trajectory control as well.

“The first thing you will notice will be the triangular shape producing a unique appearance at address which is by design,” states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “The triangular shape pushes the center of gravity deeper or further rearward and will be our broadest driver (117mm) to date. This promotes a higher moment of inertia than a traditional shaped driver for increased stability to help you find more fairways off the tee.”

The Acer XK Driver series is available in a multitude of lofts to fit high ball hitters, low ball hitters and everything in-between. The lofts range from 9.5° to 14° and provide incredible versaility for players of all skill levels.

The XK Driver also features a variable face thickness, cup-face design. Instead of a consistently thick face plate used in most conventional titanium drivers today, the cup-face moves the welds away from the corners of the head to provide a thinner, more active face to maximize ball speed on off-center shots. The variable face thickness further reduces the wall thickness around the perimeter of the impact area so the entire club face becomes one gigantic sweet spot. Now on off-center or miss hits the ball will be sent directly down the fairway like you perfectly struck the ball in the center of the face.

The Acer XK Drivers are available in RH in 9.5°, 10.5°, 12° and 14° and LH in 10.5° and 12° custom assembled for $99.95. For more information visit or call 800-367-8912.

Buy the Acer XK Drivers for $99.95 custom made.