Shhh…I’ve Got A Secret

What You Won’t See Quite YetWhispering

Don’t tell my boss, but this is the time I am supposed to tell you a little about a new product that will be here next year.  Well, I felt compelled to tell you what won’t be available as planned as I might have accidentally mentioned a particular product to a few customers already – whoops!  This was supposed to be the predecessor to the Acer XDS Wide Sole (and Wide Sole II) irons.  These are 8 years old and still going strong, which is unheard of these days in the golf equipment circles.  But like the popular Broadway hit Cats, everything must come to an end sometime.

A sequel is seldom as good as the first.  Take for example Caddyshack II.  I am sure I won’t get any arguments there.  But one of the things I feel very strongly about is if we bring out a new version of a head we are retiring, it can’t be just “as good”, it really needs to be better.

We did make a new version of the Acer XDS Wide Sole, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite what we envisioned as a follow up to one of our best sellers (and performers) in company history.  Yes, it did perform well. It looked like a fun club to own and play, but … The one thing we won’t do is rush a product to market before it is right.  So it pains me terribly to pull a product out of our upcoming catalog in the last minute, plus think about all the time and money already spent in tooling that will need to be redone.  For those I told already, you will have to wait until at least spring or when it is done correctly.

But those of you who are looking for an incredible iron at a terrific price, you better get these classics before they are all gone.  With Christmas right around the corner, the Acer XDS Wide Sole, Wide Sole II and Ladies Acer XDS Iron version (component head only) will make excellent gifts for those good boys and girls on your holiday list.  Plus these are available in left hand too.

Acer XDS Wide Sole Iron Assembled Only $18.40 Each Buy Now!

Acer XDS Wide Sole II Iron Assembled Only $18.30 Each Buy Now!

Ladies Acer XDS Wide Sole Iron Component Only $3.50 Each Buy Now!