New 2009 Winn Grips Just Arrived!

New Tour Player models added

With the New Year comes new gear and Winn’s new grips have just arrived in our warehouse and are ready for shipment.  This year we have expanded our line to provide more custom fitting options.

Winn Chart

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The PCi TL (Triple Line) was designed with the tour player in mind, but can be used for a golfer at any level that wants a durable grip that performs in all weather conditions. The grip’s innovative Triple line embossing pattern is firm yet provides a comfortable feel particularly favors players with high swing speeds.  In fact, it is one of the firmest grips that Winn will produce for 2009 (see comparison chart below).  The standard version will be available in black (RW-80), blue (RW-81) and red (RW-82), while a midsize (RW-83 blue only) and jumbo (RW-84 black only) are available too.

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We added some different grip sizes to the much softer DSi line for more custom fitting options.  We understand that women golfers don’t always like vibrant colored grips on their clubs so we are offering a neutral all-black ladies grip by popular demand (RW-76).  Then for those that want to make a statement, we offer that same grip in a snazzy lime green and black (RW-77) and a light blue / black in the Excel AVS line (RW-75).  The latter will complement the Lady Acer XK irons and a new ladies Acer shaft available shortly.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have a men’s +1/8”jumbo all-black DSi model (RW-78).  For those golfers that fell in love with the old Jumbo Classic RF that Winn just recently discontinued, this will be the closest replacement. For the golfer that likes that same jumbo size, but a slightly firmer version, then we have the Xi7 (RW-79) to choose from.

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We haven’t forgotten about the youngsters out there as we are now offering two junior grip models.  There is a blue (RW-72) and orange (RW-73) in a .550” core size.  This may seem like an odd size, but without the use of magic these will fit shafts ranging from a .500” to a .560”.

For the putting surface, we have nine new specialty putter grips to choose from.  Of note are the Excel Giant in black (RW-89) and the red/white/blue (RW-90).  And when we say giant, we mean Jolly Green Giant sized – they are size XL.  For those clubmakers or hobbyists who have had trouble in the past, there is a fairly easy to install 21” one-piece blue belly (and long) putter grip that is all round which should help with alignment as well.

All these new models will augment our already extensive line-up of Winn grips.  So don’t forget to start the new calendar year with fresh new grips for your clubs!

To order call 800-367-8912.