Introducing The New XK Driver Series

XK Driver v2Our newest clubhead arrivals will be the exciting Acer XK drivers, fairways and hybrids to complement the already popular XK irons that debuted in September. The Acer XK series will be our most versatile line to date allowing true custom fitting. The driver series has many game improvement features to provide not only maximum distance, but accuracy and trajectory control.

The first thing you will notice will be the triangular shape producing a unique appearance at address which is by design. The triangular shape pushes center of gravity deeper or further rearward and will be our broadest driver (117mm) to date. This promotes a higher moment of inertia than a traditional shaped driver for increased stability to help you find more fairways off of the tee. Golfers will have had no problems with the appearance at address.

The Acer XK series is available in a multitude of lofts to fit high ball hitters, low ball hitters Topand everything in-between. We could have easily named the drivers like the irons, but we didn’t.  While the 9.5° may be better suited to the player using the Acer XK Pro iron or the 10.5° for the standard XK iron, 12° driver for the HT iron and 14° for the ladies HT iron, select the loft one requires based upon on their individual trajectory.  Don’t always assume that a player with a high clubhead speed will hit a high ball or someone with a slower swing possesses a low ball flight. This is the reason why this is such a versatile line – it is your choice.

But it is the things you can’t see, which are the added benefits in this driver series. We focused on the face technology by offering a variable face thickness, cup-face design.  Multiple LoftsWhat you say? Instead of a consistently thick face plate used in most conventional titanium drivers today, we went the more expensive and exotic route.

First, the cup-face moves the welds away from the corners of the head to provide a thinner, more active face to maximize ball speed on the off-center shots. Next, the variable face thickness further reduces the wall thickness around the perimeter of the impact area so the entire XKclub face becomes one gigantic sweet spot. Now on off-center or miss hits the ball will be sent directly down the fairway like you perfectly struck the ball in the center of the face.

If you are serious about your game, the Acer XK driver series may be the answer to lower scores.  Plus, this is only the half of it and you will see more Acer XK options in the near future.

Buy the Acer XK Driver custom made for $99.95.
Buy the Acer XK Driver component clubhead for $59.95.


  1. […] The first thing you will notice will be the triangular shape producing a unique appearance at address which is by design. The triangular shape pushes center of gravity deeper or further rearward and will be our broadest driver (117mm) to date. This promotes a higher moment of inertia than a traditional shaped driver for increased stability to help you find more fairways off of the tee. Golfers will have had no problems with the appearance at address. (more…) […]

  2. coachb says:

    looking forward to this head. Every cupfaced driver I have hit (a lot of them) have been great performers. What is the price point on these going to be?

  3. Jeff Summitt says:

    Hi Coach:

    The price point will be the same as the Caiman.

  4. Roger Smith says:

    Will you have it in left hand.

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    The offset will be later, but is 11mm and face angle 1* closed.

  6. Tony says:

    Nice looking driver.
    Any issues with using it as a “2” wood, with 44” length and keeping swingweight at a D2?
    It would be nice for tight golf courses and high handicappers.

  7. Andy Dugger says:

    I agree with several. Why the offset, this will straighten out drives, and specially the fades or slices, but has notheing to do with the “face technology”.

  8. RC Marolt says:

    Will there be left handed versions of these driver heads? If so, in which lofts?

  9. Jeff Summitt says:

    Yes there will be LH drivers in the 10.5 and 12 degree lofts.

  10. Jeff Summitt says:


    Stay tuned later this week or next about a “2-wood” that you can make to 44″…

  11. GEORGE MOZOLA says:


  12. Steve says:

    Nice looking design — this thing looks loaded with forgiveness! I’m curious about what you’ll have next week to help make this club 44″ at reasonable SW. My issue with Caiman was that it was difficult to keep SW up at my normal length.

  13. Jerry Doyle says:

    What will the cost of the cost of the component head be?

  14. Jeff Summitt says:


    The price will be the same as the Caiman driver – $59.95. We should have it online shortly, but you can call 800-367-8912 to order it now.

  15. Walt B. says:

    Interesting way to increase MOI and put the center of gravity farther back in the club head considering driver head size is now restricted. Can’t wait to demo one of these.

  16. Jim Cottrell says:

    Give me some shaft recomendations for a LH golfer with 95 mph swing speed

  17. Jeff Summitt says:


    Please go to the following link, answer a few questions and it will supply some suitable shafts based on your answers.

  18. Bob Scofield says:

    I have been looking at the Prophet ICT
    head. Does it have a cup face? That
    would a great combo.


  19. Jeff Summitt says:


    No cup face was incorporated on the new Dynacraft Prophet ICT driver – it was already an engineering nightmare to make the inner hosel match the adapter properly and accurately.

  20. Bob Scofield says:

    The ICT driver is very interesting.
    Can a flat lie and a closed face be done
    at the same time? I am short but like the feel
    of a 45″ driver, so a flat lie and closed face
    sets up nice for me. I would to try on this spring
    if both settings can be done.


  21. Stuart Marylander says:

    What shaft do you recommend for a senior with a handicap of 33 and what would the total cost be with the shaft you recommend.

  22. Jeff Summitt says:


    Handicap, sex or age has no bearing on shaft fitting, it is all about the strength of the golfer. Please go to the following link:

    If you can answer a few questions, it will provide some suitable shaft suggestions.

  23. Tony says:

    Any more news on a new driver to be assembled at 44”? You thouight the announcement would be out about now.


  24. Jeff Summitt says:


    Sorry, the “2-wood” (not really a 2-wood though or a driver) is not arriving when I thought it would. But we will have an addition with an appropriate loft in the Acer XK family that you will be able to build to 44″ and get a normal swingweight.

  25. Steve says:


    For the 44″ option, is this just a higher weight head or is there an adjustable-weight option (like a Golfsmith-like weight bore)? I actually like my drivers at 12* and 43.5″. From your description above, it sounds like I’ll be able to do that with a tip pin.

    I’m excited about this clubhead. Hireko has put out some awesome stuff in the last year.

  26. Tony says:


    Thanks for the reply. Let me know when it arrives, if you can, and I’ll buy one right away.
    Have you tested it and matched it to a shaft yet?

    Most high-handicappers would be better served with shorter clubs and higher lofts I think. Lofts have gotten to “strong” and it’s not helping scores. I think my 5 iron has the same loft as my old 3 or 4 iron.

  27. Jeff Summitt says:


    We tested quite a bit back in the late summer / early fall. As far as a shaft, I don’t think there is one specific shaft that is going to work for the masses. I would match the shaft based on your strength and your preferences for weight and ball flight. I had many shafts that I tested personally in that driver and didn’t find that certain shaft types performed better than others as the head is very forgiving.

  28. Jeff Summitt says:


    It will be a strong lofted 3-wood with a pretty good sized face to tee off with. The weight of a 3-wood would allow you to make the clubs 43.5″ and achieve a very nice swingweight even without adding a tip pin.

  29. Hal says:

    Am buying set of XK irons a d hydrids for wife. Only problem wish more hybrids like 905 series. planning on adding any. But also want driver and fw for her. when will they be available to order.

    Myself, I use M-speed offset 2006 model cobra and need new driver. New XK looks like right one, but should I stich with offset. When I use a non-offset TM of other my ball tails to right. But I hit new TM with draw bias weight OK.

  30. Rick Taner says:

    Did I understand that the driver will available with an offset later? If yes, when? Will it be available with more than a 1 degree face angle?


  31. Jeff Summitt says:


    We got you covered on the matching hybrids coming later. The non-offset drivers should be here any day, but no word yet on the offset driver of the matching fairways and hybrids. If you fade the ball, I would wait for the offset version.

  32. Jeff Summitt says:


    Correct, there will be an offset version but no word yet on exact delivery date. There was no need for anything more closed than 1 degree as it will have a larger amount of offset.

  33. Aldo says:

    Your blog says that the XK driver arrived on Dec.23rd but I don’t see it on your website as so I can order it. And does your holiday promo apply to this new driver? I am eager to order one.

  34. Jeff Summitt says:


    You will need to call the order in (800-367-8912) until we have the time to update the website. The shipment didn’t arrive as scheduled, maybe due to the holiday, but should be here any day now. The promo code would apply as long as it it a in stock item. Please ask the sales representative and they can explain in more detail.

  35. Jacques Piérard says:


    Is the new XK Driver compatible with the light shaft Apollo Masterflex HM44 L Flex $33

    In the affirmative i’d like to buy that driver with a 12 to 13 degree loft.

    Thank you for your support.

  36. Jeff Summitt says:


    Yes, the Apollo Masterflex HP44 is compatible with that head and should balance out well at 45″ (or perhaps slightly longer). The key question is whether that shaft is compatible for your strength, tempo and length and overall weight requirements. The 12 degree model should be in stock around the end of January.

  37. Bob Scofield says:

    I just got an XK Offset Driver. I put it
    together with a Blue Crush shaft. I took
    it to the course with no practice and hit
    it great off the first tee. Great club for
    some one who slices. I like this club.

  38. steve says:

    Just wondering what range the MOI might be inthe new XK driver.

    Thanks Steve

  39. Jeff Summitt says:


    The non-offset was in the 4600+ g-cm2 range while the offset is in the 4800 g-cm2 range.

  40. Dave says:

    I’m interested in picking up the new xk driver but you are currently out of stock of the 9.5 degree driver just wondering when you’ll get more in.

  41. Jeff Summitt says:


    I believe the 9.5* will be here @ 2/12/09.

  42. Gary Gutowski says:

    I will get the new Acer XK driver straight away. I have a triangular driver from another company that playing partners covet. Long carry, good roll,no soup can sound, and a piece of cake to aim.

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