Introducing The New Supra-Lightweight Apollo Masterflex HM44/48 Shafts

Some of the lightest golf shafts ever created for extreme distance, control & stabilityApollo Masterflex Shafts

Apollo is proud to announce the release of the Masterflex HP44 (L-flex) and HP48 (R and S-flex) supra lightweight shafts.  The number in the name indicates the just how low the weight is prior to the paint and polyurethane coatings being applied.

“This is an incredibly stable shaft design,” states Jeff Summitt, Hireko’s Technical Director.  “Consumers should be concerned with the specifications if they haven’t fared well in the past with shafts as lightweight or with similar torque values. Surprisingly, the reduced tapered profile along with the high modulus material utilized in the filament wound construction gives you the sense of control of a heavier and beefier shaft.”

This series of shafts produce a medium or flatter trajectory compared to other shafts in their weight classification.  This may very well what you been waiting for if you are seeking greater speed at impact for exceptional distance without sacrificing accuracy or control. Lastly, these shafts are finished with an exquisite charcoal chrome appearance that matches well with virtually every head on the market.

Apollo Masterflex HM44 L Flex $33
Apollo Masterflex HM48 R and S Flex $35

Call 800 321-4833 to order!


  1. Tony says:

    What are the specs of this shaft? Is it a iron shaft, wood shaft, or hybrid? What is the length and torque rating,…Etc.

  2. Jack says:

    What are the torque specs ? Thanks.

  3. Jeff Summitt says:

    The specs are as follows. These are wood shafts only.

    Flex / Tip / Butt / Weight / Length / Torque
    L / .335″ / .580″ / 46g / 44″ / 6*
    R / .335″ / .600″ / 50g / 45″ / 5*
    S / .335″ / .600″ / 50g / 45″ / 5*

    Tip trimming is trim chart E
    5″ parallel tip length
    Mid bend point

  4. Jacques Piérard says:


    Lighter shaft !! It is what i need is’nt?
    Being in belgium could you nevertheless ship a 3-wood with the new lighter shaft ?



  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you are looking to increase swing speed and distance, a lighter weight shaft can help achieve that goal. Yes we can ship in Belgium.

  6. Jacques Piérard says:


    Thanks again for your guidance.

    Yes i am looking to get more distance so, at 69 years of age, i will need for 2009 all the help i can get to increase my distance off the fairway and after reading the news about the incoming 4Wood Acer XK fairway series, i’d like to buy the 4 Wood with the new lighter shaft Apollo Masterflex HM44 L Flex and if satisfied a new high lofted driver with same shaft!!

    As soon as you are ready to deliver, please inform me and i will order.

    Again thank you


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