Double Eagle Scored With Synchron II Fairway Woods!

Grant Genner Accomplishes The Great Albatross

Testimonial From Grant:

My name is Grant Genner and I am a 64 year old resident of Sun City Hilton Head, South Carolina and a member of the Sun City Men’s Golf Association (MGA).

I have a 14.1 handicap index and that gives me a 14 Handicap at our Sun City Okatie Creek Course from the middle/blue tees.

On Saturday  November 8, 2008, our foursome of myself plus Sun City residents and MGA members Bob Neaton, Bill Dean and Frank Bulson were playing the Okatie Creek Course from the blue/middle tees.

On the par 5, 445 yard Number 13 hole I had a Double Eagle (Albatross).

Playing with Synchron 2 Fairway Woods, I used a 3+ wood off the tee and a 3+ wood from 220 yards to a white/middle pin and scored a 2 on the hole.

Congratulates Grant! What’s the odds of scoring a Double Eagle? According to a 2004 article in Golf World magazine Dean Knuth, inventor of the USGA’s slope rating system for golf courses and handicaps,  put the odds at 1-million-to-1.

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  1. H Ryan says:

    445 yds is really not a par 5, par 5’s usually start at 475. (for us amatuers) (Pros have 580 +yd par 4’s ) still a good eagle. I had a so called double Eagle on our 463 yd Par 5, didn’t count as a double eagle. It was a good eagle though..

  2. Joe E H says:

    Grant G is a 64 years old golfer. My opinion is to hit 445 yards in 2 shots is a significant achievement. I am 48 and can barely hit 445 yards in two shots consistently. I mean to hit a straight tee shot is not easy and then a straight and far fairway shot is again not easy.

  3. William Tipton says:

    I bought a used synchron 2 9 wood at a used sporting goods store a few weeks ago. Regripped it and WOW.
    Ive only really started playing golf ‘right’ the last 2 months. So Im a rookie in every sense of the word.
    I cannot believe how well this 9 wood hits. Its almost hard to not make a playable shot with it.
    The one tee shot I made last week with it (dont usually tee off with it) cut the fairway in half. Dead straight down the middle, right on line of my aim.
    When I tried to play over 10 years ago I got so disgusted with woods I took them out and only kept my irons all that time. Packed it all away and left it at ‘someday…..maybe I’ll try again’.
    Two months ago I broke out the irons again. A couple weeks ago I found this 9wood and bought it and all I can say is WOW.
    I always thought golf infomercials were a joke…but there ARE actually clubs on the market that ARE easier to hit than others.

    I just put in the order for the whole set of Synchron 2 woods.
    5/5 stars !

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