New 2009 Winn Grips Just Arrived!

New Tour Player models added

With the New Year comes new gear and Winn’s new grips have just arrived in our warehouse and are ready for shipment.  This year we have expanded our line to provide more custom fitting options.

Winn Chart

Winn Grips 1of4

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Introducing The New For 2009 Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver Part II

How to Use and Adjust the Dynacraft Prophet ICT Adapter

Download the Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver Instructional Guide.

Last month, we introduced you to one of the most innovative golf products to hit the market called the Dynacraft Prophet ICT (Interchangeable Clubfitting Technology) driver series. The history and purpose of this driver can be found at the Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver Part I Introduction.  But briefly is it a Dynacraft ICT 1system with a removable hosel adapter that will allow the shaft to be exchanged like you might have seen by other manufacturer’s adjustable drivers.  The difference is the patent pending ICT adapter which is bored at an angle and able to be orientated into the head in eight different positions.  Each position produces a distinctive lie and face angle to change the ball flight to the needs of the individual golfer’s requirements.  Adjustment of up to +/-2° in both the face angle and lie are possible, which can also have an influence in the effective loft or trajectory of the ball.

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Introducing The New XK Driver Series

XK Driver v2Our newest clubhead arrivals will be the exciting Acer XK drivers, fairways and hybrids to complement the already popular XK irons that debuted in September. The Acer XK series will be our most versatile line to date allowing true custom fitting. The driver series has many game improvement features to provide not only maximum distance, but accuracy and trajectory control.

The first thing you will notice will be the triangular shape producing a unique appearance at address which is by design. The triangular shape pushes center of gravity deeper or further rearward and will be our broadest driver (117mm) to date. This promotes a higher moment of inertia than a traditional shaped driver for increased stability to help you find more fairways off of the tee. Golfers will have had no problems with the appearance at address.
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Give Us Your Comments Regarding High-Lofted Wedges

Let’s Hear From You – Thumbs Up Or Down?

On occasion the USGA asks for comments from equipment manufacturers on certain topics.  Their intention is to “protect golf’s best traditions, to prevent an over-reliance on technological advances rather than skill, and to ensure that skill remains the dominant element of success throughout the game.” This is a very noble goal, but it could potentially conflict with equipment advances or inhibit technological growth.

In recent years the USGA and the R&A has conducted research, which in some cases has required changes to the equipment rules. Examples of which are moment of inertia, grooves and most recently club adjustability.  One such topic in the exploratory stages is the impact of high-lofted wedges (for example 60° or higher).

I have already expressed my honest assessment and opinion to the USGA. Now it is your turn to sound off.  Let’s hear from you whether high-lofted wedges (only 60° or higher) have made a positive or negative impact on your, possibly your customer’s or fellow playing partner’s game.

Have you seen the new Dynacraft DMC Forged Wedge? A true forging destined to be one of Hireko’s 2009 best sellers.
BUY NOW! Dynacraft DMC Forged Wedge Assembled $38.95
BUY NOW! Dynacraft DMC Forged Wedge Component $22.95

Take The Golf Brand Awareness Quiz!

Manufacturers spend tens of thousands to millions of dollars a year to create brand awareness so you will associate their product with their brand. See how well you know some of the shaft and grip products that are seen in clubs today.Match the name of the manufacturer on the right with the brand on the left. Hint: start with the ones you know to narrow down choices of the ones you may not be familiar with. Note there is only one answer per product.
Dynamic Gold
1. Grafalloy
2. Karakal
3. New Image
4. True Temper
5. Royal Precision
New Decade Multi Compound
6. UST
7. Fujikura
8. Winn
9. Avon
J. X-Tack 10. Golf Pride
Pure Energy
11. Apollo
L. Gold Image 12. Lamkin
13. Aldila
N. Rifle 14. SK Fiber

Introducing The New Supra-Lightweight Apollo Masterflex HM44/48 Shafts

Some of the lightest golf shafts ever created for extreme distance, control & stabilityApollo Masterflex Shafts

Apollo is proud to announce the release of the Masterflex HP44 (L-flex) and HP48 (R and S-flex) supra lightweight shafts.  The number in the name indicates the just how low the weight is prior to the paint and polyurethane coatings being applied.

“This is an incredibly stable shaft design,” states Jeff Summitt, Hireko’s Technical Director.  “Consumers should be concerned with the specifications if they haven’t fared well in the past with shafts as lightweight or with similar torque values. Surprisingly, the reduced tapered profile along with the high modulus material utilized in the filament wound construction gives you the sense of control of a heavier and beefier shaft.”

This series of shafts produce a medium or flatter trajectory compared to other shafts in their weight classification.  This may very well what you been waiting for if you are seeking greater speed at impact for exceptional distance without sacrificing accuracy or control. Lastly, these shafts are finished with an exquisite charcoal chrome appearance that matches well with virtually every head on the market.

Apollo Masterflex HM44 L Flex $33
Apollo Masterflex HM48 R and S Flex $35

Call 800 321-4833 to order!

Shhh…I’ve Got A Secret

What You Won’t See Quite YetWhispering

Don’t tell my boss, but this is the time I am supposed to tell you a little about a new product that will be here next year.  Well, I felt compelled to tell you what won’t be available as planned as I might have accidentally mentioned a particular product to a few customers already – whoops!  This was supposed to be the predecessor to the Acer XDS Wide Sole (and Wide Sole II) irons.  These are 8 years old and still going strong, which is unheard of these days in the golf equipment circles.  But like the popular Broadway hit Cats, everything must come to an end sometime.

A sequel is seldom as good as the first.  Take for example Caddyshack II.  I am sure I won’t get any arguments there.  But one of the things I feel very strongly about is if we bring out a new version of a head we are retiring, it can’t be just “as good”, it really needs to be better.

We did make a new version of the Acer XDS Wide Sole, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite what we envisioned as a follow up to one of our best sellers (and performers) in company history.  Yes, it did perform well. It looked like a fun club to own and play, but … The one thing we won’t do is rush a product to market before it is right.  So it pains me terribly to pull a product out of our upcoming catalog in the last minute, plus think about all the time and money already spent in tooling that will need to be redone.  For those I told already, you will have to wait until at least spring or when it is done correctly.

But those of you who are looking for an incredible iron at a terrific price, you better get these classics before they are all gone.  With Christmas right around the corner, the Acer XDS Wide Sole, Wide Sole II and Ladies Acer XDS Iron version (component head only) will make excellent gifts for those good boys and girls on your holiday list.  Plus these are available in left hand too.

Acer XDS Wide Sole Iron Assembled Only $18.40 Each Buy Now!

Acer XDS Wide Sole II Iron Assembled Only $18.30 Each Buy Now!

Ladies Acer XDS Wide Sole Iron Component Only $3.50 Each Buy Now!

Double Eagle Scored With Synchron II Fairway Woods!

Grant Genner Accomplishes The Great Albatross

Testimonial From Grant:

My name is Grant Genner and I am a 64 year old resident of Sun City Hilton Head, South Carolina and a member of the Sun City Men’s Golf Association (MGA).

I have a 14.1 handicap index and that gives me a 14 Handicap at our Sun City Okatie Creek Course from the middle/blue tees.

On Saturday  November 8, 2008, our foursome of myself plus Sun City residents and MGA members Bob Neaton, Bill Dean and Frank Bulson were playing the Okatie Creek Course from the blue/middle tees.

On the par 5, 445 yard Number 13 hole I had a Double Eagle (Albatross).

Playing with Synchron 2 Fairway Woods, I used a 3+ wood off the tee and a 3+ wood from 220 yards to a white/middle pin and scored a 2 on the hole.

Congratulates Grant! What’s the odds of scoring a Double Eagle? According to a 2004 article in Golf World magazine Dean Knuth, inventor of the USGA’s slope rating system for golf courses and handicaps,  put the odds at 1-million-to-1.

Buy Synchron II Assembled Fairway Woods For Only $40.59!