Why are Hireko wedge specs different from most manufacturers?

If you have asked this question you are not alone.Acer XC Wedge

The basic problem with comparing one manufacturer’s clubs to another is not all of the specifications will be the same.  The reason is there are no industry standards that all manufacturers must comply by, therefore this leads to diversity within the equipment that customers can purchase.  Each manufacturer has their own mind set or ideology as to what “standard” set of specification would be good for the average male and female golfer.

I picked 6 different manufacturer’s current product to show this diversity.  These brands were chosen because of their popularity, brand awareness or because of their knowledge and status within the golf industry.  As you can see that there is no consensus in wedge specifications amongst the major manufacturers as well.

Wedge Chart 1Hireko’s Philosophy
Hireko’s wedge specifications for length and lie are simple.  We use the tried and true lengths and lies that were most commonly used for several years.  That is, we make the wedges the same lengths instead of staggering them shorter.  Since they are the same length, we manufacture the lies to be the same. However, we do not have standard head weight so we can provide some variety for players that might personally like heavier or lighter wedges.

Wedges are truly specialty clubs with each one providing a specific function. Each wedge in the set may or may not have the same length, lie and/or swingweight.  What works best for you really comes down to personal preference. As someone who is taller-than-average, I have preferred to make all my wedges the same length.  The reason for this is if a ball is in the bunker with the ball below my feet, I am still able to more comfortably reach the ball than if the club was shorter.  When I need the shorter wedge length, I can always choke down on the grip.

In addition, the lie angles of most wedge sets are all relatively the same despite if they are designed to be all the same length or not.  But when you factor in the shorter length, then effectively these have flatter lies.  This is another reason I personally like having the wedges all the same length.  If both the length and lies are the same, the wedges have a similar appearance and make it easier to duplicate the set up at address.

One other consideration is the weight of the wedges. Typically the higher lofted clubs (starting with the 54-56° range) will have a higher swingweight to get the club through the tall grass or sand, especially with delicate finesse shots.  The gap wedges (48-52°) are more of a full swing club, thus often produced lighter to come closer to matching the balance of your numbered irons.

What basic specifications should my wedges be?
Let’s say you are comfortable using a set of irons that are ½” longer than standard and 2° upright. Then I might initially suggest setting up the wedge the same way as they can always be adjusted later to suit the golfer if you find that they are not quite correct.

If you want our “standard specifications” then take notice of the approximate swingweights you will get with the standard stock Apollo steel shaft and Karma grip.  However, if you want us to make the clubs custom to you preferences, there are a few things you should know.  By reducing the length by ½”, it will have the effect of reducing the swingweight by 3 points. For example, if you preferred a 60° wedge ½” shorter than your PW, you may be better off ordering the heavier Professional Open 690 model series as the heads are heavier.

Chart 2I hope this provides a little bit more explanation why our standard specification may vary slightly from some of the name brand manufacturers and why.

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  1. Matthias says:

    This is all perfectly correct and the right approach. But, remember from the little red book, we never choke down on a club, we grip down instead. This will help your swing more than any clubweigh.

  2. Jack Sullivan says:

    When will the new Dynacraft Prophet DMC wedges be ready ??

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