The Return Of The #4 Wood – Your Next Go To Club?

The Shot Heard Round The World

What’s a Baffy you ask?  Well, it is another name for a #4-wood. In 1935, Gene Sarazen hitAcer XK Fairway Wood that famous club that made the shot heard ‘round the world.  Three down with four to play, Sarazen came to the par 5 #15 at Augusta National.  His perfectly struck #4-wood holed out from 235 yards to score a double-eagle (or albatross). His historic feat at the Masters catapulted him into a tie which later Sarazen went on to win in a Monday playoff against Craig Wood.

For those who might have just started playing golf, you have probably wondered why we have a #3-wood or #5-wood, but no #4. Well many years ago it was quite common that a set would come with a #4-wood (with a loft of @ 19 degrees) that would be the modern day equivalent of a #5-wood.  The #4-wood might make a resurgence again, but the reason why will make you wonder why they are not as popular today.
Golfers are always looking to take full advantage of the rules of the game by making the 25% Off Assembled Hireko Clubsmost of the 14 allowable clubs you are allowed to carry in the bag.  Stronger golfers are not overcome with distance problems, but do occasionally need that one club that allows them to hit a long way to reach par 5’s in two or play that controlled shot off of the tee.  Instead of a deciding between carrying a #3-wood or #5-wood, it makes it simple to select a #4-wood (a club of approximately 17 degrees of loft).  This gives the player the option of carrying an extra wedge or possibly a hybrid for better course management.

Another advantage of carrying a #4-wood is for ladies or seniors who use a high-lofted driver.  A #3-wood probably won’t have adequate loft to get the ball airborne due to the slower swing speed.  The higher-lofted #4 won’t have that same problem.  Then that same player can skip to a #7-wood to have a nice separation of loft and distance.

Hireko is proud to announce that our new Acer XK fairway series coming in 2009, will be offered with a #4-wood option and feature our VCT (Variable Crown Technology) cast to a thickness as little as 0.5mm thick as well as a variable face thickness for improved performance on off-center shots.

Stay tuned. New Acer XK Fairway Wood arriving soon!


  1. Brian says:

    Awesome… Love 4 woods. 12 deg driver, 17 deg wood, 21 -22 deg hybrid and 4 iron is all the longer distance resolution I need. When you’re a mid/high handicapper, does it really matter if you accurately have a 205 vs. 215vs. 225 yard club in your bag? Just get it out there, get it close to the green, and use your short game.

  2. Brad says:

    I’m a decent player but have always hit the ball too low. 3 Woods are always tough for me. So I’ve tried hard to always find the hightest lofted 3 woods, or the lightest 5 woods that were out there to make up as my 3 wood. I’m still playing one of your Impex 18* 5 woods from three years ago, as my 3 wood because it weighed only 208 gms…perfect D-0. A choice of 4 wood heads would make this a little easier. I’ve also used your current Sys Q 18* 5 wood heads with 2 screw-in weight ports. Remove the two 6gm wgts and replace with a 2 and 4 gm screw and you’ve got, again, an 18* 208gm head that makes up at 3W length at D-0/1.

  3. Jeff,
    Losing clubhead speed with age, I’m up to drivers with 12-13* of loft. That makes a strong (or even normal) 3-wood a “duplicate” for me; also, it’s hard to get 14-15* off the deck.

    So my current “fairway woods” are hybrids with wood shafts: 16*, 19*, and 22*. (The old Dynacraft Hypersteels — I’m sure you remember them.) I think that’s a great setup. I’d like to see hybrids with a .335 hosel again. But today everybody seems to think of hybrids as long iron replacements rather than easier-to-hit fairway woods, so they all come with .370 hosels.

    How do you think a 4-wood differs from a 17* hybrid with a .335 shaft?

    BTW, just an observation. A few years ago, the designation “3+” meant a strong 3-wood, not more loft than a 3-wood. Why not just stamp a “4” on the sole?


  4. Coachb says:

    kudos to Hireko for offering this head/club

    to many golfers can’t hit the 3 wood very well and the 5 wood doesn’t give them enough distance

    the 4 wood is the perfect fit

    Look forward to putting one of these into play

  5. Marek says:

    I also agree with Dave that 3+ could be sort of misleading and would prefer just 4 on the head. This would make it even more unique comparing to other brands…

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    I find that a fairway wood will hit the ball higher than hybrid of the same loft. Not necessarily because of the increased shaft tip diameter and subsequent tip stiffness (although that is one reason), but more the inertial properties of the head. Fairway woods have a tendency to be broader and have more face progression and a more rearward CG than the typical hybrid.

    Also, there seems to be some confusion because we didn’t have the right photo for the article. There will be a 13* strong 3-wood (3+), 15* standard 3-wood, 17* 4-wood, 19* 5-wood, 22* 7-wood and 25* 9-wood in that line.

  7. Thanks for the clear reply, Jeff.

    It’s “experiment with next year’s clubs” season in NJ now. I couple of hours ago, FedEx delivered the parts for some of the experiments. All the experiments I’ve planned so far have Dynacraft on the sole.


  8. Banjo bob says:

    I am struggling to carry one fairway wood. I am 62, and my drivers go from 10.5* to 12*–13* is too much, I found. I want one longer wood than my hybrids can reach–a reliable club for 200 yards-210. I want something that works on the fairway, from the tee, and in the reasonably light rough. So far I’ve tried several models at 16*, but I think 17* would be better. I then go 3-4-5 hybrids, 7-pw, gap, 56*, 60-64*, and I carry a chipper. I’m trying caiman 3 and this new 4 next! –boggie bob

  9. Jerry Doyle says:

    Please let me know when the 4 wood will be available, thank you.

  10. Joe Lawler says:

    The new Caiman Raw Power 3 wood is 15 degrees, 208 grams (weightof a 5 wood) to be assembled at length of a 5 wood (42 inches in steel, 42.5 in graphite to swingweight at D-1. I am having great success with this club. A 17 degree 4 wood will be a good fit at 43 inches.

  11. Jacques Piérard says:


    Please, put me down for early 2009 for
    your new 4-Wood with
    Apollo Masterflex HP44 (L-flex) supra lightweight shaft !!!!


  12. […] For those who might have just started playing golf, you have probably wondered why we have a #3-wood or #5-wood, but no #4. Well many years ago it was quite common that a set would come with a #4-wood (with a loft of @ 19 degrees) that would be the modern day equivalent of a #5-wood.  The #4-wood might make a resurgence again, but the reason why will make you wonder why they are not as popular today. (more…) […]

  13. Paat Evans says:

    Do you have 4 woods for sale for women

  14. Jeff Summitt says:

    Yes, we have a #4 wood in the Acer XF and the Acer XK lines that can be configured with ladies shafts, grips and length.

  15. charles brown says:

    Nuthin’ like a five wood for confidence but I will give the 4 wood a try…

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