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Sneak Peak At New Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Driver

Avatar MOI DriverLessons Learned in Driver Design

It is time to provide a sneak peek of some of the new ’09 products and a little about their background. One of the many exciting new models slated to be introduced will be the Dynacraft Avatar XMOI driver.  But before it came to the final approved version that you will see next year it went through several – and I mean several design variations.

The goal was to make this project the highest moment of inertia (MOI) design we had to date.  From detailed initial drawing begun at the end of last year, to CAD, to the first sample received back in the early part of summer ’08, we finally produced a head which had a MOI of over 5400g-cm2. We could have stretched the MOI close to the highest allowable limit, but we wanted to maintain the normal 200g head weight we use on our other driver models. Our staff was very excited, as our previous highest driver measured in the 4700+ range.  But this begged to question, “Just how much more forgiving was this driver over our other models?”

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Why are Hireko wedge specs different from most manufacturers?

If you have asked this question you are not alone.Acer XC Wedge

The basic problem with comparing one manufacturer’s clubs to another is not all of the specifications will be the same.  The reason is there are no industry standards that all manufacturers must comply by, therefore this leads to diversity within the equipment that customers can purchase.  Each manufacturer has their own mind set or ideology as to what “standard” set of specification would be good for the average male and female golfer.

I picked 6 different manufacturer’s current product to show this diversity.  These brands were chosen because of their popularity, brand awareness or because of their knowledge and status within the golf industry.  As you can see that there is no consensus in wedge specifications amongst the major manufacturers as well. Continue reading “Why are Hireko wedge specs different from most manufacturers?” »