Lefties Rejoice! – Reduced Offset Designs Now in Stock

If there is one comment we get from customers it is “How come you don’t make that club in left hand?”

Acer XK Pro LeftyFirst of all, one needs to realize that left-handed golfers represent approximately 10 percentage of the population in the US.  In addition, not all left handed people play golf left handed.  Therefore, manufacturers are usually very selective in what they offer in LH, because it is sound business practice to make clubs not only customers want, but will purchase enough to see a return on their investment.  Hireko does the best job amongst our competition in providing a wide assortment of clubs for LH golfers.

OK we listened; we made them and now it is your turn to buy them. Two of our newest models are now in stock – the Acer XK Pro iron and Power Play Caiman hybrid – in left hand. Customers who have requested low or reduced offset heads for the mid and lower handicapped golfing segment, here is what you have been salivating for.Power Play Caiman Hybrid Lefty

Not only does the Acer XK Pro iron have reduced offset, but also a more compact blade length, narrow 4-way chamber sole and thinner topline preferred by better golfers.  The elongated hosel length is there to control the trajectory and allow the golfer to work the ball when need. However, it is still considered a game-improvement design from the undercut cavity to the enhanced heel-toe weighting providing the best of both worlds.

The Power Play Caiman hybrid is a high performance option to replace those long, hard-to-hit irons in your bag using the latest in technological know-how. The face is constructed of an active maraging face insert which is quite possibly the hardest and strongest material used in golf clubhead manufacturing and selection to provide longer distances. These clubheads possess our VCT (variable crown thickness) technology with the crown being as little as 0.5mm thick. All the unwanted weight normally reserved for the crown coupled with the lighter weight face was repositioned deep within the head. This provides you with a high launching ball flight with incredible distance and accuracy.

This is just a sample of some of the new items (yes, even left handed) you can expect in 2009 from Hireko.

Buy Power Play Caiman assembled for only $40.19 each or components only $17.95 each
Buy Acer XK Pro Irons Assembled for only $22.69 each or components only $7.95 each.