Hireko Now Carrying Fujikura Shafts!

New Saishan Shaft First of Many New Fujikura Shafts To Come

The Saishin is Fujikura’s new economical line providing high-performance that their shafts are renowned for. The Saishin is an ultra-lightweight shaft geared for golfers with moderate speeds in stable, yet softer tipped design.

$52.95 each.


  1. Paul Kelly says:

    I have a Fujikura “Taylor made” Hyperlite “S” shaft that was taken out of a drive and I installed it into my 3 wood without shortening it and just Love. Can I get any more of these shafts as I would like to try one in my driver.
    I presently use a 44″ Proforce 65 Gold “S” in my driver and I would like to try the Hyperlite or equivelent in my driver.
    Thanks:Paul T. Kelly

  2. I have a friend that has a set of Fujikura and I have tried them. And I have to say that these were some of the best clubs that I have used.

  3. Jeff Summitt says:


    The Hyperlite was a special make up for Dick’s Sporting goods for the R5 XL series. It is hard to say what would be the closest replacement without having a spec sheet, but based on what info I have, the Fit-On E150 might be the closest weight and launch conditions.

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