Hireko Golf Unveils Easy-To-Hit Maraging Face Power Play Caiman Raw Power Fairway Woods

Ultra-thin maraging steel face maximizes legal COR limit for spring-like effect yielding increased ball speed.

Hireko Golf announces its most high-tech fairway wood to date, the new Power Play Caiman Raw Power.

Our R&D department spared no expense and ingenuity in creating a fairway wood possessing maximum distance and forgiveness. The Caiman Fairway features an ultra-thin maraging steel face insert that increases the ball speed coming off the face and approaches the legal COR limit for spring-like effect. This is no easy task as the small face area of a fairway wood does not flex nearly as much as a modern driver face.

“In addition to the “hot” face we elected to utilize “cup face” technology,” states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “This moves the weld significantly behind the face to create an enhanced trampoline effect over the entire hitting surface which results into greater distance.”

For accuracy, most golfers can hit a 5-wood reasonably well, but when they need extra distance they reach for their 3-wood and all of the sudden they hit the club with less than satisfactory results. Why? The extra 1 inch in length makes it a little harder to return the club to the ball in a square position. This is one reason why we decided to make the head heavier to increase the solidness of contact. The Caiman Raw Power Fairway Wood is the same length and swingweight as a traditional #5-wood. Think of it as a very low lofted 5-wood.

“Combined with the unique geometric shape we moved as much weight deep in the rear of the club as possible to create the highest moment of inertia possible with a clubhead this size,” states Summitt. “This is the longest and straightest fairway wood we have ever produced, but it is still extremely user-friendly to hit off of the ground.”

For those golfers serious about their game, the Caiman forged fairway is a must-have club to bridge the gap between the driver and their longest control club. The Caiman Raw Power Fairway Woods are available in right hand 15 degree 3 woods.

Caiman Raw Power Fairway Assembled   $58.59 per club

Caiman Raw Power Fairway Components Price:  $28.95 per club