Hireko Golf Introduces New Dynacraft Prophet Dual Milled CNC Wedge

New Prophet Dual Milled CNC wedges combine classic styling with modern ingenuity.
Dynacraft Prophet Dual Milled CNC Wedge
Hireko Golf announces the launch of its new short-game scoring tool the Dynacraft Prophet Dual Milled CNC Wedge.

The Prophet Dual’s construction starts with a five step forging process from a billet of soft carbon steel to provide that unmistaken feel only a true forging can provide. This is not to be confused with form forging that other companies choose to manufacturer using much harder 8620 carbon steel.

“To ensure peak performance, we went to great strides to provide consistency in both the groove width and depth”, says technical director Jeff Summitt.
Prophet Wedge Face
“The scorelines are CNC milled to USGA conforming U-grooves that less sophisticated methods such as stamping or hand grinding simply cannot. If you look very closely at the face, you will see an additional secondary skim milling operation to create these tiny micro-grooves. This helps to increase the surface roughness and further channel moisture between the ball and clubface for maximum spin.”

Through an unwavering commitment to innovation and value, Hireko is able to provide you with this premium product for what other manufacturers charge for their entry Prophet Wege Toelevel wedges with far less attention to detail, technology and feel.

The soon-to-be classic Dynacraft Prophet Dual Milled CNC Wedges are available custom assembled in right-hand GW (52 degrees), SW (56 degrees) and LW (60 degrees) for only $38.95 each or component clubheads for only $22.95 each.

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  1. ron woolworth says:

    what is the available “bounce” on these new Dynacraft Prophet wedges?

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