The Return Of The #4 Wood – Your Next Go To Club?

The Shot Heard Round The World

What’s a Baffy you ask?  Well, it is another name for a #4-wood. In 1935, Gene Sarazen hitAcer XK Fairway Wood that famous club that made the shot heard ‘round the world.  Three down with four to play, Sarazen came to the par 5 #15 at Augusta National.  His perfectly struck #4-wood holed out from 235 yards to score a double-eagle (or albatross). His historic feat at the Masters catapulted him into a tie which later Sarazen went on to win in a Monday playoff against Craig Wood.

For those who might have just started playing golf, you have probably wondered why we have a #3-wood or #5-wood, but no #4. Well many years ago it was quite common that a set would come with a #4-wood (with a loft of @ 19 degrees) that would be the modern day equivalent of a #5-wood.  The #4-wood might make a resurgence again, but the reason why will make you wonder why they are not as popular today.
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Will There Be Any Corporate Sponsors Surviving In 2009 For PGA Tour?

Will the caviar and champagne still flow at the corporate PGA tents in 2009?

With the economy the way it is, do you wonder if there may be fewer Champagne Golfsponsors on tour next year?  Just look at all the financial companies who were main sponsors for the 2008 PGA Tour:

FBR Open
Northern Trust Open
Zurich Classic of New Orleans
EDS Byron Nelson Championship
Wachovia Championship
Memorial Tournament presented by Morgan Stanley
U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee
RBC Canadian Open
The Barclays
Deutsche Bank Open
Merrill Lynch Shootout
Chevron World Challenge presented by Bank of America

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Check Out Hireko TV!

New Hireko TV Live!

Hireko TV LogoIn our quest to bring you more information about our state-of-the-art golf equipment Hireko is now offering for free video blogs of our new 2009 golf clubs in addition to some incredibly informative golf tips from PGA Pro and longtime Hireko friend Bob Burns.



Tech Director
Jeff Summitt
Caiman Driver

Tech Director
Jeff Summitt
Caiman Hybrid

Tech Director
Jeff Summitt
Discusses Caiman
Raw Power FW

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Just added: Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Video Blog on new Caiman Driver

New Ultra-High Tec Aldila VooDoo Shaft In Stock!

“The VooDoo simply helps generate consitently straight and long shots – with feel competitor shafts can’t match.”

The new Aldila VooDoo shaft is specially designed with a patented, one piece carbon-fiber rib system. This hoop keeps the shaft more concentric during the swing, preventing shaft ovaling, deformation and wasted energy. This not only keeps the shaft’s structure stable, but Aldila VooDoo Shaftsit also maintains the shafts’s symmetry to play the same each swing, transferring the maximum energy a golfer can deliver to the ball. The Aldila VooDoo simply helps generate consitently straight and long shots – with feel competitor shafts can’t match. It’s designed particulary for the better player who’s seeking optimum low-to-mid launch angle and low spin, and is available in both 60g and 75g versions. To order call 800-367-8912.

Model # ALVOOD60 available flexes are WR, WS, WX $299.95 Buy Now
Model # ALVOOD75 available flexes are WR, WS, WX $299.95 Buy Now

Hireko Golf Unveils Easy-To-Hit Maraging Face Power Play Caiman Raw Power Fairway Woods

Ultra-thin maraging steel face maximizes legal COR limit for spring-like effect yielding increased ball speed.

Hireko Golf announces its most high-tech fairway wood to date, the new Power Play Caiman Raw Power.

Our R&D department spared no expense and ingenuity in creating a fairway wood possessing maximum distance and forgiveness. The Caiman Fairway features an ultra-thin maraging steel face insert that increases the ball speed coming off the face and approaches the legal COR limit for spring-like effect. This is no easy task as the small face area of a fairway wood does not flex nearly as much as a modern driver face.

“In addition to the “hot” face we elected to utilize “cup face” technology,” states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “This moves the weld significantly behind the face to create an enhanced trampoline effect over the entire hitting surface which results into greater distance.”

For accuracy, most golfers can hit a 5-wood reasonably well, but when they need extra distance they reach for their 3-wood and all of the sudden they hit the club with less than satisfactory results. Why? The extra 1 inch in length makes it a little harder to return the club to the ball in a square position. This is one reason why we decided to make the head heavier to increase the solidness of contact. The Caiman Raw Power Fairway Wood is the same length and swingweight as a traditional #5-wood. Think of it as a very low lofted 5-wood.

“Combined with the unique geometric shape we moved as much weight deep in the rear of the club as possible to create the highest moment of inertia possible with a clubhead this size,” states Summitt. “This is the longest and straightest fairway wood we have ever produced, but it is still extremely user-friendly to hit off of the ground.”

For those golfers serious about their game, the Caiman forged fairway is a must-have club to bridge the gap between the driver and their longest control club. The Caiman Raw Power Fairway Woods are available in right hand 15 degree 3 woods.

Caiman Raw Power Fairway Assembled   $58.59 per club

Caiman Raw Power Fairway Components Price:  $28.95 per club 

Hireko Now Carrying Fujikura Shafts!

New Saishan Shaft First of Many New Fujikura Shafts To Come

The Saishin is Fujikura’s new economical line providing high-performance that their shafts are renowned for. The Saishin is an ultra-lightweight shaft geared for golfers with moderate speeds in stable, yet softer tipped design.

$52.95 each.

The New Dynacraft Prophet ICT Adjustable Hosel Driver Introduction

Changing The Golf World One Degree At A Time!

Soon you will see one of the most innovative golf products to hit Dynacraft Prophet Driver Solethe market.  OK, every company says this about any of their new products, but we are going through the patent process to protect this idea. Personally this has been the most challenging project I have ever been a part of, but at the same time the most rewarding to see it work as it was envisioned.  You might have already seen a sneak peek of the new Dynacraft Prophet ICT driver, if not I wanted to give you an idea of just how powerful and versatile this clubhead system can be.

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Lefties Rejoice! – Reduced Offset Designs Now in Stock

If there is one comment we get from customers it is “How come you don’t make that club in left hand?”

Acer XK Pro LeftyFirst of all, one needs to realize that left-handed golfers represent approximately 10 percentage of the population in the US.  In addition, not all left handed people play golf left handed.  Therefore, manufacturers are usually very selective in what they offer in LH, because it is sound business practice to make clubs not only customers want, but will purchase enough to see a return on their investment.  Hireko does the best job amongst our competition in providing a wide assortment of clubs for LH golfers.

OK we listened; we made them and now it is your turn to buy them. Two of our newest models are now in stock – the Acer XK Pro iron and Power Play Caiman hybrid – in left hand. Customers who have requested low or reduced offset heads for the mid and lower handicapped golfing segment, here is what you have been salivating for.Power Play Caiman Hybrid Lefty

Not only does the Acer XK Pro iron have reduced offset, but also a more compact blade length, narrow 4-way chamber sole and thinner topline preferred by better golfers.  The elongated hosel length is there to control the trajectory and allow the golfer to work the ball when need. However, it is still considered a game-improvement design from the undercut cavity to the enhanced heel-toe weighting providing the best of both worlds.

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Hireko Golf Introduces New Dynacraft Prophet Dual Milled CNC Wedge

New Prophet Dual Milled CNC wedges combine classic styling with modern ingenuity.
Dynacraft Prophet Dual Milled CNC Wedge
Hireko Golf announces the launch of its new short-game scoring tool the Dynacraft Prophet Dual Milled CNC Wedge.

The Prophet Dual’s construction starts with a five step forging process from a billet of soft carbon steel to provide that unmistaken feel only a true forging can provide. This is not to be confused with form forging that other companies choose to manufacturer using much harder 8620 carbon steel.

“To ensure peak performance, we went to great strides to provide consistency in both the groove width and depth”, says technical director Jeff Summitt.
Prophet Wedge Face
“The scorelines are CNC milled to USGA conforming U-grooves that less sophisticated methods such as stamping or hand grinding simply cannot. If you look very closely at the face, you will see an additional secondary skim milling operation to create these tiny micro-grooves. This helps to increase the surface roughness and further channel moisture between the ball and clubface for maximum spin.”

Through an unwavering commitment to innovation and value, Hireko is able to provide you with this premium product for what other manufacturers charge for their entry Prophet Wege Toelevel wedges with far less attention to detail, technology and feel.

The soon-to-be classic Dynacraft Prophet Dual Milled CNC Wedges are available custom assembled in right-hand GW (52 degrees), SW (56 degrees) and LW (60 degrees) for only $38.95 each or component clubheads for only $22.95 each.