What Is So Special About The New iBella Bellissima Irons?

The Beautiful Woman Has Arrived

First, we would like to provide you with a little background about our exciting new ladies line of golf clubs. In Italian, Bellissima literally means “Beautiful Woman”.  The iBella Bellissima Collection is a truly beautiful design and concept, not only for its stunning appearance, moreover the performance to match.  The Bellissima iron is just the first installment of what you will expect to see as we will offer seemingly transitioned hybrids that can be mixed and matched between Bellissima fairway woods and the easy-to-hit high launching irons.  Rounding it out will a high lofted driver.
Since women first stepped on a golf course, their clubs have been ill-equipped for their needs inhibiting them to succeed. Ladies clubs were no more than a model devoted to a man, but with discrete cosmetics – at least up until now! Our design team’s goal was concentrated on a ladies-specific line tailored to this demanding market which will have specifications that are much different to allow these clubs to become more user-friendly for today’s lady’s golfer.

Building upon the success of not only one of Hireko’s best selling irons, but best performing iron in our 25+ year history the Bellissima iron was born. The extremely wide and contoured sole was carefully selected for these irons to complement the swing style of most women golfers who take a sweeping motion.  In other words they lack the strength to take a divot. The wide sole coupled with the ample bounce allows the club’s sole to effortlessly glide through the grass.

However, a sweeping motion will almost assuredly result into the ball being struck low on the clubface.  Therefore it was imperative to move the weight lower to not only allow the ball to become airborne, but more importantly provide a solid feel at impact.

Finally a company that even made a 4 iron that a woman golfer can hit rather than making another garden implements!  The Bellissima irons have real lofts for real women.  With reduced strength and speed that many lady golfers possess, they cannot possibly get the ball airborne and produce enough back spin that their stronger male counterparts take for granted.  This is the reason why added loft is a necessity and not a liability.  Plus the lofts are nice and spaced apart so there will be sufficient separation in distance throughout the set and no gap where it is needed most in the wedges.

Not only was it important that the iBella Bellissima needed to perform exceedingly well, but it was equally important the golfer would have pride in ownership in the equipment she play. Each iron dons a consistent, contemporary appearance with soft, curving edges, an hourglass center support surrounding a floral motif inlay and Authentic Swarovski crystals embedded in the sole back by the striking butterfly medallion.

iBella Bellissima Custom Assembled Irons Only $39.10

iBella Bellissima Component Clubhead Only $7.95

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  1. Chris Peters says:

    For quite a while, I’ve been interested in women’s clubs, and although there’s much lip service given to “the special clubs women need to play better,” and companies mention a lot about lie, loft, sole width, and bounce – yet when it comes down to it, women’s clubs end up being the same as men’s “High Launch/Trajectory” versions. Sometimes a little more lip service will be given and they’ll just shift all the numbers on the irons, so the men’s “high launch 7 iron” is a women’s 6 iron.

    So naturally I spent quite a bit of time going up and down the Hireko lines looking for the “men’s clubhead” that the Belissima *really* was.

    Well, Mr smarty pants is eating crow – because it simply does not exist. These clubs are an honest attempt to make a club specifically for women – designed from the ground up, and with a mold created specially for this club.

    I can’t overstate enough how much I appreciate honest design attempts at making the game more playable and fun for women – and not simply just attempts at selling more product. You guys have done a wonderful thing, and I think that the fruits of the combined efforts of Hireko to constantly get better and the nice folks in Ohio with that same desire that they joined forces with several years ago is paying off in major ways that become more apparent every day!

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