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1. A ball position that is too far back in the stance can result in the ball being pushed or sliced?


2. A weak golf grip can cause a slice?


3. If your lie is too upright (for a right handed golfer), the tendency will be for the ball to:
a) Pull the left of the target

b) Push the right of the target

c) Hit the ball straight, but high

d) Hook the ball way left of the target

4. Which one of the scenarios indicates the player if lifting up or trying to pick the ball at impact? The red area illustrates the impact marks on the sole.
5. If your driver ball flight is too high, the main reason is:
a) Center of gravity of head is too low

b) Shaft has too low a kick point

c) Clubhead has too much loft

d) Angle of attack is too steep or negative

6. The back spin rate of the ball is primarily caused by which of the following:
a) Groove depth and width

b) Groove shape (square versus “V”)

c) Loft

d) Clubhead center of gravity


  1. Bob Scofield says:

    This is a great way for people to find out how much they know.


  2. Neal Lenhart says:

    Quizzes are good way to test our knowledge and an excellent way for us to correct any misconceptions that we may have. Let’s be honest, tests, on subjects we really care about, are fun.

  3. Sandy Moore says:

    I don’t know the above answers but would like to.

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you click on the button “See your results”, the answers will show up.

  5. james fattler says:

    Thank you great wat to go to school on club making

  6. Bill Andrieksi says:

    Quizes do help more people understand. Like Neal said yesterday, if it’s something we’re interested in then it is fun.

  7. ed says:

    i think your quiz is a bit flawd, i am a pro and your answers are not 100% true it does depend on the abilty of the golfer as well as what kind of a shot i may be trying to hit.

  8. Jim Freeman says:

    The quiz helps remove some of the golfing “mythes” that
    accumulate. You guys do a great job backing up your products
    with excellent technical assistance. Thanks for your support!

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