Hireko Golf Unveils New Swarovski Crystal Encrusted iBella Bellissima Irons

Ladies specific iron not only stunning in appearance but extremely forgiving too.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – October 24, 2008 – Hireko Golf announces the newest addition to it’s best selling iBella line of ladies golf clubs; the iBella Bellissima (“Beautiful Woman”) Irons.

Since women first stepped on a golf course, their clubs have been ill-equipped for their needs therefore inhibiting them to succeed. Ladies clubs were no more than a model devoted to a man, but with discrete cosmetics. Our design team’s goal was to throw away this antiquated philosophy and concentrate on a ladies-specific line tailored to this demanding market that has specifications that are much more suited and user-friendly to today’s woman golfer.

“The extremely wide and contoured sole was carefully selected for these irons to complement the swing style of most women golfers who take a sweeping motion,” states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “In other words they lack the strength to take a divot. The wide sole coupled with the ample bounce allows the club’s sole to effortlessly glide through the grass.”

“However, a sweeping motion will almost assuredly result into the ball being struck low on the clubface. Therefore it was imperative to move the weight lower to not only allow the ball to become airborne, but more importantly provide a solid feel at impact,” says Summitt.

The Bellissima irons have real lofts for real women. With reduced strength and speed that many lady golfers possess, they cannot possibly get the ball airborne and produce enough back spin that their stronger male counterparts take for granted. This is the reason why added loft is a necessity and not a liability. Plus the lofts are spaced apart so there will be sufficient separation in distance throughout the set and no gap where it is needed most in the wedges.

Each Bellissima iron dons a consistent, contemporary appearance with soft, curving edges, an hourglass center support surrounding a floral motif inlay and Authentic Swarovski crystals embedded in the sole complement the striking butterfly medallion.

The new iBella Bellissima Irons are available right handed 4-SW. Golfers can custom build their clubs online for only $39.10 each at www.hirekogolf.com or by calling 800-367-8912.