Are The Golf Digest Hot List Winners Pre-Determined? NO!

Golf Digest Bomb & Gouge Blog Address This Myth

If you read golf equipment sections on the web as I do, you might have noticed a mention of Hireko in Golf Digest’s Bomb and Gouge’s blog about the annual Hot List Summit (see Day 10).

If you don’t already know, Hireko has been involved with Golf Digest over the last several years by submitting products, providing write-ups and so forth.  But it has traditionally been only the major manufacturers who get their products nominated as a Gold or Silver finalist, so we don’t get our hopes up.
But don’t buy into the hype that the awards are only given to advertisers.  There is a separation of church and state between the equipment division and corporate. The major manufacturers will win out ever time because they have all the marketing dollars to create the buzz if a small manufacturer is making a product only as good as the majors.  That is only human nature.  But if a small manufacturer makes a better mousetrap, that company will be rewarded.  After all, how do you expect them to cultivate a potential new advertiser?

Don’t get me wrong. I feel right now our products are as good as anything out there on the market. But you have to realize the major manufacturers have a stockpile of engineers and millions of dollars allocated for R&D at their disposal. If they put out less than stellar equipment with their resources they have at hand, that would be real shock and Golf Digest should be writing an expose to tell the public. Hireko is quietly working at designing the same cutting edge clubs of the future on a responsible budget.  This way we can still provide you with quality products at an affordable price that you have come to expect from our company.

Being leader of the product design team, I have already done all my homework for the Hot List by nit-picking the smallest of details on all these exciting new designs for 2009. Plus I spent a long time making all those technical diagrams and explaining the best of my ability all the benefits, etc as well as building some of the samples too.  In the end, I have to sit back with the rest of you and wait for the February issue before we know if one of Hireko’s new designs will become fortunate to earn a Gold or Silver award on the annual Golf Digest Hot List.  But if not, rest assured we still are providing some of the best equipment on the market.

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  1. Brian says:

    Good luck! Good to see you’re coming up with some really cool products again, like the Caimen lineup.

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