Take The New Ball Flight Quiz!

Test Your Knowledge!
1. A ball position that is too far back in the stance can result in the ball being pushed or sliced?


2. A weak golf grip can cause a slice?


3. If your lie is too upright (for a right handed golfer), the tendency will be for the ball to:
a) Pull the left of the target

b) Push the right of the target

c) Hit the ball straight, but high

d) Hook the ball way left of the target

4. Which one of the scenarios indicates the player if lifting up or trying to pick the ball at impact? The red area illustrates the impact marks on the sole.
5. If your driver ball flight is too high, the main reason is:
a) Center of gravity of head is too low

b) Shaft has too low a kick point

c) Clubhead has too much loft

d) Angle of attack is too steep or negative

6. The back spin rate of the ball is primarily caused by which of the following:
a) Groove depth and width

b) Groove shape (square versus “V”)

c) Loft

d) Clubhead center of gravity

Why Value Matters More Than Ever

You don’t have to be Warren Buffett to know that our economy is going through some serious gyrations.  Most Americans are feeling the pinch of higher costs in gas and food, and the simultaneous devaluing of housing, retirement accounts and other investments.  Surely all this gloom and doom means that we all find a hole to crawl into and stay there, right?

Wrong.  The world is not coming to an end.  Right now, people are freaking out wondering what’s going to happen.  But over the next few weeks and months, things will start to settle down.  The fact is, yes, pretty much everybody from blue chip corporations to Joe Consumer will have to tighten their belts.  But that doesn’t mean we are going to stop dining out, or buying products, or playing golf.  It just means we are going to have to be more responsible and selective about doing and buying the things we enjoy.

So how are we going to do that?  We do that by buying value.  What is value, you say?  Value is simply getting the most bang for your buck.  And in the case of golf clubs, that means finding the highest quality clubs that perform for you, at the best prices.  Obviously I’m a little biased in saying that Hireko clubs are the best value in golf, but we know in our hearts it’s true.  We have dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort to create the best golf clubs and components at prices anybody can afford.

Our assembled drivers, for example, retail around $99, while most branded products start at $299 and up.  A set of 8 irons go for less than $200 (fully custom assembled in the USA!) compared to $499 and up for the name brands.  Resellers and clubmakers need to remember to keep prices affordable so the value is passed down to the customer.   Even the ones doing custom fitting need to realize that our products need to be priced reasonably compared to the premium brands.  Remember, what we are providing is value:  custom-built, custom fitted performance golf clubs for substantially less than that of of the major brands, in many cases 1/2 to 1/3 the price.   Even compared to their closeouts or even some used clubs (!), we are still less.  How can you beat that?  That, my friends, is value.

The point is, even in these tough economic times, we are still going to play golf!  And for those in the market for golf clubs or golf components, Hireko products are the way to go.

Are The Golf Digest Hot List Winners Pre-Determined? NO!

Golf Digest Bomb & Gouge Blog Address This Myth

If you read golf equipment sections on the web as I do, you might have noticed a mention of Hireko in Golf Digest’s Bomb and Gouge’s blog about the annual Hot List Summit (see Day 10).

If you don’t already know, Hireko has been involved with Golf Digest over the last several years by submitting products, providing write-ups and so forth.  But it has traditionally been only the major manufacturers who get their products nominated as a Gold or Silver finalist, so we don’t get our hopes up.
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Hireko Golf Unveils New Swarovski Crystal Encrusted iBella Bellissima Irons

Ladies specific iron not only stunning in appearance but extremely forgiving too.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – October 24, 2008 – Hireko Golf announces the newest addition to it’s best selling iBella line of ladies golf clubs; the iBella Bellissima (“Beautiful Woman”) Irons.

Since women first stepped on a golf course, their clubs have been ill-equipped for their needs therefore inhibiting them to succeed. Ladies clubs were no more than a model devoted to a man, but with discrete cosmetics. Our design team’s goal was to throw away this antiquated philosophy and concentrate on a ladies-specific line tailored to this demanding market that has specifications that are much more suited and user-friendly to today’s woman golfer.

“The extremely wide and contoured sole was carefully selected for these irons to complement the swing style of most women golfers who take a sweeping motion,” states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “In other words they lack the strength to take a divot. The wide sole coupled with the ample bounce allows the club’s sole to effortlessly glide through the grass.”

“However, a sweeping motion will almost assuredly result into the ball being struck low on the clubface. Therefore it was imperative to move the weight lower to not only allow the ball to become airborne, but more importantly provide a solid feel at impact,” says Summitt.

The Bellissima irons have real lofts for real women. With reduced strength and speed that many lady golfers possess, they cannot possibly get the ball airborne and produce enough back spin that their stronger male counterparts take for granted. This is the reason why added loft is a necessity and not a liability. Plus the lofts are spaced apart so there will be sufficient separation in distance throughout the set and no gap where it is needed most in the wedges.

Each Bellissima iron dons a consistent, contemporary appearance with soft, curving edges, an hourglass center support surrounding a floral motif inlay and Authentic Swarovski crystals embedded in the sole complement the striking butterfly medallion.

The new iBella Bellissima Irons are available right handed 4-SW. Golfers can custom build their clubs online for only $39.10 each at www.hirekogolf.com or by calling 800-367-8912.

What Is So Special About The New iBella Bellissima Irons?

The Beautiful Woman Has Arrived

First, we would like to provide you with a little background about our exciting new ladies line of golf clubs. In Italian, Bellissima literally means “Beautiful Woman”.  The iBella Bellissima Collection is a truly beautiful design and concept, not only for its stunning appearance, moreover the performance to match.  The Bellissima iron is just the first installment of what you will expect to see as we will offer seemingly transitioned hybrids that can be mixed and matched between Bellissima fairway woods and the easy-to-hit high launching irons.  Rounding it out will a high lofted driver.
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Hireko Golf Introduces New High Performance Power Play Caiman Hybrid With Maraging Faces & Variable Crown Thickness

Maraging face increases spring-like effect for explosive distance and new high-tech crown re-distributes weight for higher launch angle.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – October 20, 2008 – Hireko Golf announces a new high-performance option to replace those long, hard-to-hit irons with the latest technological know-how. The new Power Play Caiman Hybrid features a maraging face, variable thickness crown and 431 stainless steel body construction to ensure you are playing not only with the most advanced hybrid on the market, but one that is priced right too.

“The pull-face construction on the new Caiman Hybrids utilize an active maraging face insert welded to the 4-31 stainless body to help increase the spring-like effect and further save Continue reading “Hireko Golf Introduces New High Performance Power Play Caiman Hybrid With Maraging Faces & Variable Crown Thickness” »

Pat Sajak: Do You Have An “A” In Your Bag?

Great Wedge Systems!

Acer XC Wedges
Only $22.19

Professional Open Series 690 Wedge
Only $21.19

XDS Tour Oil Can Wedge
Only $21.90

“Pat, I would like to buy an A please.”  While this statement might sound familiar on one of America’s most popular game shows, it very well could be said in a number of golf shops across the nation.  In this case it might be an “A” wedge (short for an approach or gap wedge).

I just sent my car to a trusted shop to have it winterized. If you haven’t looked at the calendar yet, it is right around the corner.  This is the time of year I want to be sure I have in place preventative measures before they occur when it is ten below outside.  The same kind of foresight goes for your golf bag too and that is a year end tune-up.  The best time to make mental notes is at the end of the season is when things are fresh in your mind.

Listen up if this sounds like you; “Boy, I sure wish I had a club between my PW and SW.  If I did, I am sure I could take some additional strokes off of my game.  Santa Claus, I hope you are listening.”

In these tough economic times, it is best to spend your money wisely.  You are most likely to need a club in the bag that will require you to hit a distance that is between your current pitching and sand wedge than a longer club than say a #3 iron.

Here is a chart of modern day lofts of men’s irons and hybrids.  Please notice the rather large differences in loft between the PW and SW.  Remember that most clubs progress in 3 to 5 degree intervals thus the reason why this is an important addition to the bag.

Wedge ArticleJust like in Wheel of Fortune, sometimes if you ask for an A you don’t always get one.  Why? Unfortunately too few golfers add this lofted club option to their bag which makes it difficult for manufacturers to invest into tooling for every set they produce.  This is why you might see more accomplished golfers carrying a non-matching wedge in the bag to fill a particular gap.

In closing remember this, before you can solve the problem, sometimes you have to buy the A or in this case the AW (approach wedge).

Why Else Should I Buy From Hireko?

Hireko Carries the Brand Name Shafts and Grips the Pro’s Rely On

Our mailboxes on Mondays and Tuesdays are usually chalked full of press releases from the various golf companies to tout the weekly tour winners or frequency of players using their products.  Here is a sample of two of those.

“At the Tour Championship the top Tour players chose Aldila’s wood shafts over the next leading competitor by almost a 2-to-1 margin and Aldila’s hybrids were chosen at a 3-to-1 margin over the next leading shaft manufacturer. Of the 30 players that made the final round of the PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedExCup, 14 were using Aldila shafts.”

“Eaton Corporation today announced that, according to the authoritative Darrell Survey, 121 of 144 players in the field at the Navistar LPGA Classic used Golf Pride® grips on the majority of clubs in their bag. The survey revealed that 71 players trusted Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet® model, 19 used the colorful, high-performance New Decade™ MultiCompound model and 12 competed with the Dual Durometer™ and DD2® swing grip models.”

These are the very same brands and product the pros trust that we offer from our extensive product line.  While it is important to realize the tournament-caliber professional is elite and comprises but a very small percentage of those that play, it is assuring that you can use the very same brand name shafts and grips using the latest materials and technology and high quality standards.

For those looking for value-orientated products, we offer a balanced product line offering of these name brand OEM shafts and grips with our own house brand models.  This extensive inventory of shafts and grips is just one more reason why Hireko Golf should be your one-stop shop for clubmaking components.

Shop Aldila Shafts
Shop Golf Pride Grips
Shop Hireko & Acer Shafts
Shop Karma Grips

Clubmaking 101 – A Word of Caution About Epoxy Application

Just A Light Coat Will Do It

Getting “just the right amount” of golf club epoxy on the shaft tip and coating the inside of the hosel is a delicate – and critical – part of golf club assembly.  Beginning clubmakers generally tend to use too much epoxy to start, but learn to cut back after a few messy clean-up jobs.

It is important to understand that using too much epoxy can do more harm than just creating a mess.  Remember the saying “too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing”? Over-application of epoxy can result in swingweight problems and has a tendency to break loose and causes shaft rattles over time as the club is played.  With composite assembly, the over-application of epoxy is the leading cause of shaft breakage as excess epoxy goes up inside the shaft tip to form a solid plug of epoxy.  When cured, an epoxy core extending above the top of the hosel can create a shear point within the shaft leading to premature failure – a potentially dangerous situation! Make a practice of using the proper amount of epoxy.

How much should you use?  The key is to use a LIGHT COAT.  If you use a 1/4″ dowel, mixing stick, nail, or similar object to mix the epoxy, smear the epoxy separately on the shaft tip and to the inside of the hosel. For increased speed, some clubmakers will dip a small portion of the shaft tip in the epoxy and then insert the shaft into the hosel.  In either case, insert the epoxy coated shaft slowly into the hosel with a rotating motion while going in an up and down motion to ensure complete coverage around the total circumferences of the two components.

In some cases you may hear “pop” coming from the butt end of the shaft.  Don’t be alarmed.  This is actually a good sign meaning that the air has completely escaped from the hosel due to the hydraulic pressure of the epoxy.

If you used the right amount of epoxy you should have little mess to clean up around the exterior base of the ferrule and hosel.  In addition you will ensure that excess epoxy does not work its way up inside the shaft tip (especially on composite shafts) and prevent potential breakage.

Golf Club Epoxy As Low As $6.95 Buy Now!